Can Cannabis Feminized Seeds Be Used In Breeding?

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Cannabis cultivators know how important it is to use good quality seeds to ensure a good yield production and for the results of the cannabis plant to be superb. There’s a lot of great seed selection available in the market and one of them is the feminized marijuana seeds online. If you are looking for seeds that you can purchase online and you can use for your cannabis breeding, this is a good buy.

Cannabis breeding starts with the selection of mother plants that should have the qualities that you want to see in the end. The breeding of certain marijuana strains will definitely result in unique physical characteristics and their genetics will play a huge role in it.

Using Feminized Seeds for Breeding

Feminized seeds play a great role in cannabis breeding. One good advantage of using feminized seeds in marijuana cultivation is the assurance of getting female plants at the end process. This female plant will soon give seeds that will be a sure female and cannabis cultivation will never stop. 

Since the cannabis plant has 3 different species, namely the Indica, Sativa, and the Ruderalis strains, growers have the option to feminize their seeds. They can even mix and match these strains and create a hybrid of feminized seeds.

Using feminized seeds gives an indefinite income opportunity for a marijuana cultivator. Even the most famous seed banks in the world invest in good technology to make sure that the breeding of cannabis plants is endless.

With the growing market demand of the cannabis plant, whether for cultivation, medical or recreational use, growers and seed banks alike has recognized that using feminized seeds is of great assistance. They serve as an avenue for never-ending research that can help improve the marijuana industry as a whole.

Traits to look for when breeding your feminized seeds

If you are a cannabis cultivator that is not sure of what seeds you’re going to use for breeding, ask yourself this “What do I want to achieve in cannabis breeding?” Knowing the answer to this question will help you in looking for the best-feminized seeds to work with.

  • Growth Pattern

You should be particular with how you are going to grow your cannabis plant. Think of whether you want to have it placed outdoors or indoors. When you know the location of where you’re going to place the plant, you will know if the plant needs to be short or tall, wide or lean, bushy, or just plain straight. 

The next thing to figure out is how long will it take you to have a harvest. Some may take a couple of months to enter the flowering stage, thus longer harvest time. But some seeds will take only a few weeks.

  • Cannabis Plant Strength

Some Cannabis plant has a natural defense against mold, mildew, pests, rodents and certain diseases. These are the plants that can easily build their immune system and fight off any unwanted scenarios from happening. 

Good feminized cannabis seeds can also stand in any weather condition. They will grow regardless of heat or even extreme winter. 

  • Buds

Bud quality will vary depending on the mother plants they have come from. Smell, color, effects, potency, the THC, and CBD levels are the features that you have to look out for when choosing seeds for your cannabis breeding.

  • Smell

A good cannabis smell will depend on the individual taking a sniff. When choosing seeds that will work best for your cannabis garden, you will have to rely on your personal preference and smell what plant will give you the most satisfying olfactory feeling.

  • Color

Colored marijuana strains are becoming popular these days. Consumers have a growing trend leaning to purple and pink ones. Using feminized seeds that can give off a particular color may be difficult since marijuana breeding will not give a 100% assurance of a good color pay off.

  • Effects

Some cannabis consumers want to have that hardcore stoned feeling that will have them feeling numb for hours. While others will opt for a sunny-day-in-the-park feeling. These two effects will also depend on individual preference. Others use cannabis to have better socialization with friends as it lightens up their mood and gives them confidence. But for some, a good numbing feeling is great especially if that person has been drowned with too much stress.

Good thing is that using cannabis gives a medical benefit to patients suffering from different illnesses. Cannabis has been known to help in pain management for people who have been in chronic and severe pain. It’s also a known effect to help people deal with depression and mood swings being a mood lifter. For those having a hard time sleeping, cannabis can put you in a relaxed mood that will lead you to a good night’s sleep.

  • Potency

Depending on the feminized seeds that you will plant, it can give you a cannabis plant that has a high THC level or high CBD level. THC levels are known to give you that psychedelic effects that feel like a supernatural high, while for CBD, it’s one responsible for the medical effects of marijuana.

Buying Feminized Marijuana Seeds online

Since you have learned the importance of using feminized seeds in marijuana cultivation, you might want to buy this type of seed immediately. But how are you going to look for feminized marijuana seeds online?

To start the process, look for a reliable seed bank that will help you in getting your hands in feminized seeds. In order for a seed bank to be considered legit, look for these tips.

  • Working website
  • Contact details that are responsive to any inquiries
  • Secured and different payment methods
  • Stealth delivery
  • Good customer reviews

These are the things that you have to look out for when you have plans of purchasing your feminized seeds online. Always be on the lookout for possible scammers as the marijuana industry is filled with them, all you need is good old research on the internet and you’re good to go.

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