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Before you purchase top quality marijuana seeds, you need to put in your mind that the price is not an important matter for you to decide. Cheap price marijuana seeds are cheap because of the reason that they maybe have a weak germination rate or not available at all. Most of the growers choose seeds that can have High THC level content with High or Low CBD content and can produce large yields.

If you’re a medical cannabis patient that is searching for medical marijuana; an expert growing master or new growers, then the Crop King Seeds is the best seed bank that can cater to your desired marijuana seeds and perfect for any level of cannabis growing skills.

The Crop King Seeds can ships inside the state of Canada together with an index and the state-of-the-art pot seed packaging. The Crop King Seeds can also ship top quality marijuana seeds to customers from the United States and around the world.

TOP 5 Quality Marijuana Seeds at Crop King Seeds

  • Afghani Regular Marijuana Seeds

The Afghani Regular Marijuana got its name from the country of  Afghanistan and this strain is an original landrace. It was first discovered in the peak region of  Afghanistan, this relaxing and euphorics indica strain is great for crossbreeding, cloning, and for huge volume production. This strain has high THC level content and is popular with the new and experts growers. 

This strain is a crowd favorite because of its high yielding that has a very potent and gives a very long-lasting effect. Because of its indica-dominant, this strain produces a happy and relaxing effect that can work to both experienced and new consumers at any time if the users want to unwind. 

It is perfect to use at night and using this indica-dominant strain can give you an extreme body buzz, that can you just stay in your bed while calming and soothing your tired body. This strain has strong full-taste go along with a taste of exotics fruit.

This top quality marijuana seeds has an amazing yield reaching 300 grams when grown outdoors and 500 grams when it’s grown indoors. These are heavy amounts,  knowing that every part of Afghani’s gorgeous, sparkling, and huge buds are perfectly packed with pungent and stinky goodness and a satisfying body high effect that you can rarely find.

  • Amnesia Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Amnesia Haze Autoflower is a sativa-dominant strain that is easy to average grow that only latkes 8 to 9 weeks to finished flowering and can survive in both outdoors and indoors environment. 

This strain has been loved by a lot of consumers and growers. It has a moderate THC content level which is 15,50%, with a combination of 1.12% of CBD content which makes this Amnesia Haze something to enjoy.

This plant is musty in flavor and aroma, with an alluring yield as well. This can produce 150 grams of dense, yummy flowers when grown outdoors, and 250 grams of yields when grown indoors. 

The main effect of this Amnesia Haze autoflower is uplifting which is usually consumed by those who are suffering from heavy stress and anxiety. This strain is used to boost creativity and combat headaches, perfect to use when you want to get things done. If this strain is used over its recommended dosage the user will experience a bit of its psychedelic effect. 

  • Black Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The Black Indica Feminized is the offspring of the two most potent and strongest marijuana strains which is Afghan and the Pure Kush; and was originated from Spain. This strain has a short flowering period time which is only 8 weeks but has a quite high yield. It can produce 200 grams when grown outdoors and 400 grams when grown indoors.

This plant is not really hard to take care of and grow. Thought you can expect a maximum yield for this plant when grown in good growing conditions. 

This strain has an average amount of THC content which is 12.94%, and a high percentage of CBD content which is 2.5%. Having its tamed indica effects, this kind of strain that you can still be able to have a social life and interact with your friends while feeling relaxed. There is also no couch-locking and psychedelic effects. 

Because of the high percentage of CBD, most of the medical cannabis patients usually turn to Black Indica to combat their insomnia and finding relief from mild body pain. This Black Indica is attacking those parts of the body that are having light aching sensation and it will give this a nice calming effect.

  • CB Autoflower Cheese Marijuana Seeds

The CB Autoflower Cheese was originated from the UK that has a high yielding strain and a 10% Ruderalis, 15% Sativa, and 75% Indica that produces a kind of feeling that is unique to its class. It has been the crowd favorite, because of its relaxing and calming effect it gives to the users. It is great at relaxing the mind and soothing the body, also a lot of consumers used it for medical purposes. 

This plant can produce a 150 grams yields when grown outdoors, and 250 grams when grown indoors. This plant usually cultivated because of its calming effects. Whether you grow this strain for personal use or grow for commercial, having this strain is a piece of luck because of its benefits that are rare to find. 

  • Dwarf Low Flyer Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

This strain is easy to grow for an average plant that can survive in growing environments both outdoors and indoors. It has a Ruderalis 10 percent, Sativa 20 percent, and Indica 70 percent, and this strain is also a crossbreed of Low Rider, Early Female, and a Ruderalis this strain is definitely a super hit. And just like the other strains, they also originated from Spain.

Dwarf Low Flyer autoflower cannabis grows quickly to moderate and can flourish in growing spaces both indoors and outdoors. A crossbreed between Early Girl, Low Rider, and Ruderalis, this strain is a sure hit without a doubt. Much like many of today’s best strains on the market, this one originated in Spain.

This strain gives a natural kind of smooth and sweet buzz. It is pure relaxation and fun stress, with no psychedelic and couch-locking effects.


People are still concerned about the legal danger of purchasing cannabis seeds over the mail and get top quality marijuana seeds. Legitimate sellers of seeds ship discreetly to most locations. Customs may avoid seeds but this is not always the case. You do want to ensure that your seeds are always delivered to your country whenever you plan to buy them. This information should be clear on the seed banks website, and accessible.

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