What are Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

autoflowering marijuana seeds

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are a type of cannabis seeds that have very short lifespans. Usually, cannabis plants that are autos have only a lifespan of 6 to 8 weeks which is just the flowering stage of most regular seeds. Autoflowering cannabis plants are therefore sought after by growers because these can massively increase yields since you will be able to grow about two crops in a year.

This type of cannabis seed is mostly sold in online seedbanks and is also one of the most expensive. Which is why most growers simply make their own autoflowering marijuana seeds to grow all year round.

Why use autoflowering marijuana seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are in such high demand because you can actually improve your yield. Considering its very short lifespan, you can grow two crops. And what happens when you have more than a dozen autoflowering plants? Just think about the amount of yield you will enjoy when you grow this much in a year!

Autoflowering marijuana plants will grow no matter what type of lighting you use. Regular seeds need a lighting schedule that requires 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to stimulate flowering. This must be meticulously done, otherwise, you will miss the flowering stage and end up ruining your plant’s chance of growing buds. But autos are different. You can start with a 20/4 schedule and slowly change it up to 12/12 and still get these plants to flower at their designated time. Like clockwork, autos will start to bloom at 3 to 4 weeks. This is one of the primary reasons why this type of cannabis seed is recommended for first-time growers.

Just think of the savings you will get from growing seeds that have very short lifespans. Instead of running grow lights, fans, and dehumidifiers for up to 12 weeks, you can cut these down to 8 weeks max and save electricity. You will also be able to save on other resources like soil, water, fertilizer, and nutrients. And since you can harvest twice a year, you can quickly cover all your expenses.

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Another good thing about growing autoflowering marijuana plants is that you can have more yields to enjoy and to use for medicinal purposes. Whether you are growing cannabis because you want to use these for recreation or you need it for pain, insomnia, eating disorders, anxiety, or stress, you won’t run out of supply.

You can grow enough for yourself and possibly enough to share with family and friends. As you perfect the process of growing different strains of autoflowering cannabis, you can have the option of selling your products online or locally.

Any disadvantage of using autoflowering marijuana seeds?

Autoflowering marijuana seeds grow to become autoflowering plants. These plants are not able to grow using clones, therefore, you always need to have auto seeds to grow plants. So the best course of action is to grow your own seeds so you won’t run out.

Since most autoflowering seeds are sold online, there is a huge possibility that you won’t be able to find what you need in an instant. Let’s face it, it’s hard to shop online especially when you are looking for cannabis, seeds, and equipment. This is why there are dangerous websites that pose as seedbanks to just con people out of their money.

What happens is that you think that you are actually ordering cannabis from a legit site when you are buying from a seeds shop that really does not exist! Therefore you must always be very careful when you are buying anything online especially cannabis seeds. As much as possible, check reviews and get to know the company first before you place your order. Anything shady about the company is reason enough not to trust it. So shop smart and never trust a company that looks shady to you.

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Autoflowering cannabis seeds are also believed to grow very small plants and hence you will only get very small yields. But according to growers, this is actually half of the truth. You can still maximize the growth and the ability of your plants to provide a good harvest by using a few time-tested techniques. You may grow more plants inside a grow space or growing area. This way, you can compensate for the quantity of yield per plant. You may also use training techniques like topping, fimming, pruning, and scrogging (screen of green) to help your plants grow more buds. You can also help your plants grow larger and heavier buds by using the ideal fertilizer or nutrients.

How are auto cannabis seeds planted?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are planted just like regular seeds. It all begins with germinating your seeds to ensure that you are growing viable seeds. Germination takes a few days for autoflowering cannabis plants. There are many ways to germinate autos and regular seeds.

You may use the paper towel technique wherein the seed/seeds are placed in layers of wet paper towels. These towels are placed in between two plates and then kept in a dark area like inside a cabinet.  In just a few days, your seeds will be able to sprout and grow into a small seedling or plant.

Another way to germinate cannabis seeds is to place these inside a glass-full of water. Simply let the seeds remain in the water for a day and inspect it for cracks and softening. The young seedling will sprout soon.

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What to look for in autoflowering cannabis seeds?

You must look for the following to make sure that you are using viable cannabis seeds. Viable seeds are seeds with dark-colored skins. These may be spotted or stripped while some may even have intricate natural designs. This means that the seeds are viable and won’t take long for these to germinate. If you see seeds that are green or white and have soft skin, do not waste your time. These won’t germinate and if for some reason these grow, these will only yield small, weak plants.

Look for autoflowering seeds with very thick skin. Most of the time cannabis seeds are very hard to open and may even require cracking and filing. Seeds with soft skin are not viable and will never grow as well. Another factor to consider is the glass of water technique, similar to the germination step.

Seeds that have sunk means that these are heavy, with viable insides. Those that float are seeds that are empty and do not have any viable insides.  So discard floaters and you will soon be able to plant your autoflowering cannabis seeds. Finally, look for autoflowering seeds that have peculiar markings and distinct stripes because these are mature seeds. These seeds are very viable and will germinate fast.

Autoflowering seeds are very popular these days especially for first-time growers because it takes only a small effort to grow and will guarantee improved yields. There are a lot of online seedbanks that sell autoflowering seeds. find the right, reputable online seed bank that will suit your needs and you will surely be hours away from growing your own batch of auto marijuana plants for your own personal consumption.

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