What are Female Medical Weed?

female medical cannabis

Since medical weed is also living things, they have the ability to reproduce their own kinds. In order to facilitate reproduction, there have to be two genders, pollination and the end products are the offspring. Female medical cannabis is relatively shorter in size than the male medical marijuana. Despite their size, female medical marijuana yields more leaves and buds which with high levels of THC and potency. The distinct characteristics of female medical cannabis include:

  • Pistils that have two white hairs forming the letter V. These make the difference between females and males. These pistils appear as they grow in the last few weeks of their vegetative period. The pistils are oftentimes late bloomers in some strains.
  • They have more leaves and buds than male medical marijuana. These are comprised of higher levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol.
  • They produce seeds which are of the same strain as they are. They are also preferred in cloning and production of the cuttings.

What are the best growing conditions of female medical cannabis?

Like the typical medical marijuana that you grow both indoors and outdoors, you need to provide them the basic requirements for their growth. There are a few modifications to appropriately grow your female medical pot.

During the first two weeks of their vegetative period, you need to give them high amounts of nitrogen and low levels of potassium. You are also encouraged to use only blue light during this phase and lower temperatures to enable them to grow better with leaves and buds having higher levels of THC.

Female medical cannabis should also be isolated from male medical marijuana. Once you have identified their genders, it is important to keep you miles away from your treasures females to avoid pollination. This is the case when you want the herbs more than the seeds that they may produce. 

Where can you get female medical weed seeds?

The seeds of female medical cannabis are highly demanded than that of the males specially when they are accurately identified even before they grow. These will help even the beginner in ensuring that the medical cannabis that they are growing falls on the best gender and strains. One quick and easy way to get female medical marijuana seeds is to order them online from your trusted online seed banks. You can get them without the hassle and without literally going out.

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