10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Marijuana Seeds

buy marijuana seeds

Despite marijuana existing in the gray area of retail, it’s without a doubt big business in several areas around the world. More states around the USA are now legalizing the use of recreational cannabis. Some locations would even permit the growth and distribution of cannabis seeds. However, buyers, growers, and consumers are still advised to follow any laws concerning the controlled substance. You can grow cannabis plants to save cash for the long term, but before that can happen you have to buy marijuana seeds.

There are plenty of reasons why you should opt to buy seeds instead of constantly purchasing the ready-to-smoke buds. Cost efficiency is the primary name of the game but there are other motives you should consider when you’re about to grow your preferred cannabis strains.

Why Buy Marijuana Seeds?

Reason #1: You’ll Save Cash in the Long Run.

Let’s face it, there are some marijuana strains that will cost you a pretty penny. Buying these buds time-and-time again will definitely put a hole in your wallet. Recreational marijuana users may not find this predicament as too much of a problem but it’s a different story for medical cannabis consumers. Some users require medical marijuana on a regular basis to properly maintain their good health.

Instead of buying the nugs, you can save your hard-earned cash by planting a small cannabis farm in your property. Buy marijuana seeds from trusted retailers and you’ll see yourself saving plenty of money in the long term.

Yes, it does require you to put in the extra effort to grow and harvest cannabis strains. At the very least you won’t have to pull out cash from your wallet every time you need or want to use marijuana for recreational or medicinal reasons.

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Reason #2: You’ll Get the Buds From a Trusted Source – You!

Big businesses will attract different crowds both good and bad. It’s not safe to randomly buy cannabis buds from shops you may haven’t heard about in the past. It’s always a good idea to follow due diligence in searching for legit marijuana dispensaries to get the supply of your preferred strains.

If you’re having trouble looking for the right dispensary for your buds because you’re afraid you might get scammed, then you can choose to go the alternate route – harvesting the plants yourself. Buying cannabis seeds from a trusted source gives you peace of mind as you’ll always acquire flowers and nugs from perhaps the most reliable resource – You!

Growing and harvesting crops right from your backyard (or closet) gives you the satisfaction and peace of mind you need in acquiring your crops. You can even increase your knowledge, understanding, and experience in growing marijuana strains while you’re at it.

Reason #3: Cannabis Seeds are Healthy.

Most novice marijuana users will only think of smoking cannabis strains. However, consuming the seeds in this form also brings plenty of benefits to the body. Cannabis seeds contain an almost perfect balance of essential fatty acids. You can find loads of Omega 3, 6, and 9 essential acids in each seed.

Aside from having essential fatty acids, cannabis seeds are also high in natural protein. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts should take note as the protein found in these seeds are also easy to digest. Hence, our bodies absorb this mineral found in cannabis seeds faster than eating loads of meat.

The consumption of cannabis seeds in its raw form can also help in gaining or losing weight. These seeds are known to have plenty of vitamins like vitamin E. Cannabis seeds also have many minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

Reason #4: You Only Need to Buy a Pack.

When you’re starting a private marijuana farm, then do know you only need to buy one pack of cannabis seeds. Why? It’s because one marijuana plant can produce cannabis seeds that number by the thousands. However, the number of seeds still depends on the efficiency of pollination, growing procedures, size of the plant, and other factors.

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Also, you should have a male and female marijuana plant to produce the seeds. You can also create feminized seeds by having two female parents but it may require additional knowledge about the entire cultivation process. You can also use other methods to generate feminized marijuana seeds but that’s for another time.

How can you test if the seeds are mature? You can tell by picking a seed off of a plant. It should be brown in color or close to it. Furthermore, the seed should feel firm and have a tiger stripe pattern.

Reason #5: You Can Store them for a Decade.

Proper storage for cannabis seeds can help retain their goodness for up to 10 years. Ensure that you do make the proper steps to provide your seeds with a healthy living environment. Also, keep in mind that different strains call for varying life spans. Some seeds won’t make it to the 10-year mark even if you do provide them with the right storing conditions.

To make sure your seeds last long, they need to be stored in a dark place. Keep them away from direct sunlight and moisture. Placing them inside properly sealed Ziploc bags will do the trick. You can also put them inside sealed plastic bottles or containers if you desire. Finally, make sure that your storage areas is cool but won’t generate unnecessary moisture.

Reason #6: You Can Feed Them to Animals.

If you thought cannabis is only good for humans, then think again. Some farmers like to put marijuana seeds as part of their animals’ feeding program. However, there are certain rules to follow if you do plan on buying cannabis seeds for the purpose of animal consumption.

For instance, you’re only allowed to feed cannabis to food-producing animals only if the oils are extracted from denatured seeds. You cannot feed cannabis, seeds, or otherwise to food-producing animals if the seeds or plants haven’t been denatured.

Aside from these rules and restrictions, you can put cannabis seeds in a mixture of bird seeds. Sterilized cannabis seeds have plenty of nutrients for birds.

Reason #7: Buy Marijuana Seeds for Spiritual Purposes.

You probably already know that there is cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes. However, there are plenty of marijuana users who don’t know that cannabis seeds can also be used for spiritual reasons. There are places and cultures around the world wherein they use cannabis to help people reach enlightenment.

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For example, Taoists believe that eating cannabis seeds will keep demons from entering their lives for them to remain pure in mind, body, and spirit. Furthermore, the same religion also believes that mixing ginseng with cannabis seeds will allow the consumer to clear their minds with enough clarity to see into the future.

Reason #8: It Can Help Improve the Skin.

Aside from cannabis seeds being healthy for a person’s overall well-being, the consumption of these seeds is also good for skin health. You already know that cannabis seeds have healthy supplies of essential fatty acids, and these nutrients can help in the improvement of cracked heels, thick patches of skin, and other skin ailments.

Reason #9: It Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease.

Improving overall health is one of the main reasons why you should purchase marijuana seeds. Still, you should also take note of its significant benefits for your heart. The consumption of cannabis seeds may help in reducing risks related to heart disease.

These seeds contain significant amounts of arginine, an amino acid that produces nitric acid when it’s inside the body. Once the nitric oxide molecules dilate and relax your blood vessels, it will lead to lower blood pressure.

Reason #10: Rare Seeds Bring Forth Rare Plants.

If you do get your hands on a pack of rare cannabis seeds, then you already know you’re going to get high-quality nugs with the right growing procedures. Rare plants can then bring forth more exceptional seeds and the cycle begins anew. With these rare cannabis seeds, you no longer have to put in the extra effort in continuously searching for the strain because you’ll be growing them right in your property.

So there you have it; the top 10 reasons why you should buy marijuana seeds. Cultivating marijuana plants can even become a relaxing hobby for you. It’s going to be a leisurely pursuit wherein you can reap plenty of rewards. With enough seeds, you can even harvest a large number of crops that you can share with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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