10 Popular Celebrities that Smoke Weed

popular celebrities smoke weed

Just like many cannabis consumers, celebrities also enjoy the effects and potency of cannabis. These celebrities should use their influence to make awareness about the contributions, effects, and potency that the use of cannabis has to offer. In this article, we’ll know more about how cannabis influences the lives of the entertainers and who are are the popular celebrities smoke weed.

Top 10 Popular Celebrities Smoke Weed

  1. Lady Gaga

She is using weed to benefit from its medical effectivity to manage pain. Lady Gaga had undergone surgery to treat her fibromyalgia, this surgery left her in so much pain that makes the use of weed as a great help. Not only that she sees the use of cannabis as a great pain reliever but she benefits from the effects of cannabis to give her extreme relaxation from all the stresses that the experience.

  1. Snoop Dogg

He is open about his love for weed and has been proactively outspoken about it. His stand on the use of cannabis is that as long as you are not hurting anybody your peaceful gestures of using cannabis are just fine. His love for cannabis is expressed through his creations that have a consistent theme about cannabis. He puts up his cannabis business which is called the Leafs by Snoop.

  1. Bob Marley

He is known as the king of cannabis because he does not only use cannabis for recreation purposes but he is open and proud to be a cannabis user because it is greatly linked with the Rastafarian religion where he belongs.

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Most of Bob Marley’s creations of inspiring quotes are related to weed that is why when he died, his family members launch their own brand of cannabis product which is the Marley Naturals that makes use of Marley’s personal choice of cannabis strain. Marley Naturals focuses on the production of oil cartridges, pre-rolls,weed-infused products, and flower.

  1. Woody Harrelson

He is not only a cannabis consumer that benefits from cannabis but he is also an advocate for the usage and consumption of cannabis. He is a member of an organization for marijuana laws that aims the safety of the people who consume it. After 30 days of having a happy life with the weed, he had just decided to quit smoking even if it is not an easy pledge because of feelings of uneasiness.

  1. Willie Nelson

He is known to be the Prince of cannabis because he always supports the new advancement of cannabis cultivation and consumption. He is also a co-chairperson for the national organization of cannabis reforms. He successfully puts up a cannabis dispensary which is called Willie’s Reserve that became popular in selling high quality and fresh cannabis products.

  1. Melissa Etheridge

She has been using medical cannabis since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The use of cannabis is a great help for her to deal with the torturing side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Since she is constantly using cannabis to help her condition, she has decided to put up her own cannabis business to be an advocate of the big contribution of cannabis into the medical world.

  1. Brad Pitt

He explained that the reason why he is into cannabis is that there was a time that he felt so much anxiety and depression that the help of using cannabis makes hi cal and achieve the feelings of well-being. He decided to quit back then because he realized that the environment is no longer conducive for his family.

  1. Matthew McConaughey

Popular celebrities smoke weed is the very first ritual that Matthew McConaughey performs before going to his movie set-up because when he is under the influence of cannabis he can easily memorize his lines. He also likes how his focuses and creativeness are at its peak every after cannabis consumption but he still makes sure that the dosage that he is taking is at the optimum level to avoid harsh side effects.

  1. Jennifer Aniston

She is not a regular toker because she believes that everything is perfect moderation. Even in her early years as an artist, she has been open about her fondness about the use of cannabis. She would usually smoke weed for recreational purposes that let her achieve tranquility and inner peace for a while.

  1. George Clooney

He started smoking weed during his film Ocean’s Twelve to help alleviate his feelings of loneliness and depression but until now he has still considered a low-key weed smoker because he doesn’t do it on a regular basis. Some say that the reason why George Clooney looks cool and calm because if the effects of cannabis that had caused him.

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Final Thoughts

The potent effects of cannabis that can give an extremely mental high of alertness focused and creativity make it a popular smoke for celebrities. Popular celebrities smoke weed and have a bunch of reasons why they enjoy the use of cannabis products may it be for recreational or for medical cannabis but the most important thing is that they never fail to make us happy.

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