Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds VS Feminized: Which One is Better?

autoflowering cannabis seeds vs feminized

Marijuana plants come in different varieties of shapes and sizes as well as types and classification depending on the process and lifecycle involved which are regular, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds. Knowing which one of these three types of seeds is detrimental in choosing which one to grab and cultivate. As we go through, we will allow you to witness the show off of autoflowering cannabis seeds vs feminized seeds.

Just like any other plant, marijuana comes in two sexes which are male and female and each of these offer different benefits. Usually, beginner growers will go to regular seeds since they are a lot cheaper compared to the other classes. Little do they know that feminized seeds are way better and are more reliable than regular ones.

On the other hand, auto-flowering seeds are thought to be weed god’s gift to marijuana farmers for its capability to produce flowers without the hassle of constant monitoring of the lighting schedule. Furthermore, we will bestow the pros and cons of growing feminized and auto-flowering seeds as we go through.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds VS Feminized Seeds

Now that you are aware of the existence of the different types of marijuana seeds. It is now time to have an in-depth synthesis of each of these two classifications for your perusal.

Feminized seeds

The main objective of creating feminized seeds is to totally eliminate cultivating male plants which can’t readily bear the point of planting marijuana – the buds. Planting feminized seeds will greatly help weed farmers from eradicating male plants before the expected flowering phase. This will reduce the efforts and make it more convenient for people since it will lessen the time of identifying which ones are males and females.

Another advantage of having feminized seeds is that you can utilize more of the allotted space for your plants. There will be more harvest produced compared to just using the regular seeds. In short, you can expect higher yields since only female plants are present in your growing room or area.

Maintenance is also a breeze when it comes to feminized seeds. There will be less pruning and sorting of males from females. You can also assure that everything is of uniform production since all of your marijuana plants are of the female sex.

Although male plants can produce flowers for itself, the thing is that female plants are more capable of providing generous amounts of buds and at the same time can pollinate themselves. In this way, seeds can be generated for more production of that specific marijuana strain. Females are also known to have higher survivability compared to male plants.

People also prefer the buds produced by female plants. This is true because of the higher THC and CBD content that feminized plants can offer.

Auto-flowering seeds

The auto-flowering seeds, on the other hand, are beginner’s best friends. It doesn’t need continuous tending, nurturing, and monitoring because it can thrive on its own with the proper watering and nutrient provisions.

It is considered as a preferred type for outdoor farming since it can only grow to a minute size that is almost unnoticeable by authorities. There is also no hassle in figuring out the proper lighting patterns and the constant change of season which are detrimental to other types of marijuana.

Auto-flowering seeds under the right conditions can have you jumping for joy in no time. It is an excellent choice for those prospective weed farmers that want to start their own indoor or outdoor marijuana plantation.

Diseases, molds, pests, and the common problems encountered by weed farmers are no match from this type of marijuana. It is very resilient against the said conditions and can withstand even cold temperatures.

The typical marijuana plants produce flowers by the end of the summer season and enter the maturing phase before the winter season begins. This is where auto-flowering seeds differ. They don’t care much of the changes in the seasons or even the amount of light they receive because they will automatically produce flowers as they reach the right age.

Although auto-flowering seeds can only produce minimal amounts of yield per harvest, its capability of entering the flowering phase multiple times covers up the small harvest. It is known to provide an average yield of 50 to 500 grams per square meter depending on the strain.

You can expect the flowers to blossom as early as 3 weeks after planting it. While it is good to go between 9 to 10 weeks after the seeds start germinating.

Auto-flowering marijuana plants are known for a low THC content but with an incredibly high CBD content that is great for medical marijuana users. In this case, patients will almost not feel the psychoactive effects that high THC content provides.

The battle rounds

Now that you have a good grasp of what’s in it for these two types of marijuana plants, it is now time to weigh these two together depending on the advantages and the disadvantages each one poses.

If you were to ask advanced and long-time weed farmers, they will definitely suggest to pick out the feminized seeds since it lessens the time for identifying and picking out the males from the females. It is also the top choice for indoor farming.

Auto-flowering seeds are also a good addition and trial pack for beginner farmers. It can produce a good yield all year round while providing less hassle of constantly adjusting the intensity of the light for its growth and harvest.

The downside of auto-flowering seeds is that you need to constantly buy seeds to be able to grow them. Unlike the feminized ones which can produce seeds for themselves.

The great thing about today’s generation is the innovative strategies that marijuana growers do to achieve the perfect marijuana plant and seeds. They already found a way of creating an auto-flowering feminized seed that contains the best of both worlds.

Choosing the Right Path

Everything depends solely on your preference as a weed farmer. Auto-flowering seeds are best for those impatient cultivators that are not fond of waiting too long for harvest and are not fans of lighting schedules. Feminized seeds are for marijuana growers that are dedicated and wants to keep an eye on everything that is happening to their plant.

Whichever type of marijuana you choose will surely provide that bountiful harvest that you deserve. In this face-off of autoflowering cannabis seeds vs feminized seeds, it is you who decides the fate of your marijuana plant. Remember that anything that has life needs a pinch of tender love and care for it to prosper.

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