How to Make your Own Autoflowering Seeds Feminized

feminized autoflowering seeds

Marijuana Break says that using autoflowering seeds feminized strains will let you grow plants stealthily, enjoy high yields, and get quick harvests. Using autoflowering seeds may be new to some growers but it is a fact that autos have made it easier and less costly to grow cannabis almost any time of the year. When you use autoflowering cannabis seeds, you can harvest even up to two times a year because of its quick lifespan.  

However, autoflowering feminized seeds could be costly when purchased. These seeds are among the most expensive in most online seedbanks and in local seedbanks as well. This is why a lot of growers decide to make their own feminized auto plants at home.  

What are the good characteristics of autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Autoflowering marijuana seeds or autos are seeds that have very short life spans. This type of seed will begin to flower in just 7 to 9 weeks without the need to expose the plants to a 12/12 day/night lighting schedule.   Most growers recommend using autoflowering cannabis especially if you are new to growing marijuana.  Whether you are growing cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes, autos are easier to maintain than photoperiod or regular seeds. 

Unlike years ago, most autoflowering seeds feminized strains today are better compared to previous generations. Novice growers will be able to grow cannabis plants even in places that have environments that are not too ideal for cultivating cannabis. These places include an indoor growing area, a window ledge, or inside a grow tent or cabinet. 

The very first sighting of autoflowering plants was in the cold and dry areas between Asia and Europe.  The plants were short but robust and had very short life spans because of the climate in the region. These plants will flower according to its own growth schedule and not the amount of light it receives.

Why do you need autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds? 

You may use autoflowering seeds to produce at least two crops in the course of a year or even more when you grow these outdoors. If you are growing autoflowering cannabis indoors, your plants can mature in just ten weeks. The resulting plants will have a very resilient nature and can grow even when there is mold, pests, and frost compared to regular or photoperiod cannabis.  

How much yield can you get out of using feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds?

You will have higher yields when you expose auto feminized plants to a high-intensity light source. But nevertheless, auto plants may still provide you with good yields without any intense lighting. The amount of weed that you can depends on the seeds strains you want to use. As a grower, you need to provide the ideal growing conditions as much as possible. Finally, the yield you will get will be according to the final size of your mature plant. 

Do autoflowering feminized plants need a special lighting schedule? 

Autoflowering seeds are said to contain considerably higher cannabinoid levels without the need to use intense grow lights. Most strains require you to monitor the intensity and periods of light. You may also need to make sure that these will have adequate dark periods as well. You must do this because most cannabis breeds need light to flower. The internal clocks of these strains work according to the amount of light that the plants receive. When the plants start to flower, it won’t take long for these to create dense and delicious buds. These buds will soon be ready for harvest.   

All these won’t be necessary when you use autoflowering seeds. These plants will complete their life cycle without having to subject these to alternating 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. These can take light pollution, therefore, these can be a good option if you live in areas where there are short summers.  

There are different kinds of grow lights for growing autoflowering seeds. The ideal grows light set up is a strong HPS or LED lighting. These give off even and intensifying which can massively improve plant growth and development. When you use LED lighting, you can use intense light without paying high electricity bills. LED lamps will last for a long time than other kinds of light.    

How to grow auto seeds feminized?

Autoflowering seeds are the best for first-time growers. There are factors that can affect the regular growth of Sativa and indica strains but these will not be a worry when you are growing autoflowering feminized seeds. There is no need to provide the ideal lighting and removing male flowers. 

All auto strains require a growing environment that is between 75 and 86 degrees. Cannabis may grow in warmer or colder temperatures. As the climate becomes warmer, it is more likely that the plant will grow quickly and develop its best potential. This is so because warm air is able to hold more water and reduce humidity to control mold growth.  

When you cultivate cannabis plants indoors you will have a chance to closely monitor your plants in a controlled environment. You must reduce the temperature ten degrees at “night” especially when you expose your plants to a dark period. Never reduce this more than that because you can harm your plant and affect its size and yield. 

Make sure that your plants receive a lot of light, enough water and should be cultivated at the correct temperature. At the end of the growth cycle, you need to prepare it the same way that you prepare regular plants when its harvest time.  

Using a fertilizer on your plants is important but when it is still a young seedling, this may not be enough. But when your plant is in its growing or vegetative phase, it will need a fertilizer that has higher nitrogen levels. Nitrogen can enhance leaf, stem, and root growth. But as your plants reach the flowering stage, fertilizer rich in potassium and phosphorus but low in nitrogen is needed to produce larger and denser buds.   

Using colloidal silver to make feminized seeds

As your plants initially start to develop flowers and reveal their gender, it’s time to remove the male plants immediately. You can tell that these are males when the plants develop sacs and balls which contain pollen. Remove these plants to leave females only in your growing area.  

Once you have removed the males, you are left with females with white wispy flowers. Use the colloidal silver solution to stimulate the growth of male structures on the female plants. Use a small brush or preferably a spray bottle to apply the colloidal silver. Spray along the stems of the female plants, keeping away from the flowers. Do this daily.  

Soon, your female plants will develop sacs or balls filled with pollen. Continuously spray the plant with colloidal silver. Let the male structures mature. You can tell that the sacs or balls are ready to burst pollen when these show signs of cracking.  

As the structures crack, the feminized pollen will release into the air and pollinate the female plants. Collect this in a small plastic bag. Use a small brush to apply the pollen to other plants that already have flowers. These flowers will soon produce feminized seeds and once the seeds are ready, you may harvest these.  

Keep your feminized auto seeds inside a dry and airtight container. Place this in a dark area to protect the seeds’ viability.  

How to buy autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Purchasing autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds are another thing to consider. If you cannot or don’t want to get into the trouble of making your own autoflowering feminized seeds then you can buy your seeds. You need to make sure that the seeds that you buy from a seed bank are viable, fresh, and will germinate. By buying seeds from a reputable seed bank, you can be sure that you are purchasing healthy seeds that you can grow and get good yields from.  

You can get help with growing autoflowering seeds feminized strains 

Autoflowering fem seeds are indeed very easy to grow but first-time growers may have a lot of questions on their minds. It could be hard to find answers to all your questions but you can find help from people who have grown autoflowering feminized seeds before.  

Even if you live remotely or you live in an area where growing cannabis is prohibited then you can still find help. Join online support forums for people who grow cannabis. Through forums, you will be able to find people who are experts in growing autoflowering feminized cannabis for years.   

You can also follow and ask questions from social media sites and also from seedbanks if these services are available like chat service and customer reply service. You may also share your own experience when it comes to growing autoflowering feminized cannabis plants. You will be amazed that there is a certain satisfaction between consuming cannabis that you have grown yourself than the weed that you just purchased from a local shop or dispensary.

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