Cannabis Sativa Oil VS Hemp Oil: The Differences

cannabis sativa seed oil

Marijuana is available in different forms. Aside from dried buds and plant parts that are very popular in most cannabis dispensaries, you will also find cannabis-derived products such as cannabis Sativa seed oil, THC oil, and hemp oil. These are concentrated forms of cannabis usually used for medicinal purposes.

If you have been looking for effective and potent concentrates, Sativa oil and hemp oil can be good for you. In this article, we will discuss what Sativa oil is and how it compares to hemp oil. Learning what these products are and understanding the differences between them will help you choose the best for your therapeutic needs.

Understanding what cannabis is

Marijuana is further classified as Cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis. Sativas are stimulating strains, are stately and tall, and will flower longer. Indica strains are relaxing, are short and bushy, and will flower faster than Sativa strains.

Ruderalis strains are the smallest type of marijuana which will grow the fastest and has varying effects depending on the strain.

Sativas and indica strains may be processed to become concentrates. Each of these has varying effects and is used for different medical conditions.

Sativa oil

Sativa oil is an oil that comes from a Sativa plant. This type of oil is known for its potency and stimulating effects considering that this is derived from Sativa plants. Sativa oil is used for a variety of purposes.

It is mostly used for Sativa’s medicinal properties. It can be consumed to relieve symptoms like pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. There are potent Sativa strains that can also help deal with the side effects of chemotherapy like nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, and anxiety.

Pure Sativa oil is light golden yellow in color, with a slight smell depending on the strain where it was collected. Consistency may vary depending on the manufacturer. Most Sativa oils are placed in small colored bottles to preserve the THC and other cannabinoids present in the concentrate.

The dark-colored or amber-colored glass bottles also come with a medicine dropper which is useful in dosing the oil. Some consumers use a medicine dropper to take oral doses or to place small amounts in food.

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The use of Sativa oil for any medical condition should be consulted with your doctor. Never take Sativa oil without the prescription of a medical professional. Sativas have side effects that can overwhelm you. These side effects may become too prominent if you are taking this strain for the first time.

Take only a small amount of Sativa oil to avoid side effects. Consume about half to a third of your prescribed dose. Inform your doctor about the possible side effects that you have encountered when taking Sativa oil.

Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil or hemp oil comes from the hemp plant. While Sativa oil contains THC and CBD, hemp oil does not contain CBD or THC. Instead of possessing cannabinoid compounds, hemp oil has nutrients that will provide health benefits.

The hemp seed oil contains omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. There are so many uses for hemp oil. It can be used in baking, cooking, and preparing all kinds of food. This oil has a very potent and nutty flavor that adds delicious flavor to regular food.

Hemp oil is also useful for skin and hair health. You can add hemp oil in personal care products like shampoos, conditioning products, soaps, creams, lotions, and other skincare products. This oil is also versatile that you can enrich regular personal care items drops of oil in your regular shampoo or a skincare product.

Hemp oil is also good for pets especially dogs. Pets like dogs often have a bad reaction with the THC making it harder to provide the right natural treatment.

Meanwhile, hemp oil avoids any side effect which can affect dogs. It is safe to use and can be consumed in different forms.

Just some of the most common side effects of hemp seed oil are gastric upset and allergies. Therefore, if you have nut allergies then don’t use this oil.

Other types of cannabis Sativa seed oil

Aside from Sativa oil and hemp oil, the following types of oil are also available for medicinal, recreational, and personal use.

THC oil

THC oil is from marijuana plants. As the name suggests, this type of oil is rich in THC and therefore it can cause psychoactive effects. THC oil works by attaching with the cannabinoid transmitters found in the brain and in the central nervous system. You will feel psychoactive effects including a mind-bending heavy high and a relaxing body high.

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THC oil is manufactured like CBD but there is limited use of heat. Exposing THC in heat destroys it so heat is applied minimally when the oil is made.

THC oil may be used to deal with pain. This natural oil may be added to food and drinks as a way to medicate. This oil may be used topically or applied to the skin. The THC can help reduce all kinds of muscle pains and strains. You will also be able to find different THC oil concentrations as well. These oils may be used in oil cartridges and are placed in pipes and vaporizers to be easily consumed.


THC oil will have side effects depending on the THC-strain that it was derived from. Just some of the most common are dryness of the mouth and eyes, headaches, dizziness, restlessness, and paranoia after taking THC oil. The effects can be felt at once while some strains of THC oil may need time to take effect. If you are new to using THC oil, understand your own personal response to its find out your tolerance to help find the right dose.

Usually, the effects and side effects are very prominent especially when you are new to taking cannabis. It would be best to take THC oil in moderation to avoid overwhelming side effects. If you are to THC oil talk to your doctor to get the best dose that’s perfect for your needs.

CBD oil

CBD oil is also known as hemp extract. This oil does not contain any THC and contains mostly CBD. This oil is made by using CO2 extractions, therefore, you won’t find any harmful chemicals to manufacture this oil.

Compared to THC extractions that use solvents or alcohol, CO2 extractions will make the purest form of hemp extract.  Terpenes, cannabinoids, and other chemicals are preserved because the process only uses minimal heat.

CBD oil can be used to make medications. This oil is legal to purchase almost everywhere and is also safe for humans and pets because it does not contain THC. It can be used to relieve pain and inflammation including chronic pain, headaches, migraines, arthritis, muscle pains, and muscle strains.

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You may also use this natural oil to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. There’s no need to worry about negative effects which are also the problem with traditional medications.

CBD oil is also effective for sleep disorders including insomnia and sleeplessness. You will be free from negative effects and avoid dependence which is common in medications used for sleep.

CBD oil is so versatile and is available in pure oil form, inside colored bottles to protect this precious oil from sunlight. You may also find CBD oils in soft gel capsule form for easy oral consumption. Aside from orally consumed oil, CBD oil is also available in creams and sprays. These make it easier to deal with pain, inflammation, and swelling due to arthritis and muscle pains.

When buying this kind of natural oil, rely only on reputable dealers and retailers. Be sure to check the reliability of the supplier before you e4ven make your purchase. The best quality CBD oil is clear and may have a yellow, light, or golden yellow color. The smell and aroma depend on the type of strain used to make the oil.

When consuming CBD oil, you will experience therapeutic effects as soon as you consume this oil. This will depend on the strain that was used to make the oil.

Side effects include dryness of the eyes and mouth, restlessness, headaches, and dizziness depending on the type of strain used to manufacture the oil.  The side effects can be prominent if you are new to taking cannabis and these may be reduced without any side effects.

What are the differences between these oils?

Although all these oils are from marijuana plants, there are different types of marijuana, each with varying effects. This has made it possible to have different types of oils.

These different oils vary in effects, side effects, and their medicinal qualities as well. Cannabis Sativa seed oil, CBD oil, and THC oils come with therapeutic and recreational effects because of the presence of cannabinoid compounds.

Meanwhile, hemp oil is free from cannabinoid compounds, therefore, the oil won’t cause psychoactive effects and only contains nutrients. Cannabis sativa seed oil and hemp oil are available online or from local cannabis products shops.

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