10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Bulk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

bulk feminized marijuana seeds

Shopping for cannabis seeds may not be as easy as you may think. Sure there are a number of online cannabis seedbanks where you can purchase seeds from but how do you make sure that you get the best value out of your money? The solution? Buy feminized marijuana seeds. Many growers and breeders agree that buying by bulk is the answer to many pressing worries of cannabis growers. For one, you can save money from deliveries and shipment fees. You can even ease worrying about shipping your seeds as well. There are many reasons why bulk feminized marijuana seeds are the best way to go.  

Why feminized cannabis seeds?  

Feminized seeds will ease the time, effort and money spent on growing plants that you won’t need. According to I Love Growing Marijuana, feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that don’t contain the male chromosome, therefore, you can rest assured that you are growing only female plants.  

Feminized cannabis seeds are available from top seedbanks online and offline. You will find top feminized strain varieties when you shop smart. Now, you will never be able to distinguish feminized seeds from regular seeds from its appearance, the seed’s firmness, and weight. The only way to do so is to grow your seeds. With this in mind, you need to look for reputable marijuana seedbanks that will provide you with the best-feminized cannabis seeds.   

Why bulk feminized marijuana seeds are better 

When you say buying bulk seeds, it is purchasing not just a dozen or twenty, but more seeds. Most cannabis seedbanks sell seeds still inside their breeder’s packaging. This means that seeds are available either in packs of 5, 6, 10 or more seeds. But when you buy in bulk, you can expect your orders to arrive in special packaging made for bulk seeds.  

So why purchase by bulk? Here are some good reasons to do so: 

1. You will save money buying bulk seeds

Most important of all, you will be able to save money when you buy seeds in bulk. You don’t need to pay for deliveries, shipment, and other fines so you will save money. And even if you buy seeds locally, buying in bulk lets you save on transportation fees and taxes that usually make buying seeds too expensive.  

The only thing you may need to worry about is buying your bulk seeds for the first time. Usually, it may not be too easy to buy bulk seeds. You need to find a supplier that offers this service. Whether you are buying bulk seeds online or from a local dealer, you need a reputable seeds dealer to give you bulk seeds. So you need to take a risk, take a chance to buy seeds this way but after doing so, you don’t need to worry yourself about buying seeds on a regular basis.  

2. You will save time ordering seeds online

Online shopping for bulk seeds can be tedious. You need to find seedbanks that will give you the best quality seeds for the right price. Apart from this, you must be wary of scammers that pose as legit seedbanks which are out to get your money and your personal information. And all these can take a lot of time and too much effort just to ensure you are safe when buying online.  

When you order seeds in bulk, you can forget about doing this over and over again. As mentioned, you may need to do this one time when you order by bulk but after this, you can steer clear of ordering seeds online until you need to buy seeds again.  

Even if you have experienced online shopping before, there is nothing like shopping for cannabis products. There are also different rules about buying cannabis seeds which may be different from one country or region to another. Be sure to check these out before you place your orders.  

3. You won’t have to worry about missed orders or deliveries

One of the horrors of buying online is missed orders or deliveries. This could be a very critical situation especially if you are expecting precious seeds or high-quality, expensive seeds orders. When you buy in bulk, you can do away with the stress and worries of dealing with orders and deliveries. You can forget about dealing with irritating customer service or tracking your orders time and again when you buy in bulk.  

4. No more stress about orders being held in customs or at the border

If cannabis seeds buying online or locally are not regulated from where you are located then this could be a major problem. Your orders may be seized at the border or from the customs at the airport or port and most likely your order will never get to their destination. 

When you buy in bulk, you can reduce the anxiety that this brings you. You only need to worry for one time as you order your bulk seeds but after this, you can forget about dealing with seized orders. 

It is very important not to check local laws about cannabis use and purchasing seeds from where you are located. If this is not allowed where you are located then you might encounter this scenario. But it is less likely that you will be questioned about your deliveries or orders. The most that you will have to endure is having your precious seeds confiscated.  

5. You will be able to grow more plants at a time

Because you have more seeds, you can now grow more plants at a time. If you are planning to grow more weed for recreational or medicinal purposes then your best move is to buy in bulk for more plants. You can catch up with the growing season; germinate more seeds, just in time as the climate still permits you to grow cannabis. And whether you want to start a large crop of cannabis indoors or outdoors, you will benefit from buying bulk feminized marijuana seeds.  

6. You will increase your yields 

No doubt that with more seeds you get to grow more plants which will equal to more yields. You get more yields which will become your own personal supply. Whether you are growing recreational cannabis or medicinal marijuana, you can benefit from a large supply on hand. You can sell cannabis, seeds or concentrates or you can sell edibles whatever makes good business.  

Buying in bulk allows you to work on any business plan and save on money when you buy seeds. And when you are able to grow your own seeds, you will also have more seeds to use in the long run.  

7. You can grow more seeds or sell seeds

As mentioned, you can take this opportunity to grow your own seeds which means that you will have more seeds to personally use and more seeds to give away or to sell. Take note that selling seeds or becoming a dealer is something that you must plan in depth. If there are rules regarding the selling of cannabis seeds in your area, follow these closely. And you don’t have to directly sell your seeds to customers; you can have a local store or online shop to do this for you.  

8. You can grow more medical marijuana plants

Now that more and more countries believe in the therapeutic capabilities of cannabis, it would be wise to consider growing medicinal marijuana plants. Each strain has its own good therapeutic properties; you can search for the ideal strain that you need for your own medical condition or the most popular strain for people who need medication. 

seeds starts with trusting a reputable source for bulk medical cannabis seeds. You need a company that will provide you with top quality, bulk seeds for the best price. Since you will be growing medical cannabis, you need to create an area conducive to growing fine quality weed and maintain strict precautions for safety. Not all breeders and growers grow medical strains. You need to take training and check out cannabis growing techniques on how to maintain top quality cannabis strains for medicinal purposes.  

9. You can grow more recreational plants 

If you are growing cannabis for the fun of it or you just want a good supply of your favorite strain then buying in bulk can definitely save you money and effort. You will never run out of the best weed for personal use and also for parties, events, and celebrations. If you are the type who likes to consume weed every day then this may be the way to have a constant supply of your go-to strain.  

10. You won’t have to arouse suspicion about buying cannabis seeds

Like it or not, there is still discrimination to people who support cannabis. When you buy in bulk, you don’t need to order online time and again. There won’t be any suspicious packages and orders sent to your doorstep. You can be free from judgment and escape prying eyes when you order bulk feminized marijuana seeds.

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