10 Things You Didn’t Know About CBD

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Cannabidiol or CBD is an active ingredient that is derived from hemp (the cousin of the marijuana plant). It is an essential ingredient for creating medical marijuana. By now, you’re probably aware of the amount of research that’s been put into cannabidiol as they try to create medical products from marijuana and supplements from hemp. These interesting and historical scientific are so useful these days. You can also rely on this information if you want to know where to find high CBD hemp seeds for sale or marijuana seeds.

In order to help educate the public more about CBD, we have listed 10 interesting facts that most people don’t know or heard about it.

Royal Families Have Relied on the Benefits of CBD Too

Because of the fear, stigma, and restriction on cannabis these days, not many people knew that marijuana derivatives such as CBD have been used by many famous including royal families, throughout the course of history. Queen Victoria has been reported to use cannabis for alleviating her menstrual cramps.

Today, we now have more concrete scientific evidence that attests to the usefulness and effectiveness of CBD as a pain reliever. This is probably why Queen Victoria didn’t hesitate to use cannabis that is high in CBD to help her deal with her menstrual cramps.

Hemp Has Been Grown for Thousands of Years

It is thanks to its very rich history that hemp (the CBD rich species of the cannabis genus) cultivation has become perfect today with the help of modern agriculture. But did you know that hemp has been cultivated since the ancient times? In fact, archaeologists now have concrete evidence that hemp was first cultivation between 12,000-10,000 years ago.

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Medical Cannabis Was Widely Prescribed in Ancient Greece

Medical cannabis was widely regarded as a prescribed medication in ancient Greece and we have concrete evidence to prove this fact to you.

Claudius Galenus (a renowned physician in ancient Greece) was reported to often give cannabis “juice” to his patients as a remedy for pain. Now we all know that relieving pain is one of CBD’s analgesic effects.

Historians believe that Claudius Galenus probably got this idea from the first ever recorded text dating back around 65-70 CE which was written by Pedanius Dioscorides. The text states that cannabis is able to treat inflammation and relieve pain.

The prevalence of cannabis has since then spread to other civilizations such as the Byzantine and the Roman empire.

CBD Has The Potential to Fight Cancer

Although there is not much research and scientific evidence to prove this fact, a study made by the National Cancer Institute has shown that CBD has the potential to fight cancer. The study has shown that CBD is able to deal with the various symptoms associated with cancer and the potential to destroy tumor cells, particularly of the breast cancer.

In the study, CBD was able to stifle the growth of cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

All Forms of CBD in Canada is Illegal

Even though cannabis is legal in Canada, they are still considering all forms of CBD as a Schedule II drug which means it is still illegal. You can’t obtain CBD oil in Canada without showing prescription first. This also means that finding high CBD hemp seeds for sale in Canada is also impossible.

For those who managed to obtain prescriptions, they can only get CBD from authorized medical marijuana companies as a form of medicine derived from marijuana, not hemp.

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The country’s law has separated CBD oil from hemp and CBD oil from marijuana. They still fall under the same category but are treated differently. It is still possible to have CBD products shipped to Canada, but you might risk them getting intercepted by the country’s customs where they either sent them back or destroy them.

CBD is Worth the Risk For Many People

People often travel to other countries to find more effective and cheaper prescription medications. The same can also be said for CBD. A lot of people have gone through great lengths just to get their hands on CBD because they believe in its medical powers.

For now, thousands of people who are living in countries where cannabis is illegal are visiting Canada just to get their hands on medical marijuana products.

CBD Can Help Improve Our Brain Function

We always hear from our parents, teachers, and elders that marijuana can make you stupid. Contrary to what most people believe, cannabis plants, especially hemp which is rich in CBD are able to improve our brain function.

A good example of how CBD can improve our brain function is best told by the story of Debbie Wilson. Debbie Wilson was struck down by a pickup truck and has left her with a variety of neurological issues which includes epilepsy, migraines, memory problems, and PTSD. Did you know what helped her recover? While she is using THC-rich dry herbs to deal with her seizures from time-to-time, it was CBD oil that helped her with all her neurological issues. Ever since Debbie Wilson used CBD oil, she saw a great improvement in her recovery, particularly on her neurological issues.

With more research, we can probably know more about how CBD can treat neurological problems and improve our brain function.

CBD is A Stress Reliever

The majority of us are having a hard time dealing with stress but that can soon be changed. CBD has shown the potential to relieve stress. This means that once it becomes legal all over the world, we will now have a more effective alternative to the prescription medications that we take for dealing with our stress-related health problems. CBD has been found to be an effective antidepressant and a mood-stabilizer.

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CBD Can Reverse Brain Damage Caused by Alcohol

Alcoholism is a form of addiction that most people seem to have a hard time quitting. It is not ideal for health and even if you already quit drinking, its negative effects have already spread throughout your body. Too much alcohol can affect our human brain.

Thankfully though, CBD has shown to reverse the negative effects of alcohol on our brain. This is also good news for those people who are looking to recover from alcoholism so they live a normal life again.

CBD Can Fight Addiction

Illegal drugs are rampant nowadays. They can cause severe addiction and even death if left ignored. CBD, however, has shown its ability to control the addictive behaviors of illegal drugs.

CBD is capable of blocking the serotonin receptors that are responsible for the pleasurable responses of our brain when we use drugs. It also helps mitigate the stress reactions that drive us to use drugs in the first place. In short, CBD can help stop drug addiction.

Wrapping It Up!

So there you have it! These are the ten surprising facts that you probably didn’t know about CBD. We hope that these will help you improve your knowledge about CBD especially if you are looking to grow some hemp seeds in your backyard. Bear in mind that our list is still very much incomplete. But if you keep doing your research on CBD and look on other articles and information on this topic, you’ll probably know more about it!

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