Best Way to Germinate Dwarf Low Flyer Strain

dwarf low flyer strain

Germination is the first step to cultivating Dwarf Low Flyer Strain plants successfully. This process involves encouraging the sprouts to break free from its seed shell.

The process of germinating seeds may seem like a hard task for anyone new to growing cannabis plants. Fortunately, we can help you how out by breaking down the steps in germinating the Dwarf Low Flyer strain.

Choosing Dwarf Low Flyer Strain as your seeds

It is always important to pick the right seeds first before germinating them. High-quality seeds have a better chance of sprouting its taproot than others.

If you are buying seeds from a physical seed bank, keep in mind three important factors to quality seed.

  • Color

Mature or high-quality seeds should have a dark-colored hue on them. Be sure to pick ones with a dark brown or black color. If the seeds are greenish or have a lighter hue, avoid them. These seeds are still young and are least likely to germinate.

  • Surface

You can always tell the state of a seed by its surface. Good seeds should have a glossy finish an smooth surface. They should not have any cracks or damages on the shell. Avoid any seed that looks shriveled up.

  • Firmness

Place a seed between your thumb and give it a squeeze. Quality seeds should be hard and firm. If the seed seems soft and malleable, it is still young and has yet to mature.

If you are buying Dwarf Low Flyer seeds from an online shop, you want to make sure they are a reputable source. Always check other customer’s feedback regarding the seed they bought from the shop before ordering from them.

Germination setup

The germination process of any cannabis seeds is much easier thanks to several starter pots or cubes on the market. These starter pots even have the right hole depth etched out of them where you can place your seeds.

To use a starter pot, soak them in water for 10 minutes or until they look plump. Position your pots in a to grow tray. If you do not have one, use an egg tray.

Before placing a seed, use a pencil or a long sharp stick to poke the hole. Make sure that it is around half an inch deep. Afterward, put one seed into each pot’s hole.

One interesting thing to note is the soft material of the starter pots. Nearly all of these pots allow the seeds to grow their taproot through the walls. This allows you to plant the seed along with the pot to the main medium and container where you will grow your Dwarf Low Flyer strain. The transfer minimizes the risk of root shock, which damages the young seedling.

Paper towel germination

Germinating Dwarf Low Flyer seeds with starter pots are easy with starter pots. However, it takes a number of days to tell if the taproot or cotyledon is sprouting from the seeds. In addition, the materials within starter pots may carry germs and microorganisms that are harmful to seedlings.

Paper towels are another alternative to germinating your cannabis seeds. This hands-on method lets you see immediately if any of your seeds are sprouting its first leaf structures. You should be able to see the seed sprout its taproots within one to four days Paper towel is also sterile and clean since they barely hold any harmful microorganisms.

To use this method, wet two paper towels until they are moist. Place one of them onto a concave plate and put your seeds on top of the towel. Make sure to give the seeds plenty of space from each other. Place the other wet paper towel on top of the seeds and cover everything with a second plate. Store the plates in a warm area of your house.

. The challenging aspect of using the paper towel is the transfer of the seeds. It is important that you do not touch the sensitive taproot while moving the seed to a small container with potting soil. Doing so can cause root shock, which damages and impedes the plant’s growth development.

Important factors in germinating the seed

Whether you use starter pots or paper towels, you need to be aware of two factors that will determine the success of your Dwarf Low Flyer seed germination.

  • Moisture

Water plays several important roles in a seed’s germination. It allows the development of various enzymes that are needed for the seed’s growth. Water also makes the seed shell permeable to allow gas to pass through. It is important to keep the pots or paper towel moist at all times while germinating your seeds. Allowing it to dry may force the seed to hibernate.

  • Temperature

Seeds need to be in a warm area to germinate. An ideal temperature range for germinating cannabis seeds is around 70°F-90°F. Consider using a warmer if you do not have any place in your house that is constantly within the ideal temperature range.


You now know how to germinate your Dwarf Low Flyer seed. Remember to always pick quality seeds that have a high chance of germinating. It is also important to keep your starter pots or paper towel holding your seeds moist at all times.

Making your own batch of Dwarf Low Flyer marijuana due to its mild potency that is suitable for relieving pain and stress. This strain, as well as any cannabis, is great for anyone suffering from various medical conditions. Jocelyn Elders would say “Marijuana can help many patients”

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