10 Signs that Your Cannabis Seeds are Female

autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds

Now that some states have granted homeowners to plant their own cannabis plants in the comforts of their own home, purchasing certain types of seeds has gotten easier access. Buying autoflowering, feminized marijuana seeds from legit sellers has also become a rampant event. This has allowed growers to follow suit in the cannabis cultivation.

Using good quality seeds from reliable seedbanks and avoiding certain mistakes in growing your own pot has proven to give a good yield production and getting desirable effects from the cannabis plant. Some cultivators have also invested in researching in maintaining their cannabis plants female. Female plants are a sure way of getting endless yield and profit.

If you are a novice cultivator that has a newly found interest in making sure that your plant is female, continue reading as we will you the top 10 signs that your cannabis plant is female. If you are intrigued like the rest of us and found yourself asking if it is possible to know if the cannabis seed is a female, sadly we don’t have the technology for that yet. You’ll have to plant the seed in order to find out. Unless you’re buying from a seed bank that has feminized seeds, these are the seeds that came from a genetically modified plant to create female seeds only. 

10 Key Components of a Female Cannabis Plant


  • Smaller leaves


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Compared to the male cannabis plant, you will notice that the leaves of the female plant are much smaller. Although their leaves are smaller, you will notice that the number of leaves is higher. The leaves in the female plant is also a lot denser since this is needed for the flowering stage and for growing buds.


  • Hair on nodes


If you are planting both male and female cannabis plant in one growing room, you will notice that both of them develops nodes on the stalks that join branches. The nodes will look exactly the same at first but as time goes by, you will see that for a female plant, there is a hair-like structure sticking out. These hairs will look transparent and white and might not be easily visible for some.


  • Shorter Height


Female cannabis plants are generally shorter than the male plant who grows up to tall bushes. Although they are shorter, they can also wider than the male plant, so their growth is more of a horizontal rather than a vertical one.


  • Fuller bodies


If you take a close look at your female cannabis plant, you will see that it has a fuller body especially at the top part of the plant. The leaves here are shorter and more full-looking than that of the male plant.


  • The Calyx


After waiting for about 6 weeks, your plants’ gender will slowly start showing up. For the female plant, the calyx with different colors such as purple, green or white can be observed. While for the male plant, pollen sacs start developing after 6 weeks.


  • The Pistil


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The pistil is the combination of the ovule and the stigma. The stigma looks like an antenna that helps the female plant in getting pollinated, this will change into an orange color once the plant is fully developed and is usually covered in sticky resin.

When the ovule and stigma are joined together, they will form the pistil. After fertilization, the ovule will swell up and will develop a striped, black or white seed also known as the seed pods. 


  • The Flower


Growers are very particular with the female plant growing flowers and they even make it an effort to remove the male plant in the growing area, because once the female plant has been fertilized, they will use up all their energy to make cannabis seeds instead of making a flower.

As time passes by, the flower will grow more colorful and larger. While in the flowering stage, the cannabis plant will grow fluffy, lighter buds that will have crystal-like features. The flowers in the cannabis plants grow together in bunches and made up of ‘sugar-leaves’ which are the buds covered in crystals.

The color of the flower will vary depending on the marijuana strain used. For the Sativa strain, they are lighter in color compared to the Indica strain.


  • The Cola


If you see the biggest branches at the top of your cannabis plant, these are what we call the cola. These are large rows of buds and only female cannabis plants have this. This is the most desirable part of the cannabis plant. The cola is composed of leaves, branches, stems, and flowers. Normally, the parts that get the most sunlight exposure and nutrients will form the cola.

Only the female plant will develop these thick, vertical columns. And you can harvest the cola part first and go to your next harvest after about a month. By this time, your plant has probably developed and focused its nutrition-building in other parts.


  • Autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds will give off a high THC level


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Once your autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds grow to be a female cannabis plant you can anticipate that the moment it’s smoked, the THC level can be immediately felt. That’s the reason why growers will always choose to use female cannabis seeds in cultivation. Although the male plant is known to give a certain level of THC, it is not that strong. If you are a cannabis smoker looking for a nice kick in of high then you should definitely try planting female cannabis seeds.


  • Looks healthy and strong


If you will compare a female cannabis plant to a male cannabis plant, you will see that the female looks relatively healthy with its luscious color while the male plant looks weak and dull. This makes the male plant lanky and can be easily recognized even when placed meters apart with the female plant.

Choosing the marijuana strain for your garden will always depend on your personal preference but choosing to go for female cannabis seeds regardless of the strain is always a good choice.

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