10 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

autoflowering cannabis seeds

You can never go wrong with some of the best autoflowering cannabis seeds. That is because autoflowering plants will make your life easier with their quick-growing ability and their hardy and resilient nature. If you are on the market for some autoflowering cannabis seeds, here are what we believe are the best:

1. Easy Bud

The name says it all. Easy Bud is at the top of the list of easy-to-grow autoflowering strains. In that sense, you should never look past Easy Bud if you are looking for autoflowering cannabis seeds that will always give you an easy time while you are growing and cultivating it into a mature plant.

Best for beginner growers, Easy Bud is a hardy and resilient plant that definitely will not give you a hard time. This cross between White Indica and the Ruderalis plant is also a fast-growing seed that will give you a moderately good harvest in less than 50 days. And the best part is that it is also great for beginner users because of its low THC level of only 12%.

2. Northern Lights Automatic

Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic all-time great strain. Northern Lights is one of the most recognizable names in the cannabis industry ever since it was bred in the 70s. It is a sweet-tasting indica that has a relaxing type of high anybody can enjoy.

This autoflowering variant certainly is not as potent as the normal type of Northern Lights but the great thing about it is that it can still give you a comparatively generous harvest for a plant that tends to be small and fast-growing. It also is a lot easier to grow than your conventional Northern Lights.

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3. Amnesia Haze Automatic

If you want a Sativa plant with great invigorating effects, going for Amnesia Haze Automatic seeds might answer your problems. This autoflowering cannabis seeds will grow up to be a plant that has the same Sativa effects that have made Amnesia Haze so popular. The only difference is that it is an autoflowering variant that isn’t as potent. That means that it is great for those who have low tolerance levels but love Sativa effects.

While Sativa plants are known to grow rather slowly because of their size, Amnesia Haze Automatic tends to grow quicker than their normal counterparts. It will give you a good harvest in a maximum of 10 weeks as opposed to the normal 11 or 12-week grow cycle that the usual Amnesia Haze needs.

4. White Widow Automatic

White Widow is another one of those classic strains you cannot really miss out on if you want to enjoy all of the great types of cannabis the market has to offer. The normal White Widow is popular for indica effects that go well with the pungent and earthy taste it comes with. Meanwhile, the autoflowering version tends to display the same effects and flavors but is actually easier and faster to grow.

In as short as 75 days, White Widow Automatic will give you a good harvest for an autoflowering variant. It is also more compact and a lot easier to grow compared to the original White Widow.

5. Royal Gorilla Automatic

This strain’s name really gives it justice. The original Royal Gorilla is a truly potent bud with hybrid qualities. It really does pack a punch especially for those looking for cannabis seeds that are potent enough to make you feel like you have been taken to another plane of existence.

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Royal Gorilla Automatic, albeit an autoflowering version, still is somewhat potent. It has a THC level of about 20%, which is comparatively high for an autoflowering cannabis plant. Moreover, it still carries the pungent diesel-like flavors that make its Gorilla parent popular. And the best part is that it has an average growing period of only about seven weeks.

6. Diesel Automatic

Speaking of diesel, the classic Diesel strain is also one of those all-time great marijuana seeds that can give you a good Sativa type of high. Despite being a bit pungent, it will give you a citrus-like taste and aroma that goes well with the invigorating effects it comes with. This makes Diesel a good daytime smoke.

The Diesel Automatic strain certainly is not as potent as the Diesel parent but the great thing about it is that it is still stronger than most other autoflowering strains with its THC level of about 14%. This makes it a great option for users who want to enjoy an energizing Sativa that does not tend to kick very strongly.

7. Sweet Skunk Automatic

Sweet Skunk Automatic is a rare type of autoflowering strain in the sense that it is an entirely new strain of its own kind. It comes from the crossing of Green Poison and Big Devil #2. It has a lot of similarities to Green Poison because of its effects and taste. It has a fruity profile that can be quite spicy depending on your tolerance. Meanwhile, the effect is a balanced mix between indica and Sativa.

What’s great about this strain is that its Ruderalis genetics allows it to grow and thrive in almost any kind of climate or environment. It also only needs about eight to nine weeks for it to mature though it is not the highest yielding plant out there.

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8. Easy Ryder

Easy Ryder comes from The Joint Doctor, who is responsible for the first-ever autoflowering strain called Lowryder. This strain is the product of AK47 and Lowryder #2, which means that its genetics are close to the original autoflowering strain.

With its hybrid effects, Easy Ryder is not the most potent strain (THC levels of about 14 to 16%). But what is great about it is that it is easy to grow because it can thrive in almost any kind of climate. It also has a short flowering period of about eight weeks only.

9. Cash Crop Autoflowering

Cash Crop is an indica plant that certainly lives up to its name. It is called as such because of how it ends up giving you a generous yield after a maximum of ten weeks. You can expect a harvest of about 550 grams from this crop. Of course, higher-yielding plants give you more profits.

This autoflowering variant won’t end up as potent as the original Cash Crop but the great thing about it is that it is easy to grow and will end up giving you really heavy buds that will make the wait and the effort all worth it.

10. Quick One

Of course, since autoflowering strains are known for their quick-growing abilities, you can never miss out on Quick One if you are looking for strains that can really be ready for harvest in a short span of time. This strain takes only a maximum of nine weeks to grow and will give you a harvest of about 325 grams. Of course, Quick One is an autoflowering strain that does not have the highest THC levels. In that sense, it is not the most ideal option for you if you want a strain that can give you a potency of more than 13%.


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