Common Problems Encountered in Growing Female Marijuana

growing female cannabis

Just like in growing any other types of plants, growing female cannabis, no matter how resilient they are, has its own share of problems encountered along the way. You just have to make sure that certain factors are monitored carefully to prevent potential and irreversible damage to the weeds. Many growers pray hard for their cannabis seeds to grow into females especially when they are after for the potency found in sensimilla. Since female Marijuana plants bear more value than males. Many are even starting to make use of feminized Marijuana seeds just to make sure that they will all have the female population. Growing Female marijuana plants employ special considerations in order to ensure higher yield during the harvest time. 

Grow to become hermaphrodites 

As a cannabis grower, this is one condition you certainly don’t want to happen to your crops. Hermaphrodites are cannabis plants that have both female and male characteristics, thus, they can initiate self- pollination. Hermaphrodites are of no value, and if so happens, your crops will have poor quality. Female marijuana plants only become hermaphrodite under stressful conditions which they can barely stand. Examples of these unfavorable conditions are drought and flood as with your outdoor set- up, and too much heat or interruptions in the dark cycles as with your indoor arrangement. All these can contribute to the likelihood of female plants to turn into hermaphrodites. 

Pollinated by males nearby 

When you grow marijuana for the sole purpose of collecting potent sensimillia or buds during the harvest period, certainly you don’t want your female plants to be pollinated by males nearby. If happens so, then you’re in deep trouble for this will just give you seeds but not the real deal. Growing female cannabis seeds, it is important to train yourself to detect male plants from the females as early as possible. For when male plants go unnoticed they have the tendency to heavily pollinate the female ones, thereby, all the plant’s energy will just for seed making and there’s no way they can give you the valuable sensimillia containing high THC levels. To prevent this, you should train your eyes and monitor the growing marijuana plants from every now and then. Another sure way to avoid male plants is to grow feminized types of cannabis seeds. These are seeds that are genetically programmed to grow and become only female plants and not a single male. This way you can ensure that problems regarding pollination will never arise because there are no male plants around.

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