10 Most Trusted Sources of Bulk Marijuana Seeds

bulk marijuana seeds

As a marijuana cultivator, it is very difficult to seek for a company that offers the most amazing selection of bulk cannabis seeds. This article shall discuss the 10 most trusted sources of bulk marijuana seeds that are available. We will elucidate in this article to help you choose the best plan for you and your business.

How to Tell that You Can Trust the Company to Buy Bulk Marijuana Seeds

Making sure that the seed company is trusted when it comes to buying bulk marijuana seeds is an important task. We have furnished responses to some of the most common inquiries below.

1. What Differentiates the Most Trusted Company to Buy Bulk Marijuana Seeds from One Another?

The biggest differentiating factor among the best companies to buy bulk marijuana seeds in the country is geography. Many of the companies we reviewed for this article operate in a limited number of states. Furthermore, some companies may operate in only a portion of some states in which they offer coverage. Outside of the geographic distinction, some insurance companies cater to specific needs or a set of specific needs as we will discuss below.

2. What Do the Most Trusted Company to Buy Bulk Marijuana Seeds Charge in Monthly Premiums?

Because each of the best companies to buy bulk marijuana seeds offer such a wide array of plans, it is nearly impossible to make a categorical statement regarding price. Every company we reviewed for this article offers at least a few plans specifically for potential members on a budget but, as we will elucidate, some do a better job than others.

3. What Ancillary Benefits Do the Most Trusted Company to Buy Bulk Marijuana Seeds Offer?

The latest trend in the marijuana industry is a move toward preventative care. To this end, the best health insurance companies have started to offer their members numerous incentives to live a healthy lifestyle. These include discounts on memberships, dietary advice and support, access to smoking cessation products, and complimentary mental health services.

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4. What Level of Customer Service Should I Expect?

To be consistently numbered among the best companies to buy bulk marijuana seeds in the industry, a company must offer great customer service. When a leading marijuana seed provider falters in customer service, their members complain, and not just to the company, to anyone who cares to read about it on the internet.

The most pertinent issue in customer service at this point is the role of online customer service. Some companies we reviewed for this article have all but abandoned over the phone customer service while others strike a balance between the old-fashioned way and the app. For a potential member, it is all about personal preference.

5. How Do I Choose the Plan that Is Best for My Bulk Marijuana Seed Purchase?

On the online blogs made by Steve DeAngelo, in order to make an informed decision regarding the best companies to buy bulk marijuana seeds, you must first take stock of your situation. Specifically, you must take into account your location, what you can afford to pay monthly, your specific medical needs, and any dependents you may have.

Top 10 Most Trusted Providers Where You Can Buy Bulk Marijuana Seeds

1. Sunwest Genetics

Sunwest Genetics gives one of the best and topmost qualities of cannabis and Sativa strains in western countries. They only work with a limited number of experts within their already limited scope. That being said, the quality of care provided by Sunwest Genetics within the breadth of their purview is among the best in the industry. For frequent international travelers, Sunwest Genetics is among the best marijuana companies in the country as the company covers many emergency services in foreign countries.

Sunwest Genetics’ high-quality but geographically limited services come at lower premiums than most of the best marijuana companies that offer their policyholders and they administer their affordable, quality care with a new, industry-leading mobile application that makes care management simpler for technologically literate policyholders.

2. Crop King Seeds

None of the best marijuana companies can rival Crop King Seeds US in terms of breadth. The company operates in every state in the country and offers a comprehensive selection of plants that ensure each potential policyholder will be able to find a plan which meets their needs.

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For the most part, Crop King Seeds US covers its policyholders at premiums within the average range for a company of its size and scope; however, premiums can be slightly higher than average for older policyholders.

3. MJ Seeds Canada

As one of the best places to buy bulk marijuana seeds online, MJ Seeds Canada offers a wide range of products. One of the most celebrated aspects of receiving marijuana products through MJ Seeds Canada is the ubiquitous availability of discounts on gym memberships, fitness products, dietary services, and other health-related goods that some of the best marijuana companies do not offer their policyholders.

The most noteworthy downside to purchasing marijuana seeds through MJ Seeds Canada is the lack of consistency across the country. The MJ Seeds Canada is actually an amalgam of independent agencies all of which offer slightly different plans at slightly different prices meaning their coverage could be more or less appealing based on your location.

4. Sonoma Seeds

As one of the best companies to buy bulk marijuana seeds, this company grows its very own cannabis seeds organically. It is of very high quality but only available to potential policyholders in a limited number of states across the country, primarily in the South and the Midwest.

If you do happen to live in one of the 22 states in which Sonoma Seeds works, their marijuana products are well worth looking into as the company offers a breadth of plans on par with Sonoma Seeds at lower than average premiums based on the price of plans offered by the best marijuana companies.

5. Rocket Seeds UK

Due to the fact that they maintain high-quality marijuana products, younger people can qualify for rock-bottom premiums with Rocket Seeds for all your marijuana needs. While the company does not offer short-term plans to cover gaps in coverage, they do offer a variety of supplemental policies for individuals in difficult situations or those who simply hope to expand upon their extant coverage.

6. I Love Growing Marijuana Canada:

As a leading marijuana seed bank company for wholesale purchase, I Love Growing Marijuana offers primarily high-deductible plans at relatively high premiums. Naturally, these more expensive plans come with more extensive benefits and more comprehensive coverage than similar plans in the states in which I Love Growing Marijuana operates.

All their clients have consistently cited their online tools as the factor that distinguishes their coverage from their competitors among the best marijuana companies in Canada. All clients can manage all aspects of their care from tracking the status of a claim to ordering pharmaceuticals for home delivery online.

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7. Seed City Bulk Purchase Canada

Seed City Canada focuses on wellness care, meaning the company uses its resources to ensure its members have access to all the resources they need to promote all-around well-being, especially for its members with idiosyncratic medical conditions through the use of marijuana products. For example, Seed City offers an unprecedented level of coverage for women who experience a high-risk pregnancy.

8. Tiger-One Distribution US

As one of the most preferred cannabis stores in the US, Tiger-One Distribution US offers the best marijuana strains with a worldwide mode of delivery. They offer all three modes of shipping mentioned earlier. They offer feminized, medical, outdoor, and indoor marijuana seeds. They maintained a decent reputation among other cannabis stores or companies. They feature some of the 22 high THC content strains.

9. Seed Supreme Seed Bank

As one of the premium suppliers for auto-flowering cannabis seeds ship to Canada and other western countries, Seed Supreme was able to uphold its reputation in growing cannabis strains organically. The natural growth of cannabis strains is something that can guarantee higher THC content.

Their packages include informational material on how to grow your own cannabis seeds. With their very friendly personnel for shipping, they can guarantee that your order will reach your doors. Also, they have won many cannabis competitions.

10. Seedsman US

Seedsman offers the most flexible range of cannabis seeds from their very own team of growers and breeders. They grow a relationship with their clients as they offer affordable rates both for seed pricing and shipping throughout the United States. As they carry crème-of-the-crop in the marijuana industry, they sell the most in-demand seeds in western countries through highlighting genetically improved strains that won cups of cannabis over the last 10 years. They guarantee a 95% rate for germination. They may not offer regular promotions but the seeds they ship straight to your home are tested and proven to have high THC content.


First and foremost, you must select a seed bank where you can buy bulk marijuana seeds that not only functions in your state but also has in-network cultivators you can reasonably see based on where exactly you live. Once you have narrowed your choices based on geography, make sure the most trusted marijuana companies in your area offer plans you can afford. From there, you can make an informed decision based on your more specific needs.

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