Canada VS UK: Where to Plant the Best Autoflower Seeds?

best autoflower seeds canada

Best autoflower seeds canada is an ideal strain to grow in the northern hemisphere. Because of cannabis evolution,  growing cannabis strains in regions where there is harsh condition is less challenging. When choosing the best strain, the number 1 factor that should be taken into consideration should be the geographic location with its surrounding climate. 

The genetics of auto-flowering seeds mostly comes from regions with months that have inhospitable climates such as those in the UK and Canada. The United Kingdom and Canada are both located in the northern hemisphere it means that they both experience the same cycles of changing weather conditions. In this article, we’ll validate where is it best autoflower seeds canada.

Benefits Of Growing Autoflowering Seeds in Harsh Conditions

  • Autoflowering strains are small, When the weather condition outside is harsh, you can easily manage to place it indoors without worrying about the space that could be taken up.
  • It can handle multiple harvests in one season because after the vegetative stage, it will automatically proceed to the flowering stage without taking up too much time.
  • Changing weather in the northern hemisphere invites different diseases and pest infestations. When you use autoflowering seeds, you don’t need to worry about these complications because it is a sturdy plant.
  • Autoflowering does not need any photoperiod promoting rapid growth.

Facts About Canada and UK in Cannabis Cultivation

  • These two countries have the same summer period which is between the months of June to September, where it is best to grow autoflowering seeds outdoors. 
  • When growing best autoflower seeds canada, it is best to grow in pot enriched with nutrients because raw ground soil in Canada lacks nutrient in it affecting the cannabis plant resistance to different harmful factors.
  • Some parts in Canada is best suited to plant cannabis strains outdoors because of the climate that is relatively mild and humid in the mountainous regions.
  • Some strains in the UK is mostly grown around the coastal areas where there is an optimum amount of sunlight during the summer season. 

Protecting Autoflowering Strains Grown in Canada and UK

The countries Canada and UK are both from countries that experience harsh and changing weather conditions. When planning to grow best autoflower seeds canada, it is advisable to protect your cannabis plant to the heavy winds, cold, humid, and hot weather. 

  • Heavy Winds

For you to protect your strain during heavy winds, make sure that your plants are positioned close together to serve as a windbreaker to protect each other.

  • Cold Weather

These countries have unexpected changes in temperature at times especially a decrease in temperature that can be devastating to your crop. Autoflowering strains can resist temperatures up to 5 degrees Celsius if the temperature drops down, it is advisable to keep your cannabis plant alive by taking it indoors or construct a temporary greenhouse that has heaters to trap heat. 

  • Humidity

Too much humidity causes a problem especially when air and water connives. It invites molds and plant diseases that ruin your crop. The best way to prevent an increase in the humidity level of your cannabis plant is to keep it dry. When exposed to the rain, it is best to shake it off to avoid trapping the water in between leaves, stems, etc. 

  • Hot Weather

A hot and dry environment is the ideal condition plant cannabis but the overly intense heat causes drought or lack of water to maintain the moisture of your plants. Of the soil is dry, it may cause problems such as sounded growth because of its inability to absorb nutrients. 

Best Autoflower seeds Canada or in The UK

1. Sweet Skunk Automatic

This strain consist of Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis genetics making it a hardy plant. Its well-balanced characteristics contribute to its rich flavors and potency. Within 8 weeks, you’ll get resinous buds that are sticky. 

2. Royal Critical Automatic

This is a perfect strain for socializing while having a relaxing vibe. This is a strain suited for beginning cultivators because it is less maintenance and it has a quick life cycle. Its bushy structure makes it adaptable to regions with harsh conditions.

3. White Widow Automatic

This is a classical strain that has genetics that is grown in the wild areas that is why it process characteristics of sturdiness. Within 8-9 weeks you’ll get high yields with buds that are compact and is fully covered with heavy resin glands.

4. Amnesia Haze Automatic

This strain produces an ideal size and height of a cannabis plant and it also manages to produce potent buds even when grown too harsh environment. This is one of the auto-flowering strains that tend to grow into a large plant because of its Sativa genetics. Many consumers hook up to this strain because of its medicinal properties.

5. Royal Dwarf

This is a petite cannabis strain that can produce extremely high yields in just 5-6 weeks. Its Indica background makes it a potent and a hard strain that has a high tolerance to different molds and pest infestations. 

Whether in Canada or in the UK, autoflowering seeds are great strains ideal for growth in these countries. If you prefer to grow outdoors it best to during the summer season where it is possible to harvest at least 2-3 batches of yields. Like any other countries, autoflowering seeds can be grown equally all year-round in Canada or in the UK because of the same weather conditions and the same characteristics of an autoflowering seed.


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