Cannabis Seeds Quality: Everything you Need to Know Before you Grow

cannabis seeds quality

How do you examine the quality of your cannabis seeds? Do you even perform this kind of quality check before you shed some sweat for the growing? If you are serious in growing your cannabis seeds the right way, then you must understand the significance of acquiring quality seeds. But how?

Basically, you have to be particular on how your seeds look like. Are their colors dark or light? Have you checked if the seeds are hard if exposed to pressure or do they simply become dust? These simple things of examining your seeds can make an effective approach to determine whether the seeds that you have are healthy and shall be best for growing.

The fundamental element to very successful cannabis growing is, to begin with, seeds that have the best kind of quality. But certainly, aside from making sure that you are using the best seeds, you would also have to apply proper care and tending such as securing the best nutrients for the plant, providing just the right volume of water, and ensuring appropriate light quality as they all strengthen the final yield achieved. However, it has to be emphasized that beginning cannabis growing with the use of excellent seeds is uniform, if not more substantial.

Best quality cannabis seeds can be sourced deliberately to make sure that you will get the specific genetics that you want. Aside from the advantage of getting the wanted terpene profiles and cannabinoids, careful sourcing can also assist you in averting debacle seeds.

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When buying cannabis seeds, you will have to take a look at some factors, and some indications that will tell that the seeds are not ideal for growing.

What are the Factors to Check-in Choosing Quality Seeds?

  • Check the Appearance – An effective method of gauging the quality of the seeds is through its physical appearance. There are some physical attributes that can be brilliantly indisputable, while some may take a while to be identified. You will know that a seed is genetically excellent and healthy based on the look if it displays darker shades of color in the outer shell. Good seeds have shaded with either black or grey, and at times exhibiting tiger-like stripes. Further, you will also notice that the shell of a healthy seed is like coated with wax.

Young seeds are white and green in look. It is not probable for these seeds to germinate, and if these seeds are able to deal with it, it may simply take longer. Thus, it is best to obtain fresh seeds that are an excellent age.

  • Check the Feeling – Healthy seeds would feel solid to the touch. Test the seed by putting it in between your index and thumb fingers and squeeze it. Apply just enough power to tests the flexibility. You will know that the seed will be ideal for growing if it will feel solid and will not break if being exerted with pressure.

Seeds that break under pressure are not the ideal ones. They will be no use at all if they crack into parts once put to mild pressure. Cannabis seeds are plainly husks of plant genetics. As time passes, the seeds will grow in age and shall become useless.

  • Execute a Float Test – If after assessing the physical appearance and feel of your cannabis seeds and you are still uncertain with their quality, it will be better to proceed in the float test. Well wait, don’t get frustrated with the thought of undergoing the test. Float test is very easy to do and there can only be two possible results for this. Get a drinking glass and fill it with water and then put the seeds on the surface. You will know if the seeds are healthy and ideal for growing if they will literally sink.
  • Germinate the Seeds – The ultimate way of testing the genetic capability of a seed is to place it in the soil. Results can be seen sooner. Now, this option is ideal for home growers who are doing it as a hobby and who has space and time to reserve for a delicate project. Commercial growers will commonly not have extra time to devote.
  • Source Effectively – A definite way of getting the best quality cannabis seeds is by purchasing them from a trusted seed bank. Transacting with trustworthy seed banks can give you the most confidence because they are least to fail you since they have names to protect.
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Being capable to determine between a failing and a winning seed can make your growing experience a lot better and easier. By now, you should learn the value of judging the quality of seeds because you might just throw away all your investments in terms of time and effort if you happen to invest it in unusable seeds. You may also learn more about cannabis growing from Jorge Cervantes.


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