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Denver is known as “The Mile High City” and the legal and recreational marijuana updates have given the nickname a whole new meaning. Do you have plans of visiting a city for cannabis tourism? If you are wondering where to buy cannabis seeds in Denver colorado, you’re in luck. Read more to find out about the cannabis culture in Denver, Colorado.

First Things First: Cannabis Laws in Colorado

1.  Possession

If you are 21 years old or older, you can legally possess 1 ounce of cannabis. The amendment actually states 1 ounce of THC, which means that you can enjoy, edibles, topicals, and other concentrates, aside from the flowers. Cannabis seeds are also sold in Denver and other places in Colorado.

You will need to present a government-issued identification like a passport or driver’s license to prove that you are old enough. You need not be a Colorado resident to possess recreational marijuana; you only need to be at the right age. Registration is only required for medical cannabis patients.

  • Purchasing Limits

Regardless of whether you are a tourist or a resident, you are allowed to buy up to 28 grams in a single transaction. This law has some grey areas on what a single transaction means, but most recreational cannabis shops limit transactions to once a day, as well.

As of October 2016, the rules are people are allowed one ounce of flower buds, the equivalent of 8 grams of concentrates or 800mg of edibles. Mix and match would get confusing, so you need to be extra careful.

  • Store Hours

The Colorado government allows cannabis retail stores to operate from 8 AM until midnight, but cities have their own allocated time frame. For Denver and Aurora, stores must close by 10 PM. For Edgewater and Glendale, stores operate until 12 AM.

  • Consumption

In terms of consuming your purchases, abide by this statement: “Discretion is appreciated, and usually required.” Amendment 64 does not allow to buy cannabis seeds in Denver colorado publicly. There are no coffee shops like what they do in Amsterdam, but there are more and more bring-your-own cannabis lounges opening doors to customers all over the state.

2. Driving Under the Influence

The legal limit for driving is 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood. But, as people have their own tolerances on THC levels, the smartest move will refrain to drive under the influence. There is always the possibility of being involved in a serious or fatal car accident, so it will always be best to sleep off the high.

The Colorado Cannabis Scene

If you want an in-depth understanding of the local marijuana trade, you can book Cannabis Tours that can take people like you to exclusive, limited access areas that you would not be allowed to visit on your own. You can choose from a large variety of different behind-the-scenes of dispensaries and grow areas. 

Some of the tours you can take part in are:

  • A four and a half-hour of Colorado Cannabis Denver Full Tour – $89.00
  • A two and a half-hour of Essentials Bus Tour – $69.00
  • Private Tour – starts at $199.00
  • Facilities Tour – starts at $79.00
  • Cannabrew Tour – starts at $89.00
  • Hemp Tour – starts at $69.00
  • Medical Cannabis Grow Tour – starts at $39.00

Top 10 Cannabis Strains in Denver

  • Citrus SapThis strain came from crossing a Gorilla Glue and Tangerine. It is a Sativa-dominant strain that has heavy resin production and a stark orange flavor. They also have high-THC potency and produce strong yields.
  • Wedding Cake – This is a potent indica-dominant hybrid crossbred from Girl Scout Cookies and a Cherry Pie for a true night-time delicacy. Most people advise taking this strain late at night after you’ve completed your task for the complete relaxation that will lead you straight to sleep.
  • Blue Dream – This strain dominates almost all major markets. This widely recognized name brings a very fragrant berry scent, and pleasantly uplifting effects. This hybrid brings happy, euphoric, and relaxed feelings that can boost creativity, too.
  • Durban Poison – This offered strain very commonly offered around Denver and throughout Colorado has traveled far from its African homeland sharing across the globe its lovely effects. This stimulates euphoria and feeds the mind’s creativity and focus, which goes to why so many compare the strain to a cup of coffee and use it as an energy boost.
  • Sour Diesel – This Sativa-dominant Sour Diesel is very common around Colorado dispensaries and seed banks. It has engaging cerebral energy that is perfect for staying active and getting outside. With Denver having many outdoor activities to enjoy, no wonder this strain is well-enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.
  • Golden Goat – Though this strain was born in Kansas, the Golden Goat has retained its supremacy in Colorado since its arrival during the time when medical marijuana was first introduced. Though some locals may have been used to seeing this around, this strain is a must-try for visitors and tourists because of its tropical fragrance and taste.
  • Cactus Breath – Cactus Breath is well-known for its intense funk, coupled with sweet, grainy flavors and a creamy back end that is reminiscent of tomato sauce and lemongrass. The combination is a bit of an acquired taste but anyone will appreciate the full-force of flavor. With its origins from British Columbia and California, this strain is turning out to be an important part of the Colorado scene.
  • Banana Kush – This strain is a cross between Ghost OG and Skunk Haze which forms an indica-dominant hybrid that tastes and smells like fresh bananas. This provides a mellow buzz alongside a sense of euphoria. This can help in dealing with stress and depression, as well as stimulating creativity.
  • Green Crack – Don’t let the weird name fool you, this strain gives sharp energy, extreme focus, as well as an invigorating mental buzz that can keep you going throughout the day. It has a tangy, fruity flavor like mango and helps consumers combat depression, stress, and fatigue.
  • Mob Boss – The Mob Boss is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is bred from the Tang Tang and Chemdawg D. This earned fame through its heavy resin production and intensely potent effects. The intensity of this strain behind a light, sweet, floral aroma with undertones of citrus and herbs. Many people use this strain for muscle pain relief, mood elevation, and appetite stimulation.

Buy cannabis seeds in Denver Colorado? There are many dispensaries and marijuana seed banks all over Denver and nearby cities that you can choose from. Just make sure to only transact with legitimate ones and you can begin your home growing journey.


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