Are Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds also Feminized?

Feminized Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Autoflowering marijuana seeds will ease your cannabis growing. This is because you can double and even triple your yields with more harvests each year. You see, an autoflowering cannabis seed will grow auto marijuana plants which have a very short lifespan. These seeds will be ready to flower in as quick as 3 to 4 weeks. These extraordinary plants will also be ready for harvest early at 6 to 8 weeks. If you can picture how this compares to regular cannabis plants; autoflowering cannabis can give you more harvests and more yields.  

And there is even better news. Marijuana seeds that are autoflowering may also be feminized. You can actually order or buy autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds online or from local seedbanks as well. However, these seeds are among the most expensive considering these are hybrids. You might find autoflowering cannabis seeds very expensive and auto feminized seeds worth a small fortune! 

Why buy when you can make your own autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds? 

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with overpriced auto feminized cannabis seeds anymore. Techniques on how to feminized cannabis seeds have been revealed and with a little ingenuity, you can actually make your own autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds at home.  

There are actually two ways to make autoflowering feminized seeds. The first technique is the natural technique that stems from the belief that female cannabis plants can grow male parts when these are exposed to stress. The most common stress that female cannabis plants suffer from is usually at the end of its life cycle. When the female plant has buds that continue to remain on the plant even after harvest time has passed, this triggers a natural stress reaction. The plant will grow male parts to compensate. It will try one last time to pollinate its flowers even to the extent of growing a male structure. Because of growing male structures, it is now able to pollinate itself to grow seeds.  

Another way to create feminized seeds is to use chemicals like colloidal silver. This compound was made by combining water and silver. This is applied to the female plants to stimulate the growth of male parts. There is no need to subject plants to stress and of course, the plants remain intact and usable. This short tutorial will make use of colloidal silver to create autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds.

How to make your own autoflowering female cannabis seeds 

Making your own autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds can be a bit tricky but no doubt possible.  Practice well and perfect making your own feminized seeds so you don’t need to purchase cannabis seeds plus you might even consider selling your seeds for a huge profit.  

  • Growing medium (soil or hydroponics) 
  • Growing container  
  • Grow lights (HPS, LED, etc.) 
  • Water 
  • Exhaust fans 
  • Fertilizer 
  • Colloidal silver (you can buy this from a local supplier or you can make your own by mixing water and silver) 
  • A small brush 
  • A small plastic bag 



  1. Buy your autoflowering cannabis seeds. 

Buy autoflowering cannabis seeds from reputable suppliers and seedbanks online. But no matter where you purchase your seeds, you are still uncertain if the seeds you have purchased are male or female. Therefore you have to sex your plants to grow only autoflowering female plants. And if you have your own female autoflowering cannabis plants then you can use this to create feminized seeds as well. 

2. Growing your autoflowering seeds. 

Now that you have your autoflowering seeds, it’s time to grow them. All growers ensure the safety and the health of their plants starting from the time these plants were just very small seeds.  

Germinate your seeds through special techniques like the glass of water technique or the paper towel techniques. Once the seedling has sprouted, plant it in the growing medium (soil or hydroponics). If you are growing in soil, choose only soil that is conducive to cannabis growing and of course consider the type of strain you are growing as well.    

Choose the best soil that can help support the best cannabis growth. The ideal soil is a sandy-clayey soil because it has the best characteristics for growing cannabis. Sandy clayey soil this can hold more water but will be able to drain excess away from the roots. This kind of soil can also hold all the necessary nutrients but will be able to drain the excess away. This soil allows oxygen to be absorbed by the roots to improve the plant’s root system and strength.  

3. Designate a 24/0 or 20/4 lighting. 

Autoflowering plants don’t need a special schedule to flower, however; it is recommended that growers use either a 24/0 day/night schedule or a 20/4 during the initial growth stages. Keep your plants indoors and give it the best growing environment daily. Let your plants remain in this growing environment for about three weeks which is just the right time to be ready for the flowering stage. If possible use LED lighting or HPS because these two types of grow lights can provide the best illumination and can guarantee better results compared to other types of grow lights.  

Naturally, autoflowering cannabis plants will work well with any lighting schedule but for this exercise, we are making the most out of an autoflowering cannabis plant. We want to harvest the best quality feminized seeds from a healthy and strong auto marijuana plant.  

4. Provide good nutrients and the ideal type of fertilizer. 

You must preserve the health and strength of your plants so that these can produce good seeds. You must feed it nutrients that your plants need during this stage in its development. It needs sufficient nutrients to grow healthy and strong. Plants at this stage require more nitrogen to support its growth. During the flowering stages, you must reduce nitrogen intake and increase on potassium and phosphorous.  

5. Find out the gender of your autoflowering cannabis plants 

After three to four weeks of growing your plants will now start to produce pre-flowers. Therefore you may now be able to determine the gender of your autoflowering plants. You need healthy female plants so check for plants that have calyxes or small white flowers growing on its joints. On the other hand, if you see male parts such as balls or sacs on the joints of the stems then you are dealing with male plants. Remove male plants ASAP before these pollinate your female plants! 

6. Remove male plants, take care of only female plants 

Remove male cannabis plants so you can start working on your feminized plants. Take care of female plants by giving this good food, water, and fertilizer. When the flowers have fully developed you can now start creating autoflowering feminized seeds.   

How many female plants do you want to use? It’s best to start with just one plant if you are new to making feminized seeds. If possible, use a sterile room without any other plants that can affect the outcome of your experiment. Wash your hands and wear clean garments before working on your female autoflowering plant. You might also consider wearing a hat, gloves and a coat to prevent any accidental pollination from nearby male plants.  

7. Apply colloidal silver to feminize plants 

One of the most popular chemicals used to create feminized seeds is colloidal silver. This has the ability to stimulate a female cannabis plant to create male parts to fertilize your flowers. Colloidal silver simply makes a hermaphrodite or a hermie plant.  

Colloidal silver may be sprayed or applied to your plants using a small brush similar to a brush used to apply watercolor. Place your plants in a 12/12 lighting schedule before you start applying colloidal silver. Apply or paint the colloidal silver on the bud sites. Make sure to apply enough to drench the area completely with colloidal silver. Do this daily.  

8. Female plants develop male structures 

Soon, the areas were you applied colloidal silver will now develop male parts like sacs or balls. You may even see male structures that are already ready to pollinate female plants. Just wait a few days more for buds that will have hundreds of seeds.  

When the pollen sacs become ready for harvest, these will look like a balloon which will be ready to burst. Continue spraying the bud sites daily. You can tell that the sacs are ready when the leaf part that protects the pollen starts to give way.      

9. Time to apply pollen to other female plants 

By the time the pollen is ready, you may use a small plastic bag to collect it. Once you have enough, take the feminized pollen and apply this to the flowers using a clean soft brush. Given the right growing conditions, your buds will soon be loaded with hundreds of seeds. Pollinating another female plant is the best way to improve the number of seeds. This will also provide female plants enough time to grow seeds until these become mature.  

And whatever you do, never smoke these buds because these are coated with colloidal silver which is unsafe for smoking and vaping. 

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