Are Hybrid Cannabis Strains Any Good?

best hybrid cannabis seeds

You keep hearing consumers and bloggers praise either pure strains or newly-developed Cannabis varieties. So how do you know which are good and which aren’t, or more specifically which are the best hybrid Cannabis seeds? 

Let’s see here which the advantages of hybrids are, and whether they are of any good. 

What Are the best Hybrid Cannabis Seeds?

The demand for medical marijuana has been growing in recent years, both for recreational and therapeutic rationales. So most of the strains on the market are hybrids – plants bred from numerous different strains. They are created in the scope to produce different effects or unite the effects of different so-called pure strains.  

These hybrids may be combinations of Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. But most hybrids are mixes of Indica and Sativa breeds, in different combinations and proportions; they may be either Indica dominant or Sativa dominant. Indica dominant breeds are shorter and renowned for relieving from pain and anxiety-related disorders, while Sativa dominant strains are taller and are often used to release depression symptoms. 

Indicas will usually have Kush as part of their name, while Sativas have Haze. But these features are no longer in black and white, and you cannot judge the properties of a strain singularly by its properties. 

Developing a new breed of hybrid requires time and dedication, and results will not be the same. A breeder who selects one of its results will breed it over and over again, both in masculine and feminine plants, to assure that the hybrid stabilizes. 

Why Do Growers Breed New Cannabis Hybrids?

As mentioned, the variety of the market and increase of numbers of consumers, the request increased, but so did claims. Hybrid cannabis seeds are developed either for recreational or medical purposes. Hybrids that target a good time, a good high, or a physical and psychedelic experience usually range high in THC content, so their potency is higher. 

Hybrid varieties developed for medical purposes usually range high in CBD content. 

Best Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

As the offer is quite large, and different seeds banks and suppliers will have a different composition for the same variety of plants, we dare make a top-five hybrid, both Indica and Sativa dominants, and explain our picks. 

  • Remedy 

This is a multi-purpose Marijuana, an Indica dominant (average of 75% content of Indica), with a content of 17% CBD and only 1% THC. The remedy is quite famous for treating anxiety disorders and provides a mellow experience due to the low levels of THC. 

Its content does not induce a sedative effect, so it is highly valued by patients who need to stay active or want to continue to work. The remedy was successfully used to reduce symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, chronic pains, muscular spasms, seizures, and takes the edge off. 

  • Strawberry Banana

Another Indica dominant (average proportion of 70%), is one of the most potent strains on the market; it has a maximum THC content of 28% (which is quite large, considering that in the 1970s, potency was established between 6 and 15%). As its name advertises, it has a tasty smell and a seducing taste. 

Being potent, it gives a euphoric and energetic high and boosts creativity. But it can also induce quite a strong physical buzz. It was among the most potent known strains of 2017. As its THC levels are notoriously rich, Strawberry Banana was used successfully to reduce symptoms of arthritis, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, overwhelming pain, and loss of appetite. 

  • Amnesia Haze

A Sativa dominant, this strain gained almost instant notoriety and is still a big hit in Amsterdam coffee-shops. Wondering why? It must be the THC content of 22%, and it is not a strain for beginners or impressionable folks. 

But Amnesia Haze has more goods to back up its well-deserved fame, and it’s not just potency. The delicious seductive fragrance is also a big plus of this strain, as well as a smooth taste. 

It induces a strong immediate and cerebral high, an impressive psychedelic experience, and validates Amnesia Haze as an all-time-favorite for Sativa lovers. 

  • Tangerine Dream

An awarded hybrid, this one also scores points with THC levels reaching 25%, and an amount of circa 0.1% CBD. It shook the Cannabis market with its intense and catchy citrus notes, both in fragrance and taste, and what makes Tangerine special is not the THC, nor the taste.

It has a most unusual effect after smoking – relieves pain while inducing an energizing effect. This is another good remedy for chronic pains and other associated conditions and was successfully used by patients who needed to stay active after taking some. So, as you might expect, Tangerine’s reputation is irrefutable. 

  • Sweet Tooth

This balanced hybrid between Indica and Sativa has quite an exquisite taste, as its name advertises for itself. It has generous THC content due to its resin layer and a discrete fragrance. Awards received in the 2000s makes this a top-shelf, surviving the new-wave hybrids. 

The Bottom Line

Hybrids are quite big on the market, and it is a challenge to reduce the best hybrid cannabis seeds to a bunch of varieties or to a top. Hybrids are stable interesting varieties, with quite various effects, so you can make your pick.

Breeding through time assure a combination of everything – sour, sweet, diesel, fruity, sweet, fragranced, strong, or less strong, more THC or more CBD, balanced strains, and more. Experiencing hybrids assures you will refine your tastes, so don’t shy away from hybrids just yet.

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