10 Best Marijuana Seeds Sale for Medical Treatment

10 Best Marijuana Seeds Sale for Medical Treatment

Many people rely on the use of cannabis to help in the possible relief and treatment of their medical conditions. Some marijuana strains promote stronger effects than others which heightens the chances of a potential full treatment from certain ailments. Searching for best cbd marijuana seeds or medical marijuana strain for sale presents cannabis patients with multiple benefits.  

Cannabis cultivation has now contributed to the growth of the medical marijuana industry. Growers now prefer marijuana strains containing high best cbd marijuana seeds. Some cannabis seed cultivators will even try crossing some of the strongest selections to present as hybrids.  

The Need for Medical Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Medical marijuana and their strong CBD contents help to promote relief and treatment for certain ailments. Many strains assist in providing reprieve and even act as a cure to conditions like chronic headaches, migraines, and insomnia. Aside from acting as a solution to particular physical conditions, many potent cannabis variants also aid in lessening the symptoms of certain medical ailments like anxiety and depression.  

With that in mind, many locations around the globe have already adopted legislation to allow patients to use medical marijuana. Even though rules have been made more lenient in some nations for medical marijuana use, many patients don’t see themselves continuously purchasing weed in the hopes of pain management and treatment. Buying buds all the time can damage spending allowances.  

Acquiring marijuana seeds, on the other hand, provides a different yet cost-efficient solution to medical cannabis consumption. Consumers also now become growers as cultivating cannabis seeds will ultimately provide an economical answer to acquiring medical marijuana strains for use. Read on as we give you information about the 10 best medical marijuana seeds for treatment.  

1. Harlequin 

One of the most popular marijuana strains out there is Harlequin thanks to its high best cbd marijuana seeds. Average CBD/THC ratios of this cannabis plant can be found somewhere in the 5:2 range. The bud exhibits Sativa-dominant traits to promote mental alertness with a mild dose of euphoria.   

 Since THC levels of this strain are in a suitable range, Harlequin offers pain relief and treatment in both mild and chronic medical conditions. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial to fibromyalgia and neuralgic pain. Novice growers can also expect significant yields in the right conditions as the bud is easy to cultivate.  

 2. Sweet and Sour Widow 

 While there are some cannabis patients looking for buds with high CBD content, Sweet and Sour Widow presents itself in the middle ground. This marijuana strain offers a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio so consumers can enjoy potent highs accompanied by powerful medicinal effects. Smoking this bud delivers subtle psychedelic highs but potent enough for beginners without fear of losing perception in the immediate area.  

 This Indica-dominant strain can help in the treatment of chronic fatigue. Consumers will see themselves relaxed as tension melts away from the mind and body. Insomnia patients will get their much-awaited sleep after the consumption of Sweet and Sour Widow. Growers will find minimal problems when cultivating this plant outdoors thanks to its high resilience from humidity.  

3.  ACDC 

 Medical marijuana users delight their senses when catching a whiff of ACDC thanks to the bud’s earthy, sweet, and skunky notes. However, perhaps the main reason for this strain’s popularity is its high CBD content. Its CBD content sits around 20% while THC levels are found at 1% to 6% on average. These figures mean the plant promotes potent medicinal properties for relief and treatment while maintaining its psychoactive elements at a low number.  

 ACDC helps in relieving and treating chronic ailments such as anxiety, pain, and tension. Growers should expect plants from this seed to be bushy with feathery leaves. The height of each plant grows at about 4 feet, and its design looks like a skunk with large colas.  

 4. Harle-Tsu 

Medical marijuana users are looking for strains with high CBD cuts. Harle-Tsu fits the bill as it delivers 22% to 38% CBD levels on average. Its high CBD content makes it a perfect fit for inducing full body relaxation. Smoking the plant also offers very potent analgesic effects. This marijuana strain can help in alleviating and treating cramps, different types of pain, muscle spasms, and seizures.  

 Growing Harle-Tsu seeds is relatively easy which is great news for novice marijuana gardeners. Some clipping or trimming is necessary as the plant can grow to about 6 feet in height.  

5. Sour Tsunami

 THC levels brought by the Sour Tsunami strain are found at around 10%. However, its CBD content has figures found in the 11% to 13% range. There are even some variations of this marijuana strain that can have CBD levels as high as 30%. Consumers will find themselves attracted to the plant’s distinct sweet and diesel fuel scents.  

Smoking Sour Tsunami can help in relieving and treating various aches and pains without worry of inducing couch locks. This bud can also help in alleviating symptoms associated with seizure disorders. Some doctors may even recommend consuming this plant as part of the medical treatments for alcoholism and cancer. Its seeds will flower in about 9 weeks and may require moderate levels of understanding and experience regarding medical marijuana growth.  

 6. Pennywise 

Marijuana consumers who got scared watching Stephen King’s It won’t flee at the sight of this Pennywise. This cannabis strain has high CBD and THC content making it a good choice for both recreational and medicinal use. Many variants of this cannabis strain will offer a 1:1 ratio for its THC and CBD content.  

Its potent CBD levels make it an ideal choice to help in the treatment for mental disorders like PTSD, stress, and anxiety. Pennywise can also assist in alleviating symptoms related to arthritis, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders.  

7. Canna-Tsu 

The Canna-Tsu cannabis strain is known by many consumers and growers in marijuana communities. Its ability to offer medical assistance, relief, and treatment thanks to its potent CBD content make it a noteworthy addition to any grower’s crop. Smoking this strain delivers mild psychoactive effects accompanied by significant medicinal properties.  

This marijuana strain brings relief and treatment for physical ailments like chronic stress, chronic pain, epilepsy, seizures, cramps, migraines, headaches, and chronic back pain. It also has properties to ease symptoms associated with clinical depression and stress. Interested growers of Canna-Tsu seeds should place the plant in outdoor environments with temperate Mediterranean climates.  

8. Cannatonic 

Cannatonic, like similar strains, offers a 1:1 ratio for its THC and CBD contents. Its THC and CBD levels are found in figures ranging from 6% to 17% on average. Smoking this bud lets consumers exhibit powerful relaxing effects to help alleviate and possibly treat symptoms associated with mild to moderate levels of stress and depression.  

Aside from helping in the ease and cure of mental ailments, this bud also presents itself as a solution for sufferers of chronic muscle spasms, migraines, and headaches. Growers of this medical marijuana seed should take note of its pest-resistant properties. However, it doesn’t do well with mold and mildew so constant maintenance is still key to healthy yields.  

9. Stephen Hawking Kush 

The Indica-dominant strain known as Stephen Hawking Kush comes from the cross between the already CBD-rich Harle-Tsu and the Sin City Kush strains. With more CBD content than its THC levels, this marijuana strain is an ideal choice for any patient wishing to gain an effective solution for the relief and treatment of a number of conditions.  

Stephen Hawking Kush has mild sedative effects that can assist in alleviating minor aches and pains. It can also induce the “munchies” to consumers. Hence, it can act as a meal supplement for patients who lost their appetites thanks to certain medical treatments like chemotherapy. The marijuana seeds containing this strain can be grown indoors or outdoors but it prefers the latter choice more than the former.  

10. Ringo’s Gift 

Ringo’s Gift, as its name implies, is a gift to many cannabis communities. The Hi & Low blog1 even stated that it’s the “gift that keeps on giving.” Patients looking for an alternative way to help in easing or treating their conditions should heavily consider consuming this bud. Its highly potent CBD content of 78% to 84% on average leaves little to no psychoactive effects for its users while delivering plenty of benefits for cannabis patients.  

It can greatly benefit in improving mental disorders like anxiety, chronic stress, PTSD, depression, ADD or ADHD, and seasonal affective disorder. It can also help reduce the symptoms associated with inflammation, muscle spasms, arthritis, chronic pains, and headaches or migraines. Even though this strain can be grown in either indoor or outdoor environments, it requires plenty of hard work and experience to acquire successful yields.  

With so many potent best cbd marijuana seeds crawling around the market as of late, it can be difficult to choose which strain to acquire and grow. Let this page be your guide to help you choose which best cbd marijuana seeds to buy. 

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