10 Most High Yielding Indoor Cannabis Strains

best indoor cannabis strains

When you cultivate high yielding strains, you should aim to produce a fragrant and potent bud. Nutrients, genetics, climate, grow mediums and other factors play a crucial role in determining your garden’s yield. The genetics of your rendement best indoor cannabis strains dictate which qualities of the parent plants the offspring will inherit. The environmental factors persuade them in the growing phase. Cannabis info said these 10 strains that have genetics that encourage them to yield more when you grow them indoors and even outdoors:

1. Critical Mass

Critical Mass is an Indica-dominant strain with 20 to 21 percent. It is the cross between Afghani and Skunk 1. Critical Mass is a full-blooded producer. It’s a quick flowering and high yielding strains that come with a strong earthy smoke and long-lasting and happy relaxing effect.

This Indica-dominant high yielding strain is ideal to grow the best indoor cannabis strains because of its compact structure and fast flowering time. Critical Mass takes only 50 days to produce flowers and is ideal for SOG cultivation.

You can also grow it outdoors under the hot southern climate. This strain can grow into a ganja bush. In encouraging this plant to yield more, you should use minimal fertilizers and maintain it regularly.

Experienced growers can yield up to 1kg per plant. But these big buds are prone to mold. High humidity is not advisable when growing most high yielding strains, including Critical Mass.

2. Critical Kush

This one is an Indica strain whose parents are Critical Mass and OG Kush. Its THC content is from 20 to 23 percent while its CBD content is from 1 to 2 percent. This strain produces chunky nuggets with rich pine taste in huge quantities.

The flowering time for Critical Kush is quick and furious with a heavy harvest that you can collect in 50 to 60 days. This strain looks like Critical Mass. The Kush genetics provide buds a thick and frosty look and strong sedative effect. The THC level of Critical Kush can be more than 20 percent, making it a unique strain. Experience is necessary.

3. Monster

Monster is a Sativa-dominant strain and the offspring of G13 Hash Plant, Colombian, and Mexican strains. This tall and bushy plant is a big producer of high-grade buds. It gives old-school happy skunks with a powerful euphoric effect and strong odor.

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This strain is extremely attractive to both outdoor and indoor growers because it’s an enormous producer of buds that are naturally resistant to mold. But the plant needs more care and attention, so it can provide the heaviest yield. When cultivated indoors, ScrOG will be necessary.

When cultivated outdoors, she will be able to stretch to 4m in height. Monster also has a short flowering period. Expect those lovely buds to appear in 9 to 10 weeks.

4. Industrial Plant

This hybrid strain is 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. Industrial Plant is the cross between Thai and Afghani. Its THC level is 10 to 14 percent.

Industrial Plant is perhaps the most productive version of Northern Lights. Bred from Thai and Afghani parents, the breeder created this strain mainly for higher, better yield. It is an old-school peppery and spicy cannabis with a happier, more potent, and more relaxing buzz.

Expect the buds to appear in just 45 to 50 days. Minimal trimming is necessary for ripe colas and buds. SOG is ideal for the best indoor cannabis strains. It is ideal for novice growers.

5. Big Bud

Big Bud became popular for being high yielding strains. The breeder backcrossed this strain to its Afghan roots to refine the classic Skunk #1 and Afghan. Big Bud has an earthy taste and skunk odor combined with a full-bodied taste that gives these oversized buds a genuine character. Big Bud promises to deliver a relaxing body stone.

This strain is also easy to grow, making it a good choice for new cannabis growers. Big Bud has chunky side twigs and long thick colas that require support throughout the 60-day flowering period. You can grow the best indoor cannabis strains and even outdoors.

6. Brian Berry Cough

Brian Berry Cough is also a hybrid strain with 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. It is the cross between Cinderella 99, Romulan, and Strawberry Cough. It has a high THC content but the CBD content is still unspecific.

This gourmet Indica-Sativa hybrid strain got its name from the ALS plant. It comes with Romulan, Cindy 99, and Strawberry Cough genetics that course through its calyxes. There are two phenotypes: one is sour while the other is sweet.

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Early training is a must for Brian Berry Cough. It will go a long way to controlling the height of a fully-grown plant. Its height will exceed 2m when grown indoors and more than that when cultivated outdoors under a warm and dry climate.

Yields can be high with a short flowering period that takes 8 to 9 weeks. Brian Berry Cough promises to offer an extraordinary yield whether you plant it indoors or outdoors.

7. Sweet Moby

Sweet Moby is a cannabis leviathan. This sticky strain is the cross between White Widow and Haze that delivers a strong head-body buzz. At first, you will experience a clear mental buzz that will take you up. A relaxing physical wave will come out after it.

This cannabis strain has a blend of pine, earthy, and woody scents that will spread in the air when blazing this bumpy resinous pile. Sweet Moby produces a smooth smoke that will quickly boost your mood.

Indoor growers should prune and train this plant early for better, high yielding strains. It tends to grow taller when planted outdoors. Flowering takes nine to ten weeks. Do what you can to keep humidity low within the last few weeks of its flowering phase.

8. Big Foot

Big Foot is 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. This one is a marijuana cryptid, but nobody knows its exact origin since it is a balanced hybrid strain. It has a fruity skunk odor and sweet flavor with a note of grape, making Big Foot the best treat for your palate. You’ll enjoy a happy green smoke and long-lasting stoned feeling.

This hybrid strain can grow both indoors and outdoors. LST is a must to keep it from growing tall during its growing phase. Big Foot can exceed its usual height even without training. The flowering phase takes 7 to 9 weeks.

While the plant grows, the shading leaves need pruning to let light penetrate and reach its dense colas. Big Foot can always yield more whether you grew it indoors or outdoors.

9. Purple Chem

Purple Chem is an Indica-dominant high yielding strain. It is a beautiful cannabis plant with a mix of Bubba Kush and Chemdawg genetics. Purple Chem is among the most popular strains for pro growers. Some strains can match this one in terms of killer looks, massive yields, and extreme potency. When growing the best indoor cannabis strains, this plant will thrive well with the help of ScrOG.

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This strain induces a very relaxing body and mental buzz with a surprising couchlock. Its THC content is just within the average while there’s no specific detail about its CBD content.

10. Power Plant

Power Plant is a Sativa-dominant strain created by using landrace that originated in South Africa. Its THC content is 20% while its CBD content is still a mystery.

This South African Sativa-dominant hybrid strain has become popular worldwide due to its massive production of extraordinary head stash. For more than two decades, this strain has become a producer of great-looking oversized buds for most commercial cultivators all over the world.

In today’s standards, a Sativa-dominant strain that can produce flowers in just 8 weeks and remain under 2m tall indoors and even outdoors is terrific. Power Plant is a robust beast that produces a maximum of 600g/m2 indoors and 500 up to 600 grams per plant when planted outdoors in warm climates.

Power Plant is loud and earthy. When you smoke using it, the body buzz it can induce will send you to the clouds. You will feel and enjoy its amazing effects after a few tokes from the spliff.

Tips for Getting the Best Rendement Cannabis Indoor

If you want to get a rendement cannabis indoor included in this list, then your first step should be to find a reliable marijuana seed bank. You are lucky if you live in Canada because the entire country has several seedbanks with various special offers and more strains or seeds to offer.

To get the best deal, find the best seed company near you. A quick search on the internet is the best solution here. In just a few clicks, you will find several seed banks in your area.

Before placing your order, get to know first the most important details about the company. Find out what strains the seed company offers, the rates, payment options accepted, and the shipment process.

Choose a seed bank that offers quality feminized seeds at reasonable rates. The shipment process should be quick and discreet. Also, the payment process should be easy. It is best if the seed company you choose accepts several payment options, including credit cards, money transfers, and many more.


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