10 Tips on How you Can Save your Money when Buying Marijuana Seeds

buying marijuana seeds

You do not have to part with large amounts of money when buying marijuana seeds. Smart marijuana producers have their own ways of paying less on seeds or grow room essentials.

What does it take to spend less on buying marijuana seeds and other equipment for cultivating marijuana? Let us answer that question by showing you the best place to buy marijuana seeds, knowing what essentials to purchase, and much more.

Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds

  1. Buy from locally licensed dispensaries

With marijuana readily available to anyone across Canadian dispensaries, you have no reason to buy from an unverified source. Unlicensed sellers often have inconsistent prices on the seeds they have to offer. These sellers likely have limited stock and will try to get as much profit out of their seeds. Even if it looks like you can get a good deal from them, you have no way of knowing if the seeds they offer are of good quality or not.

On the other hand, licensed dispensaries sell large amounts of seeds and other marijuana products. In order to bring in customers to their door, they offer their seeds at competitive prices to match with other local shops. In addition, any marijuana product from licensed dispensaries is likely to be of high quality. This can help you avoid wasting money and effort in cultivating bogus cannabis seeds.

  1. Visit online dispensaries

If the nearest dispensary is an hour-long drive from your home, you need to consider the fuel and effort you spend on procuring seeds from a physical store. Gas prices can take a chunk out of your wallet if you are not careful. Even the price of using other transportation means may not help you save money in buying seeds from local stores.

A good way to alleviate this is to buy seeds from online dispensaries. Fortunately, you can find many sites that have the license to sell any form of marijuana to Canadians. You might find that the cost of shipping your orders is incredibly low then the amount you spend on gas money or transportation fees.

  1. Look for promotions

Apart from offering cannabis seeds at competitive prices, local and online dispensaries provide deals as well as other promotions. These promotions often involve free seeds and other kinds of items that have the brand of a specific dispensary. It is important to note that these deals are not the kind you want to take advantage of. The free seeds are likely unsold ones that a shop wants to discard from their shop because barely anyone wants to have them.

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The promotions you want are discounts on a specific strain or type of seeds for a limited time. You can find this type of promotion by regularly checking on a local dispensary’s social media page or site. Another major deal to look out for is free shipping from online dispensaries. This promo can save you more money when acquiring cannabis seeds for any kind of strain. One of the best places to buy marijuana seeds will help you save money with their deals.

  1. Sign up for loyalty programs

As the name suggests, loyalty programs are a way to reward customers for their frequent patronage to a specific dispensary. It is important to note that there is a variety of these kinds of programs. One example is a cashback credit that rewards you with points for each purchase. You can exchange these points like cash when buying other seeds.

Another example of a loyalty program is a referral system that rewards you for any new customer that you refer to a dispensary. These rewards include discounts or cash bonuses for cannabis seeds.

Loyalty programs are great for helping you save money on buying marijuana seeds in the long run. However, do not put in too much effort in completing the objectives of this program. Only use them to your advantage if you are a frequent customer to a dispensary or you happen to know people who are willing to buying marijuana seeds.

  1. Consider buying feminized seeds

Most breeders cultivate marijuana plants at home to produce their favorite strain. If this is your goal, you will only want to have female plants sprout from your seeds. Male plants do not produce high inducing buds and often have very low THC content.

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You can save money by investing a bit more on feminized seeds than regular ones. While regular seeds have a 50/50 chance of growing into a male or female plant, feminized ones have a very high chance of turning female. Feminized seeds will help you avoid wasting money on growing seeds that will turn male during the vegetative phase.

  1. Make your own seeds

You can make the most out of your plants by having them produce their own seeds. This will save you money on buying more after harvesting your marijuana plants.

To achieve this, you will need regular seeds that will give you a male and female plant. When your plants start to show their sexes during the vegetative phase, move your best male and female plants to a separate room. Leave the rest of your female plants in your regular indoor or outdoor garden while discarding any extra male. Over time, the male will pollinate the female plant that will give you a handful of seeds at the end of the flowering period.

If you plan to create your own seeds, be sure to practice proper pollen control. Rogue pollens can unintentionally hit female plants in your garden, bringing down your bud yield rates. Pollen control usually involves placing the male plants in a sealed room away from your main garden. It also helps to change your clothes or take a bath after utilizing the pollen from male plants.

  1. Create feminized seeds

You can fully utilize feminized plants by making one of them produce pollens instead of the high inducing buds. This is possible by spraying a female plant with a colloidal silver solution. The solution forces the plant to grow a male pollen sac. Pollens from a female plant will allow another female to produce feminized seeds.

This method is useful if you want to make sure all of your plants produce high inducing buds. It also makes it possible for you to make seeds out of an all-female plant garden.

Take note that you will want to prevent accidental pollination of other female plants when following this tip. Just follow the same pollen control method as mentioned above.

  1. Clone your plants

Cloning involves cutting a piece of your healthy cannabis plants that are two months into its vegetative cycle. The cutting or clone will develop its own rooting system and will eventually grow into a healthy plant with proper care.

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This process lets you create new plants without having to buy new seeds. You also bypass the trouble of germinating seed and taking care of it until it reaches the vegetative phase. In addition, you will get the exact replica of the mother plant. Healthy mothers will lead to healthy clones.

  1. Avoid buying unnecessary supplements

One of the additional costs that come with buying marijuana seeds is nutrient supplements. While certain supplements can help plants produce buds with better flavor, some of them are not necessary for your plant’s development. In addition, an excessive amount of a specific nutrient can be toxic or harmful to your plant. A good example of these types of supplements that only contain one specific nutrient.

You can save money by only buying supplements that have the baseline nutrients for cannabis plants is all you need. These nutrients include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. This will also let you avoid wasting money on supplemental bottles that produce a foul smell when you do not use it for a year.

  1. Recycle your grow medium

Another unnecessary purchase you might make when the best place to buy marijuana seeds are soil medium. Instead, you can recycle the ones you used for growing your previous cannabis plants.

To recycle your soil medium, flush out the soil to remove any excess nutrients by pouring water on the medium. Take away any of the roots of the previous plant from the soil and pot as possible. This will give the soil an even texture.

Afterward, allow the soil to dry out under the sun. This is an important process to remove a suitable environment for diseases or pathogens to thrive. Doing so will help your plants avoid being hit by diseases such as powdery mildew.


Following most of these tips will help you save money on cannabis seeds and grow room essentials. Remember, licensed local and online dispensaries often have better prices on quality seeds than unlicensed sellers do. You can further save money by making your own seeds, buy baseline nutrient supplements, and reuse your grow medium.

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