Bubblegum Feminized Marijuana Strain Info

bubblegum feminized marijuana seeds

With different marijuana seeds and strains available in the market, you might be wondering what is the best one to grow in your garden. Now the reason why you are reading this is that you are interested in bubblegum feminized marijuana seeds. We will talk about that later on. 

Before we start, I would like to leave a little reminder that when you choose the marijuana strain you will be working on, keep in mind your allocations. Allocation for time – make sure you have enough time for your plants. Financial allocation – marijuana cultivation is not always cheap, you will need equipment and the seeds itself. And lastly, your knowledge allocation – how much are you willing to learn just to have assured success in Cannabis cultivation.

Overview of Bubblegum Feminized Marijuana Seeds

With origins from the Indiana Bubblegum, the Bubblegum feminized marijuana seeds are a hybrid that is known to be award-winning. Bubblegum has been recorded to enter the seed community in 1993 and has won 4 High Times Cannabis Cups.

Although little information is available for Indiana Bubblegum, what we know for sure is that it was a dominantly Indica hybrid and it was an excellent clone that made its way to Amsterdam. After years of interbreeding, the Bubblegum marijuana strain that we know came about.

Bubblegum has a powerful Sativa and Indica effect creating a flawless blend that provides a distinctive feeling of high. It allows the creative juices of a consumer to continue flowing. 

  • Effects

The reason why the Bubblegum strain is very famous among consumers is that it gives off a well-balanced feeling. Expect to experience full-bodied effects that will both calm and energize you. It will give you a certain boost allowing your mind to flourish on positive thoughts and a certified feeling of good times while with your family and friends.

The good thing about Bubblegum is it will help you in keeping negative thoughts at bay. You will only experience feelings of euphoria and happiness. A gentle emotion of being high in the sky floating in the clouds and coming down to earth feeling less tension. This will keep you happy and carefree.

If you’re not feeling like yourself because you have lost your appetite, make sure to take a hit of a few puffs of Bubblegum and you will surely gain your appetite back. Be careful though, as this will make you enjoy whatever food you have in the kitchen, you might want to eat them all.

  • Aroma

The sweet smell of the Bubblegum strain has given it famous status to marijuana consumers worldwide. You will get a mix of earthy, candy, flowery and sweet smell. This will leave the room with a pleasant smell that will make you puff some more. You can look forward to having your mouth watering once the smell enters the room.

  • Flavors

Having the name Bubblegum and yet giving off a bland taste certainly will not give justice to the name. With this marijuana strain, all your sensory receptors will benefit. A magical blend of fruity, creamy, fruity, sweet and tropical flavors will have a playful tease in your mouth. This is a sure hit for everyone who loves to have a sweet taste lingering around.

  • Medical Benefits

Doctors often prescribe Bubblegum to patients suffering from mood-related disorders. Such as those enduring anxiety and stress. This marijuana strain to have is a powerful relaxant and helps them ease their troubled feeling and calm the mind and also known to be an outstanding mood-elevator.

Bubblegum also helps in pain management. This has been proven to alleviate headaches, migraines, chronic back pains, and muscle spasms. Bubblegum gives the relief needed without having to experience the side effects of prescription drugs.

  • Adverse Effects

As magical and bubbly it sounds, the Bubblegum strain is no stranger to having adverse effects for some marijuana users but fret not as these are just mild effects. Best to do your research before hitting a puff, you never know if you have allergic tendencies towards this strain.

  • Dry mouth and Dry eyes
  • Paranoia (rare case) and Anxiousness
  • Dizziness

Growing Bubblegum Marijuana Strain

If you are a veteran grower, you will find growing Bubblegum a breeze. For novice cultivators, you have to be extra careful as this strain is known for harboring mold and will rot eventually. It prefers a warm, dry outdoor climate.

Flowering time will take about 8-9 weeks and the plant will have an estimated full height of 120cn-160cm with a 300g-500g yield per square meter. The plant will have a bubblegum aroma that might be impossible to hide.

Reviews for Bubblegum Marijuana Strains

These are the reviews of different people who have used the Bubblegum strain. These reviews are available online.

  • Felt focused, alert and creative. Doesn’t make you feel sleepy and you will get a gentle tingly massage feeling on your muscles.
  • Great stuff for pain and headache
  • Most potent weed I have ever smelled
  • Perfect for smoking with friends and for chilling
  • Helps to put me in such a good mood, helps me deal with my kids being kids
  • Gives you an uplifted feeling, makes you active and makes you want to do stuff
  • Great for people with swollen prostates or suffering from a prostate infection
  • Worth trying and tasted great
  • Nice to smoke during the evening and for winding down
  • It helps you go on with your merry ways without having to experience zonks, trips or crashes

I hope you find the information above to be helpful in your plans for growing your own marijuana garden. The Bubblegum strain is perfect for those who want to have a light, mood uplifting experience with family and friends without having to go through the hardcore feeling of getting high.

Bubblegum will allow you to enjoy the night with friends by making sure you stay focused on what they are saying, making you laugh at their jokes and making sure that you forget about the feeling of stress and depression.

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