3 Best Way to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

best way to germinate cannabis seeds

Perhaps you have already reached the period wherein you have already known that there are few various ways when it comes to germinating the cannabis seeds. And just as how your knowledge widens, you could have known also that not all these methods are able to create similar success rate – and you know very well that your cannabis seeds are not cheap to purchase. So, what should be the best way to germinate cannabis seeds?

You may really want to select a way for germination which can ideally give your cannabis seeds the utmost potential to become beautiful, bud generating plants. 

Best Way to Germinate Cannabis Seeds: Learning the Best Methods 

In order to further assist you when it comes to the best way to germinate your cannabis seeds, here are the common and best ways to apply:

  1. Starter Cubes and Seedling Plugs

So far, this method is considered to be the best method for germinating cannabis seeds. Germinating through the use of cubes or starter plugs is simple to do and the most dependable approach among the other existing methods.

What kind of plugs are to be used?

Alternatives for starter cubes are apparently boundless; however, the majority is built of either peat or Rockwool. The distinctions are understated, but very significant based on how you devise to cultivate your cannabis plants after the germination.

If you want to opt for an organic option, then it will be better to use peat plugs. They sometimes have a minimal starter nutrient charge that rescues the young seedlings right after the process of germination. Rockwool cubes, on the other hand, are made up of stringy material that is wool-like and provides an impressive exchange of air and water, which is excellent for hydroponics.

The peat plugs are able to contain more water than air in comparison to the Rockwool cubes. Thus, they are not recommended for hydroponics grows.

Should you use peat or rockwool? The essential distinction boils down to how you are going to cultivate the plant once the germination is done.

How to germinate with the plugs?

First: After purchasing your cubes or plugs, drench them in the water until they are completely impregnated. 

Second: Put the seeds right into the pre-cut holes in the plugs. Make use of some of the plug component to smoothly blanket the opening.

Third: Place the plugs right into the tray or square box and blanket with a plastic dome. By doing this, you are ensuring an increased humidity atmosphere, which boosts the success of the germination and rescues the seedlings together after the germination.

  1. Directly Plant into the Soil
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This way is obviously an old-school approach. Simply drop your cannabis seeds in the soil, put some water, and then you are done! If only this method is simply that easy! Unluckily, it is not as simple as how it sounds.

There are plenty of factors to consider when executing this method. And each one should be closely excellent for germination to happen.

How to directly germinate the seeds in the soil?

First: Buy a kind of soil that is really good in quality. You may get this soil from a trusted source. You may prefer soil with ideal drainage – this permit for the exchange of air; cannabis seeds require moisture but you certainly do not like to suffocate them.

Second: Next, you have to plant your cannabis seeds in ideal deepness. What should be ideal is to have the cannabis seeds planted twice deeper versus the diameter of the seed.

Third: Secure water for the seeds by drenching the container in a tray that has around an inch of water. This will let the soil to be evenly moistened, avoiding the occurrence of overwatering. Also, this keeps the cannabis seeds in the best position for the germination to happen.

With this method, you may begin your seed directly in the planting channel. However, if you become too careless on this method, you may encounter troubles and difficulties.

Your cannabis seeds require water and air in order to germinate, if one is too much, the other would fall short, stopping the germination.

If the seed is planted very deep, the available energy in the seedling may not be sufficient for it to crack the surface. This will ultimately abstain and destroy your seedling. If you fail to plant enough, there is a tendency that your seedling will sear, or never turn moist sufficient to germinate.

  1. Soaking the cannabis seeds in the water
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This particular method is not much of an approach to completely germinate the seeds but instead guarantees quick and dependable germination. 

As has been said in the earlier part of this article, seeds require water in order to germinate. This approach includes putting seeds in a particular container that is filled with water instead of soil or plug.

How to begin the germination with water?

First: Put your seeds in a particular container with clean water. Let it be soaked within the entire night or at least 12 hours. The soaking of seeds will let the seeds absorb water. The absorption of water is the primary step in the process of germination and is needed for seeds in order to germinate.

Remember not to soak the seeds beyond 24 hours, they may turn oxygen-deprived and eventually die. The shorter period of soaking is always much ideal.

Second: Finishing the soaking for at least 12 hours, make use of sterilized tweezers or just your clean hands to take out the seeds. Right away, put the seeds into your instruments, such as soil or plug.

At this time, lightly tap the seeds if they are still sailing, and take a look on which among the seeds float and which sink. Seeds that sank mean that they have plenty of water, which is what we prefer. The floating seeds, on the other hand, have not penetrated water, and most seemingly will not ever, implying that they are far to germinate.

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