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feminized autoflower seeds for sale

A pack of feminized autoflower seeds for sale is perfect for your garden if you don’t want to have any male plants on your cannabis garden. If you’re a new grower and looking for the best-feminized cannabis seeds for sale online. Then Crop King Seeds in the best choice for you. These feminized autoflower seeds for sale are specially made to ensure that new growers will only cultivate female cannabis plants. 

Top 5 feminized autoflower seeds for sale in Crop King Seeds

  •   White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds

This White Widow Feminized has white hairs and shiny green leaves, and can reach up to 8ft tall when grown outdoors, and needs to stay below 4ft when grown in hydroponics set up, in soil or growing LED light. The growing time of this plant depends on the area where you grow, whether indoors or outdoors. If you want your white widow to enter the flowering stage you need to change the light cycle.  

The yields it produces is depending on where you cultivate your White Widow. You can get a large amount of yield if you grow this strain in a hot area like the South USA, compared to some cooler area in Canada which can only give you small to moderate amount of yields. 


  • Purple Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Having amazing purple hue buds with white hairs and orange color. The Purple Kush feminized has become the most well-known strain and has been known as an iconic strain. Purple Kush THC content level can be over 24%. Unlike other high THC content strain, the Purple Kush strain is not super psychedelic. Rather, it will make the consumer glued to the couch or bed for hours until the end of the effect while keeps your muscles relaxed and soothed, and makes your mind peaceful. This strain is perfect to smoke when you’re lazy and you just want to lie and have a relaxing and peaceful mind.


  • Black Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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The Black Indica originated from Spain, which parents are the crossbreed of the two most potent and strongest cannabis strain that is well-known today. The Afghan and Pure Kush. It has a very short flowering period of just 8 weeks, Black Indica Strain is completely a high yield. It can produce 400 grams when grown indoors and 200 grams when grown outdoors. 

This strain has an average amount of THC content which can reach up to 12.94% and somewhat high CBD content of 2.5%. Having a domestic Indica effect, this kind of strain that you need to smoke when you want to relax while still interacting with people. This strain doesn’t have couch-locking or psychedelic.

  •   Dark Angel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Dark Angel Feminized is a combination of Sativa and indica characteristics and an easy to grow plant even new growers will love it. It is a great strain for smooth relaxation or for medium pain relief, while it makes your mind explores. This strain normally has dark green leave and can produce flowers that are high in trichomes with high THC levels that can reach up to 20%. 

  •    Hash Plant Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Hash Plant is a thick and resinous strain, that produces a harsh smell when it’s cured. It is an 80% indica-dominant strain, that produces very narcotic body high effect, it is perfect for patients that are suffering from arthritis and migraines. Hash Plana Strain is an extraordinary strain for the harsh effect due to its resinous content. It has a high THC potent that can knock you out, even dedicated and amateur smokers can testify to how strong this strain.

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