Chemdog Feminized Strain: The Highest Pedigree in Marijuana Genetics

feminized marijuana seeds chemdog

The marijuana industry has paved the way for a lot of possibilities especially in states that have authorized the use of medical, recreational, and even growing pots at home. Jobs involving growing marijuana have been on the rise and continues to add up on the billion-dollar industry. If you are a veteran marijuana grower you know that it is a good investment to buy and use good quality seeds for your garden.  A seed that has a good reputation among cultivators is the feminized marijuana seeds Chemdog strain.

We will tell you more about this cannabis strain and why it’s perfect for your marijuana garden. But we would like to advise you that as good as these cannabis strains may seem like, you might still need to do your own research to determine if this is really the seed that you want to work with.

Overview of Feminized Marijuana Seeds Chemdog Strain

Ever find yourself looking for the perfect seed that will you can plant in your marijuana garden, no need to look further as the feminized marijuana seeds Chemdog strain has arrived in the building.

The Chemdog strain is the offspring of its equally famous parents, the hybrids and mega-strains Soul Diesel and OG Kush. Coming from a Nepalese-Thai Sativa, Chemdog offers the highest pedigree in marijuana genetics. 

  • Effects

If you are an amateur smoker, be aware that Chemdog is a serious business. It gives a very potent high that you might not be used to. This is due to the fact that Chemdog has a high THC level. The effects of Chemdog vary from intense cerebral high, wild euphoria that is vividly enjoyable.

It also produces a strong calming effect that can give you peace of mind shouldered by a happy feeling. Those who are stressed with work or life, in general, can use this as an escape from this troubling feeling. 

  • Aroma

Dubbed as one of the smelliest strains available in the world today. Chemdog gives off an aroma of pine, earthy, pungent, and diesel. This aroma will make sure to stay in the room long after it has been smoked.

  • Flavor

You can anticipate Chemdog to taste exactly how it smells which is a diesel with a hint of earthy, pungent, and pine flavors. The aftertaste might give off a lemony experience that will surely give the impression that Chemdog is for a unique smoking experience.

  • Medical Benefits

Chemdog is also considered an outstanding medical marijuana strain. Although it is often prescribed for people experiencing stress, Chemdog can also be used to relieve different illnesses. It is also recommended for pain management and helps patients suffering from back pain, nerve damage, and muscle spasm. It brings the patient to a deep state of relaxation and calms the mind.

It is also known to be useful for helping patients from depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Patients have reported to having fewer feelings of anxiousness and getting a better quality of sleep at night.

Cancer patients can also use Chemdog to reintroduce their appetite. Those who undergo chemotherapy and radiation are known for losing their appetite and might eventually lead to nutrient deficiency. Chemdog helps them in gaining appetite in eating nutritious food.

  • Adverse Effects

Not all marijuana strains are created equal and not all will have the same effect as the other. Just like any normal marijuana strains, Chemdog might give off a negative effect to a certain user so it’s best to research first if you have allergic reactions to Chemdog before giving it a try.

  • Dry-mouth and dry-eye sensation
  • Paranoia (Rare instance)
  • Dizziness
  • Mild Headache

Growing Feminized Marijuana seeds Chemdog

Let me tell you as early as now that growing Chemdog is no easy task. This plant is typically placed indoors as they have a habit of acquiring mold and mildew, they can also be sensitive to extreme weather conditions. 

Chemdog is recommended to veteran cultivators only because growing it may be complicated to novice ones. It needs good ventilation with the perfect level of humidity and air circulation in the growing area. It is also suggested that Chemdog should be planted in organic soil with a healthy amount of fertilizers.

Flowering time will take about 9 weeks, the plant will grow to be tall and it prefers warm, dry Mediterranean summers. The growing level is hard but it will be worth it once harvested. Yield can be 28oz per plant.

Reviews of the Chemdog Feminized Strain

Different types of people from all around the world have Chemdog and they have given honest reviews of Chemdog. This is just a summarized version, you can always check online what people are saying about Chemdog or see for yourself if this is the marijuana strain for you.

  • Clears your head and takes away your paranoia and pain
  • Perfect for a chill night with your friends or loved ones
  • One clean puff will clear your head and gives your creative juices a certain push to keep flowing
  • Perfect for people with PTSD. Prevents anxiety and nausea from happening. Anxiety issues have become more tolerable
  • Might make you have an appetite of a baby dinosaur
  • No more feelings of stress and depression, just pure euphoria, happiness and creativity
  • The intense almost hallucinogenic effect
  • Made me laugh so hard that my family actually appreciates how happy I was
  • Gave me relief due to chronic pain from military injuries
  • Natural smelling and tasting that allows me to have a complete mental focus.

We have successfully discussed why Chemdog is considered the highest pedigree in marijuana genetics. Although it may not be the easiest marijuana plant to grow, it gives a legion of benefits that will be used for the interest of recreational users, the welfare of medical marijuana consumers, and satisfaction for good old cannabis cultivators.

Chemdog is actually worth a try, with people around the world raving on how good the strain is. This might be the perfect addition to your marijuana garden, or might be the marijuana strain that will give you guaranteed success.

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