10 Factors to Consider before Growing Autoflower Seeds

growing autoflower marijuana seeds

Buying and growing autoflower marijuana seeds are very much in demand in local and online cannabis seedbanks. Why is it so? It’s because growing autoflower marijuana seeds can flower fast at 7 to 9 weeks (some impressive autos can flower in just 5 weeks) and these won’t need to use any kind of special lighting schedule.

Because of the unique characteristics of these autoflowering plants, it is more preferred by growers anywhere. And because of autoflowering plants’ small and compact structure, you can grow this indoors inside a growing cabinet or tent.

Are you thinking of growing autoflower marijuana seeds? Find out the ten important things to remember when growing auto seeds.

How far are you in growing cannabis? If you have the opportunity to grow marijuana indoors or outdoors then you are more than ready to grow cannabis. Autoflower seeds are among the easiest to grow considering that these will flower quickly and be ready for harvest soon.

But if you have not grown cannabis before then there’s no reason to learn. Because autos are easy to grow, forgiving strains, you can use this opportunity to learn how to cultivate cannabis.

However, there are some things that are quite different in growing autoflower seeds and regulars. Regulars need to be placed in a 12 hour light and 12-hour darkness schedule while autos simply flower without any specific schedule or lighting.

  • What autoflowering marijuana seeds strain you wish to grow

There are hundreds of different autoflowering cannabis strains in the market. Choose one that will fit your skills and the growing environment where you live. Autoflowering strains are further classified as indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant auto strains.

Select which is the most appropriate strain for your needs as well. If you want a stimulating strain then a Sativa-dominant auto strain is your strain but if you want a relaxing high, take an indica-dominant auto strain.

Another way to classify the type of strain you wish to grow is by use. Do you wish to cultivate a recreational strain or a medicinal strain? There is a wide variety of recreational auto strains fit for the user who wants to enjoy, relax, socialize, or just to have fun. There are also medicinal auto strains for improving medical conditions like pain, inflammation, and glaucoma as well as mental conditions like depression, stress, and anxiety.

If you can’t decide which auto strain is for you, talk to your budtender for recommendations.  

  • Indoor or outdoor growing

Would you prefer to grow your plants indoors or outdoors? This decision greatly affects a lot of factors when cultivating autoflower seeds. If you decide on an outdoor grow then you can look forward to the following:

  • Free lighting from the sun, water from rain and from the ground, free nutrients from the soil, and free air from the wind.
  • You’ll spend less money when growing outdoors.
  • You’ll have a large open space to grow cannabis.
  • Your autoflower seeds will reach their full growth and height potential.
  • Your marijuana will have a more natural and richer flavor.
  • On the downside, your plants may be prone to pests like insects and worms.
  • It would be difficult to protect your plants from the elements
  • This is a problem if your environment is not conducive to cannabis growing.
  • Your growing operation will be exposed.

For an indoor grow, you will have the following:

  • You can accurately control all the growth factors.
  • You can grow autoflowering cannabis in secret.
  • You can grow any strain regardless of your climate or the growing environment.
  • On the other hand, your plants will grow short.
  • You need to construct a growing room, cabinet or tent
  • You need to need to continuously maintain the right growing conditions
  • You have to spend money on equipment and supplies.

Consider all these points to decide whether an indoor growing area or an outdoor space is the right environment for you.

  • The size of your growing space

Despite being small and compact, autoflower seeds still need adequate space to grow and flower. If you have a large backyard or patio with a tall fence then you can grow outdoors. If you don’t have a large outdoor space and growing cannabis is not permitted then an indoor secret growing area is a good choice.

The size of your space determines how many plants you can grow. If you can only afford a small 4 ft. x 8 ft. grow box then you can fit only two to three auto plants. For a space bucket, only one or two plants. An outdoor growing area will allow you to grow an unlimited number of plants.

  • Lighting

Remember that light is life to cannabis plants. Plants rely on light to make food which is why successful growers use the right kind of light inside their growing containers.

And despite autos not needing a 12/12 lighting schedule, you still need to provide the best type of light for your plants to grow well. Consider the following tips.

  • Choose from an HPS, CFL, or an LED bulb/lamp. Here’s a summary of the features of these three types of lighting:
  • HPS lighting is intense, bright yellow. This is the most powerful type of lighting but can instantly burn your plants if you are not careful. HPS consumes a lot of power but if you know how to efficiently use this, you can make good use of HPS lamps.
  • CFL lighting is similar to fluorescent lights that we use at home. This is very effective but you need to install a number of lamps inside your growing area to make the most out of its benefits. It is cheap, easy to use, and will fit standard light sockets. It won’t burn your plants and won’t be a burden when it comes to power.
  • LED lights are among the most popular simply because it consumes less electricity even if you use a dozen LED lamps. The light is intense and is available in different colors too. But the downside of using LED lamps is that it’s very expensive. However, LED lights will burn longer and thus will still be more value for your money.
  • No matter what lighting you use, position these strategically over your plants.
  • Add fans to remove the heat created by your lamps to avoid increasing temperature and humidity.
  • Use a timer if you want to turn off your lights or if you want to use a special lighting schedule.
  • Growing medium

The type of growing medium should be considered. You can choose from soil, hydro or aero. From the three, growing in soil is the most traditional and is less strenuous however; you need the right type of soil.

Cannabis-friendly soil mixtures are available in most cannabis growing supplies shops online or offline. But if you want to choose organic soil, use a sandy clayey soil mix. This soil is best for growing autoflower marijuana seeds because it absorbs water and nutrients well; it drains excess water and nutrients plus allows oxygen to pass through. All these qualities will help support your auto plant’s health and growth.

  • Humidity

During the different stages of your plant’s life, it needs varying degrees of humidity. Consider using a digital hygrometer and thermometer to find out the exact reading inside your growing area.

At the seedling phase, your plants need a high humidity level to support seedling growth. As your plants move through the vegetative and flowering phases, these will now need lower humidity levels. During the flowering phase, in particular, your buds will need low humidity to prevent the growth of mold and mildew from within the bud structure.

Invest in a good dehumidifier to reduce humidity levels automatically. You can also fans to reduce humidity or open a window or a door.  

  • Plant food

Fertilizers and supplements vary depending on the growth stage of your plant. During the seedling phase, your plants do not require any additional nutrition since these can get the nutrients they need from their growing medium.

But during the vegetative phase, start your plants with fertilizer enriched with nitrogen. This is important for growing stronger stems, leaves, and branches. But once your plants stop growing during the flowering phase these don’t need nitrogen anymore. Fertilizer with high potassium and phosphorous but low nitrogen is needed for bud growth and development and for enhanced yields.

  • Water

Water your lovely autoflower seeds only when the soil is dry and not when the soil is wet. If you must use rainwater or well water, have it tested for safety. Water used for cannabis plants should have a pH of 6.6, normal pH.

  • Maintenance time

Growing auto plants from autoflowering marijuana seeds is a worthwhile endeavor. You need to provide ample time to maintain your plants. You must take time to inspect your plants for pests and molds plus monitor for soil and root pH, nutrient problems, and lighting problems. Only when you follow these techniques will you be able to grow healthy and high-yielding cannabis plants.

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