Strains Without THC: Are they Existing?

high cbd not thc seeds

Cannabis users have learned about most of the strains existing in the Canadian Market. The high CBD, not THC seeds, are among the most favorite strains to consume by different people- from the patients up to those who use these for recreation.

As the new technologies and methods applied by the growers and connoisseurs, people grow optimistic and receptive to creating new strains of Cannabis that may consume by the succeeding generations with safer content and better regulations. A sample of this is the attempt to create Cannabis seeds with no THC content at all. Different organizations race to make this milestone achievement in the near future.

However, upon looking with the past records and relying on the present sources that we have, is the current Marijuana Industry able to produce strains with absolutely no THC content at all?

The Answer high CBD, not the seeds!

No. There are no clear answers if certain Marijuana plants grow with THC’s absence at all. However, with the swift innovation that changes the Marijuana Industry from time to time, this may soon be developed and invented from one of the laboratory centers in our world.

In the meantime, Cannabis plants cannot manage to last if their structures will not produce THC, even in the smallest and least traces, for their survival.

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THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the compounds found in resin produced by glands of the Cannabis Plants. This chemical serves as a protection for Marijuana plants, especially the variations growing in the colder regions and the climate change swiftly from a couple of months to another.

But Others Claim that 0% of THC Seeds Exist

Until not proven by a legitimate Laboratory or Medical Institution, believing that there are existing plants that grow with no THC may lead you to fake news. It will be harmful to a Marijuana plant not to produce THC because this chemical plays an important part in making its defensive coat against foreign bodies and changing the climate.

Advertisements tend to sensationalize most of the time, if not always and one of its featured issues is promoting their so-called seeds with no THC content at all. Come to think of it, how will these seeds survive the coldness if they will not cover themselves with thick winter jackets, upon growing in the midst of cold climate? I bet that even you can’t survive for a whole week without this needed protection.

THC’s main function is to deter insect predators from eating the plant. Insects do not like its taste and if a Cannabis plant will not produce its own THC contents, that one may face a danger of being destroyed by the insect. Another one is to act as part of the thick resin coat that will give a shield to the plant’s outer systems against humidity and sudden change of climate.

Be reminded that plants with high THC content survive in extreme weather situations in colder regions of our planet. This coping mechanism is notable in Indica Strains growing in mountainous regions and places where constant cold and dry wind prevails.

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If Non-THC Seeds Do Not Exist, How Can I Avoid It?

Simply choose the seeds rich in Cannabidiol or CBD. Contrary to THC, CBD does not create psychoactive effects that may harm you in the long run. CBD is a better choice and more publicly accepted for use, instead of THC.

Remember that when you take doses of THC beyond your dosage, it may lead you to the Emergency Room due to the property of this chemical. THC boosts up your systems in a powerful yet short period. In, general, the THC for a patient, is harmful if not closely monitored with Medical Professionals.

What Seeds Should I Choose?

Luckily, the Marijuana Industry produced a vast array of high CBD not THC seeds that can help different users around the world. Every user should study and learn the contents of their strains in order for them to safely benefit and use wisely without sustaining any harm nor substance abuse in the long run.

The plants listed below are some of the strains that contain less than five percent of THC content, which is helpful and convenient to its users.

  1. ACDC (1% THC, 20% CBD)
  2. Avi-Dekel (1% THC, 16% CBD)
  3. Cannatonic (3% THC, 17% CBD)
  4. Charlotte’s Web (0.3& THC, 20% CBD)
  5. GI001 (1% THC, 24% CBD)
  6. Harlequin (4% THC, 15% CBD)
  7. Harle-tsu (1% THC, 22% CBD)
  8. Ringo’s Gift (0.5% THC, 20% CBD)
  9. Valentine X (1% THC, 25% CBD)
  10. VCDC (1% THC, 20% CBD)

What’s the Catch With This?

Apparently, THC is not allowed for most of the countries who considered Marijuana as illegal, even to those nations who made it legal for their citizens. Your medication and recreation are surely compromised but the good thing is, our Medical Cannabis experts and growers developed more strains with higher CBD contents that may help the users’ concerns for a lack of THC Content.

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With the help of restless works, researches, and clinical trials, experts have successfully developed CBD Strains which are safer for the public. Ultimately, the strains are now of great help to millions of patients and recreational users worldwide.

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