Autoflower VS Feminized Seeds: Physical Differences

autoflowering feminized seeds canada

These days, there are now more types of cannabis than ever before thanks to the booming growth this industry has had over the last few years. This rapid industry growth can be attributed to how Canada and several other big states have now accepted marijuana as legal. Right now, it is still in the middle of that rise. Because of that, we are now seeing more autoflowering strains and autoflowering seeds than ever before. We can even see and buy feminized autoflowering seeds in Canada.

That said, there are reasons for you to go for either autoflowering seeds and feminized seeds. Each of those two types of cannabis seeds has its own advantages especially if they fit your needs and the needs of your target market.

But first, let us explore what these types of seeds are:

Autoflowering seeds

  • What are they?

Autoflowering seeds will grow up to be autoflowering variants of cannabis. These types of cannabis will flower and move from the vegetative state even though they did not get the required number of light and dark hours that normal cannabis strains do. In other words, they are not photoperiod-dependent.

Because they do not rely on the number of light and dark hours, autoflowering seeds can grow regardless of the light they get. This is due to their historical background and to the genetics of their ancestors.

  • Where did they come from?

Genetically, autoflowering seeds trace their roots to cannabis ruderalis. Known as the third species of cannabis, cannabis ruderalis was often the forgotten one because it did not have a lot of practical uses because of its small size and its low THC levels.

However, cannabis ruderalis grew faster than both indica and Sativa because they anticipated the winter season. Moreover, because they are native to regions that have little access to sunlight, they have adapted to the environment and have developed the ability to flower regardless of the light and dark hours they get. That is why they are “autoflowering”.

As mentioned, cannabis ruderalis was generally useless. But when The Joint Doctor crossbred Northern Lights with a cannabis ruderalis plant he called Mexican Rudy, the first-ever autoflowering cannabis was born. He called it Lowryder. This strain became the genetic backbone of most of the autoflowering cannabis strains we see in the market today.

What are the advantages of growing autoflowering feminized seeds Canada?

  • Growing them is easier

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are not very demanding. They will not ask a lot of effort on your part as they pretty much take care of themselves. These types of seeds will also grow in almost any kind of environment and condition, unlike regular marijuana seeds that require special climates for them to grow well.

  • Speed is the key

When it comes to their growing speed, autoflowering strains are very quick to grow. This because of how cannabis ruderalis historically anticipated the cold winters. As such, they needed to grow and flower before the winter came. Autoflowering Feminized seeds Canada carried that trait and will flower in about six to eight weeks.

  • No need to monitor the lights

Ordinary cannabis seeds need a light schedule because they also need to have certain hours of total darkness to flower. Because of that, growers need to monitor how many hours the plants get. But, when growing autoflowering cannabis seeds, you can even leave the light on for as long as you want because they will flower regardless of the photoperiod. Age is the only determining factor for them to actually flower.

  • Stealth is wealth

Autoflowering seeds Canada tend to grow into rather small plants because of how their ancestors historically grew in areas where they could not grow into tall plants due to the lack of available light and nutrients. As such, autoflowering strains tend to be small plants that hardly grow over two feet tall. This makes them ideal for stealth growers because they do not take up a lot of space indoors and they will not grow taller than your fences when grown outside.

Feminized seeds

  • What are they?

When you plant regular cannabis seeds, they are like any other creature or organism in the world in the sense that they have a 50-50 chance of ending up as either male or female. Both male and female plants have their own roles to play.

Male cannabis plants develop pollen sacs instead of flowers. These pollen sacs will eventually burst open to release pollen, which will impregnate nearby female cannabis plants. However, they have no other practical uses other than for impregnating female cannabis. In other words, since they will not develop buds or flowers that are consumable, male plants are useless for commercial purposes.

Meanwhile, the female cannabis plants are what you want your garden or grow space to be full of. The female plants will develop buds or flowers, which contain THC and any other cannabinoid. This means that they are valuable for your garden because that is where you will be getting your profits.

The problem here is that males can be troublesome for you if you leave them alone. While it might be good to have seeds from female plants after the males impregnate them, the problem is that pregnant female cannabis tends to put all of their energy into seed production. This, in turn, will result in subpar or poor buds. As such, it is important for you to segregate or remove the male plants as early as possible and before their pollens have a chance of impregnating the females.

Unfortunately, there is no way for you to tell whether a seed ends up as either male or female. You have to germinate them first and allow them to grow. It will take about a few weeks into their vegetative state for you to be able to tell if the plants are either male or female. In other words, you will be wasting valuable time and resources waiting to check the plant’s sex. If it is already too much a hassle to pluck the males out, waiting is much worse.

That is where feminized seeds come in. Breeders have found a way to make sure that some seeds will end up only as females. These feminized seeds will save you the trouble of having to go through the normal process of germinating, waiting, and removing the male cannabis plants. In simple terms, your garden will be full of bud-producing female cannabis.

What are the advantages of growing feminized cannabis seeds?

  • All your plants will be female

As mentioned, planting feminized seeds ensures that your garden will be full of female cannabis plants. That saves you the trouble of having to waste time, resources, and energy on the useless male cannabis plants.

  • More profits on your part

When 100% of your garden or grow space ends up as a female, you will be able to maximize your profits since all of the plants are producing buds. Who would not want that?

  • High-quality buds

With no males left in your grow space, there will be no one there to impregnate your female cannabis plants. That means that all of your plants will focus their attention and energy on high-quality bud production.

  • There will be uniformity

Because feminized seeds are just the same as regular seeds with only the slight difference that they will end up as female cannabis plants, you can be sure that there will still be uniformity in your garden as far as production is concerned. Essentially, you still will be producing the same plants but all of them will be females.

So what are the physical differences between these seeds?

Truth be told, there is probably no way for you to tell whether a seed is that of an autoflowering cannabis plant or that of female marijuana. It is essentially the same as when you are trying to tell if a seed is male or female in the sense that you have to grow them first before you can tell what they will turn out to be. In other words, autoflowering seeds Canada and feminized seeds have no physical differences that can help you tell them apart.

Nevertheless, it is rather easy to tell an autoflowering plant from a regular cannabis plant once the seeds have already begun growing.

For starters, autoflowering cannabis plants are remarkably smaller than regular cannabis plants. They rarely grow over two feet tall. Than in itself will help you tell whether the plant is autoflowering or is a regular feminized one.

Autoflowering plants also tend to mature rather quickly compared to regular cannabis plants. These strains often produce flowers in six to eight weeks while most regular cannabis flower somewhere between two to three months. In that sense, if you notice that some of your plants mature quicker than others, there is a good chance that they are autoflowering.

Finally, as their name suggests, autoflowering feminized seeds Canada is not photoperiod-dependent. These strains will always transition from the vegetative state to the flowering phase regardless of the light and dark hours they get. As such, you can already tell the difference between these strains and the regular cannabis plant just by checking which among them are photoperiod-dependent.

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