Different Names for Marijuana that Every Marijuana Enthusiasts Should Know

marijuana names

We all have the names that have been given to us during our birth. It could be an old one, a contemporary or even a scientific and not-so-usual one. Regardless of the format, our names identify us and could even dictate the future that lies before us. The same applies to marijuana names.

They could have this dark-shaded and controversial name but they are greatly remembered in so many ways. Due to the controversy, its name includes, the users have formulated other names, to ‘smoothen’ its well-damaged stigma in our present society.

Marijuana Names

1. During the Ancient Times

Throughout the history of us humans, Marijuana is one of those well-named living species It could have a larger number of names compared to animals and other trees and plants existing in our biodiversity.

Studies show that the very first name for marijuana plants came from the Chinese Empire 4700 years ago. In 2700 BC, it was primarily named Ma.

In the other civilizations, it bore the name as follows:

  • Greek Empire- Kannabis
  • Arabian Settlements- Kinnab
  • Indian Civilization- Bhanga, Ganjika, Hursini

These names long exist before the common modern knowledge of Marijuana use was born. However, their names still exist today and are widely used in their native countries, specifically in China and India.

2. Their Traditional Names

As the millenniums pass by, its names were intentionally modified to adapt to the changing situation and cultural settings of these ancient states.

Ancient AsiaAfrican TribalsColonial Latin AmericaMedieval EuropePacific Islands


African Great Lakes Region/ South and Southeast Africa

Bhangi (Swahili)



Dagga (Afrikaans)

Injaga (Rwanda)

Ma-kaña (Bantu)

Mbanje (Zimbabwe)














Iberian and Mediterranean Europe

Cañamo (Spanish)

Kannabis (Greek)

Maconha (Portuguese)

Potiguaya (Spanish)












Bhang (Hindi)

Bhanga (Sanskrit)

Charas (Hindi)

Ganja (Hindi)

Ganjika (Sanskrit)

Hursini (Sanskrit)

Siddhi (Bengali)



West Africa


(Sierra Leone)

Western Europe

Chanvre (French)

Hanf (German)

Hemp (English)

Papua New Guinea

Spak brus (Hiri)



Island Nation






3. Latin and English Names

Due to the wide existence of the English Language in many countries around the globe, Marijuana is also known as Cannabis, Ganja, and Hemp. In a more scientific nature, these plants are known in three major species: Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Ruderalis.

4. The Slang Names

These names originated during the Jazz Era of the 60s. The first to coin these terms are its early recreational users and their names were intentionally altered to hide from the law enforcers during those years.

Some of Marijuana’s famous names are as follows:

420Doña JuanitaJolly Green
Alice B. ToklasEl GalloJoy Smoke
Bag of BonesFine StuffKGB (Killer Green Bud- associated with the notorious KGB Security Group of the Soviet Union)
Bobo BushGood Giggles
Christmas TreeGreen Goddess
Crazy WeedHappy Cigarette
Devil’s LettuceIndian BoyLaughing Grass
Magic Dragon


5. Slang Names for good quality Cannabis

Due to the many names of Marijuana plants that existed in the 60s, the Industry got confused about which name indicates the good quality weeds and which are not. Because of this concern, another wave of names rose in the vocabulary of Cannabis World that gave terms to the strains of good quality.

BC BudDankGolden LeafKind BudSinsemilla
BuddhaFine StuffGood StuffPrimoThai Sticks
Chiba ChibaFlower TopsHydroRighteous BushWhite-haired Lady


6. Slang Names for Poor Quality Cannabis

The following names represent Cannabis Strains of poor quality:

BammierDitch WeedGreenRailroad WeedShake
CabbageFirewoodHarshRough StuffStems
Dirt GrassGarbageNixonScrubWhack

7. Other Slang Names

With the variations of Cannabis Items produced in the World of Marijuana Industry, the slang names became greater and larger.

Cannabis cigarettesCannabis PacksCannabis PreparationsCannabis Plant Parts
BomberBrickCannabis TeaCannabinoid
Camberwell CarrotCubeCharasCola
CrippleDime BagConcentrateFlower
DoobieEight BallExtractLeaf
GasperFingerHash OilRoot
Goof ButtLidKiefSeed
Happy CigaretteMatchboxLive ResinStem
Hot StickNickel BagMagical brownieTerpene
Left-handed cigaretteOZShatterTrichome
MeggPackSpace Cake
Pocket RocketQuarterTincture
Tommy ChongStashWax


8. Slang Names for the Industrial Cannabis Strains

These names are commonly used for the present strains available in the global market for commercial and industrial purposes. These strains the products of cross-breeding program done for years, even decades.

Alaskan Thunder FuckHarlequinNeedle and ThreadTangerine Dream
Blueberry DreamIsland Sweet SkunkOG KushUnicorn-plant
Cinderella 99Juicy FruitPineapple ExpressVelvetleaf
Dirty GirlKali MistQueen-of-the-meadowWhite Widow
EwokLacegrassRed Headed StrangerXJ-13
FalseflaxMendocino PurpsSour TsunamiYankeeweed
Ghost Train Haze


Names from Places

In honor of the places where some of the Marijuana Strains came from, some growers named these plants from where they originated from.

Acapulco GoldCanadian RaisinGhanaMadagascar Strain
Afghan KushColombian GoldIndian HempNepalese Strain
Alpine StarDurban PoisonJamaican DreamSonoma Coma
Bermuda SourDutch Treat HazeJamaican LionThai
Burmese KushEgyptian MuskKilimanjaroVenice OG


Names from Artists and Iconic Personalities

Some Marijuana Strains were affectionately named after Celebrities or advocates who risked their lives for the development of the Marijuana Industry in the modern period.

Berry WhiteDr. GrinspoonJerry Garcia OGObama Kush
Blue IvyEd RosenthalKhalifa KushPeyton Manning
Charlie SheenElvis PressedmeKurupt’s Moon RockStevie Wonder
Connie ChungGupta KushMelissa EtheridgeTom Cruise Purple
Dizzy OGJack HererLin SerenityWillie Nelson


Detected Names by Law Enforcers

In attempts of Marijuana users to hide from the law enforcers, particularly those illegal weed users in the USA, they have coded their items with other unique names. Were they successful enough to cover their gifts? Hell no.

Take a look at the names of what the US Drug Enforcement Administration has obtained from their imprisoned Marijuana users.

Arizona AshesCotorritosGreen PlantShora
Barbara JeanDizzLechugaTosca


Most of the decoded names are in Spanish. This is possibly due to the Mexican-Spanish people infiltrating the US and tried to spread Marijuana business in an illegal way, depending more on the Black Market- the number one enemy of most of the countries in the world.

Names from Places

In honor of the places where some of the Marijuana Strains came from, some growers named these plants from where they originated from.

Acapulco GoldCanadian RaisinGhanaMadagascar Strain
Afghan KushColombian GoldIndian HempNepalese Strain
Alpine StarDurban PoisonJamaican DreamSonoma Coma
Bermuda SourDutch Treat HazeJamaican LionThai
Burmese KushEgyptian MuskKilimanjaroVenice OG


Now You Know its Names

Now that you are knowledgeable enough of its names, remember that there are reasons why Marijuana users altered its strains with different and many names.

First is for security purposes, knowing that Marijuana Plants are at-large in the countries around the world. If the strain was cautiously named after a fruit or people or even home furniture, the police will have a lower chance to track the strain on its way to shipment.

The second is for identifying the new strain. Due to the thousands of new strains genetically modified by different laboratories and growers, a new strain may quickly be forgotten, together with its effects and value.

Last is for an affectionate tribute. Marijuana users are the world’s most taken for granted people. They are always judged and neglected because of what they are practicing.

Despite these perceptions, they are one of the world’s most thoughtful and humble people, to the point that they honor the iconic people who supported them on their crusade towards Marijuana Legalization in the rest of the world.

These names are not built without a purpose, just like you. You are dearly named with what you have because of something special- either in relation to your looks or how you remind your parents of their lovely or bittersweet pasts that colored their lives.

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