CBD Honey Sticks: Everything You Need to Know

CBD honey sticks

As we all know, honey is a sweet and golden amber liquid substance that is made by bees using nectar flowers. Honey is often labeled as a safe alternative to normal sugar. This is largely due to the many health benefits associated with it. This is good for healing wounds and soothes burns; can help prevent acid reflux; supply energy; can relieve cold and cough symptoms, and can also fight infections. In this article, CBD honey sticks are the best stick with us until the end. 

Cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD is a chemical compound that can be found in cannabis Sativa plants. CBD is a natural substance that can be used in certain products like oils and some edibles in order to get relaxing and calming feelings. CBD is not psychoactive, unlike THC. If you are currently living in a state where marijuana is legalized you will notice that CBD is everywhere. It may be in coffee shops, facial clinics, beauty companies, or even at your workplace and your home. 

One of the newest and most creative ways to use the honey extracted is by combining it with CBD. Doing so gives you all the advantages of both drugs, including the potential of CBD to relieve pain and anxiety. 

What is CBD Honey Sticks? 

It looks like a drinking straw filled with a pleasant mixture of honey and CBD. Some people call this honey straw since they’ve got the same shape, feel, and size of a straw, you can quickly throw a handful in a small bag or a pocket and it is very convenient to use. This is very versatile for a variety of uses, the reason that it could fit anywhere. You can actually consume honey sticks anytime and anywhere you want since it is very portable and easy to carry around, no additional equipment is needed. 

Some might have fear of using a honey straw because they thought it could give them mind-altering high but that is not the case with CBD honey sticks. Contain a very small amount of THC. At most, they’ll have 0.2%-0.3% percent which is not enough to make consumers high. 

Health Benefits of CBD Honey Sticks 

Honey straw is indeed very helpful when it comes to health and wellness. CBD Honey sticks can help you reduce pain and body discomfort like headache and anxiety. Some users also find that honey sticks can help you become more productive and can regulate good sleeping patterns.

Here’s a long list of benefits you can get from CBD Honey Sticks: 

  • Stimulates appetite 
  • Suppresses seizure activity 
  • Treat sore throat 
  • Cure coughs 
  • Reduces swelling 
  • Eases nausea 
  • Combats anxiety and depression 
  • Boost your energy 
  • Lower blood pressure 
  • Heals wounds 
  • Reduce inflammations 
  • Combat free radicals 
  • Has antibacterial properties 
  • Inhibits cancer cells 

What are the Side Effects? 

Some latest CBD honey stick posts have shown that they have very similar side effects to other CBD products, but since the concentration of CBD in these honey sticks is low, the adverse effects are not so conspicuous. 

Here are some of its common side effects: 

  • Dryness of mouth
  • Fatigue 
  • Dizziness 
  • Diarrhea

How to use CBD Honey sticks?

As mentioned above, are very easy to use. You don’t need some special equipment or material to use CBD Honey Sticks because this is portable and very natural to use. 

Moreover, you can consume this anytime and anywhere. It may be you are attending a sports event, going to a concert, camping or picnic with friends, bedtime snack, going hiking with family members, need to be productive at work, or just want to boost your energy at home.

Here’s a 3 steps process on how to consume CBD Honey Sticks:

1. Remove the CBD Honey straws from your pocket, purse, bag, or wherever you are storing them. 

2. Cut off or bite open the end of the tube of your honey sticks. 

3. Suck on the end of the tube as if you were sucking a drinking straw to get or taste the goodness of CBD honey. 

Mixing this product to any of your food preferences is certainly possible. It actually depends on you. You can also mix this into your favorite beverage like tea or coffee. It is also possible to add this to your breakfast cereal, bread, yogurt, or can even make this as toppings on your salad. 

You have to take note that before using these CBD honey sticks, you have to start from a small dose first before you gradually increase especially if you are a first time user of this product. You should make your body adjust or observe how your body handles the effects in order to know how many you can consume. 

And that’s it! That is how to use CBD Honey sticks, no heating, no vaporizing, no need to use the equipment. Just consume it like a normal snack. 

Best CBD Honey sticks for you

  • Pinnacle Hemp Honey Sticks – these made with pure CBD made with organic hemp that is a 3rd party lab. It is recommended to use two sticks per day. 
  • American Shaman CBD Honey Sticks – comes with two options: with or without THC. These CBD honey sticks contain only 10 mg of CBD and if you will buy the one with THC, you will get only 0.3 percent of THC. Also, these honey sticks contain vitamins and essential minerals. 
  • Beekeeper’s Naturals B. Chill Hemp Honey Sticks – these are high potency CBD honey straw. It contains 20 mg of CBD per stick which is the double amount of regular honey straws. 
  • Just CBD Honey Sticks – it contains 10 mg of CBD per stick and it is filled with natural infused honey and free from additives.

You should always purchase your products through a qualified manufacturer or retailer who can perform laboratory tests to certify the purity of the product. Be wary of companies using additives, artificial flavoring, or sub-standard ingredients in their CBD honey straws, as this may not only have an impact on your own benefits but it may also be unsafe for you. You can order online or you can also purchase it in your local dispensaries and clinics. We hope that we have provided much information that you need in this article. Enjoy yours!

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