Does Autoflowering Marijuana Plants Produce Seeds

autoflowering marijuana produce seeds

Breeding autoflowering strains is a hot topic among the cannabis community. Many are interesting in creating their own autoflowering marijuana produce seeds that can grow to a harvest-ready plant within just two months.

You are likely asking, does autoflowering marijuana plants produce seeds like regular Sativa or indica plants? We answer this question by taking a close look at autos.

Is it possible that Autoflowering Marijuana produces seeds?

Fortunately, making your own autoflowering cross is possible and doable than growing auto plant clones. If this was not possible, we will not see any kind of autoflowering cannabis seeds in your local dispensary.

The process of producing your own seeds require the cultivation of regular seeds. These seeds will give you either a male or a female plant. What we want are male plants to come out of these seeds to produce pollen that will inseminate the female plant. With this in mind, avoid buying feminized seeds. These variants have a very low chance of growing into male plants.

The sex of the plants is the result of environmental factors. This includes stress from surroundings such as physical damages and radical changes to its light cycles. However, the probability of your plants coming out as male is still close to around 50/50.

You will know if the plants will turn into male or female within three to four weeks after its germination. Male plants will have pollen sacs that are round in shape. On the other hand, females will have calyx that has a slender shape. An identifiable characteristic of the calyx is its white pistils that sprout at the top of the bud.

What do you need to make an Autoflowering Marijuana Produce Seeds?

Autoflowering plants will have the same gender-specific pollen sac and calyx as regular plants. When your plants are showing their gender, it is a good idea to find the best female and male plants in your garden. When you find these plants, place the two in a separate grow room where they can grow side by side.

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The process of pollination will happen naturally over time. You do not need to intervene with the pollination process such as changing the temperature or humidity of the room where the male and female plants are growing. Pollinated female plants will produce the seeds that you are aiming for.

It is important to note that you pollinating a female plant will mean sacrificing its buds for seed production. The plant will divert every energy in producing THC and other cannabinoids into creating its seeds. While you are sacrificing high-quality buds for seed production, you are increasing the chance of producing quality plants from its seeds.

With this in mind, it is a good idea to quickly separate or remove any male plant among your female plants as soon as you identify their sexes. Pollination can occur at any time without any prior signs. Many breeders often make the mistake of producing seeds instead of high inducing buds because they fail to separate the males from the female plants.

Even if there are no male plants in your grow room, the male plant may accidentally inseminate female plants with pollens that are flown from the wind. You might even transfer the pollen unintentionally through your body or clothing. Accidental pollinations happen at a high rate among breeders. If you are producing seeds and growing auto flowers for cannabis buds production, make sure the female plants are farther away from the two plants that you plan on breeding.

Is there a controlled pollination method?

You can take a hands-on approach to pollinate your plants by collecting the pollen from the male plant. This is possible by using a clear bag taped.

Cover the branch that contains the pollen sac with the bag. Seal the opening of the bag with tape to avoid letting out any pollens. Make sure to cut an opening or hole at the top of the bag to allow the branch to draw in air. The pollens will gather at the lower corner of the bag. Allow the bag to collect the pollen for three to four days.

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Transfer the pollen onto another clear bag with an airtight seal. You can place it in your fridge and use it at the right time when the female is ready for pollination. A good indication of this is the long pistils sprouting from the plant’s calyx. To pollinate your plant, place the bag at the end of the cola. The pollen will stick to the calyx and other parts of the female plant. Another method is to transfer the pollen onto the plant with a soft-bristled brush.

The controlled method is a good way of lowering the chances of accidental pollination. This is possible by growing one of your best male plants away from the female plants as you collect its pollen. When the female plant is ready for pollination, do this in a separate area that is also away from your grow room. Make sure the pollination room has no open window or doors to prevent any pollens from leaving. For further prevention of accidental pollination, change your clothes, and take a bath after leaving the room.

Why produce autoflowering plants?

The primary reason why you will want to make and grow is to continually grow cannabis plants that have a short growth period. Regular seeds can take up to four months to grow from a seed to a bud producing plant. Autos cut the growth period in half. You will have a harvest-ready plant within just two months with an autoflowering seed.

Apart from fast-growth periods, autoflowering plants do not need to follow a photoperiod schedule as regular cannabis plants to flower. You can take advantage of this when cultivating cannabis plants in an indoor grow room. The automatic nature of the plants means that you do not need to change your light fixtures for different cycles of your plants. Autoflowering plants can thrive well under any lighting fixtures.

Another advantage of auto plants is its small size. Autoflowering varieties are often smaller than indica strains. Their size lets you cultivate auto plants in small grow rooms or a small portion of your house. Auto plants are great for discreet breeding of your favorite cannabis strains. This also makes it easy for you to cultivate Sativa strains that grow into tall plants.

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Are there any disadvantages to cultivating autoflowering plants?

Autoflowering cannabis’ size is its main disadvantage apart from its advantage. The size translates to a smaller yield than regular cannabis plants.

The size and fast growth time also make it impractical to create autoflowering clones. Clones come from a cutting of a mother cannabis plant during its vegetative cycle. As the name indicates, the clone has every characteristic of the plant including its age. The clone will grow and develop as its mother plant when you plant it. This leads to a higher yield rate by the end of the flowering period for all of your plants.

It is possible to clone autoflowering plants. However, creating a clone that can grow into a plant that produces quality buds is extremely difficult. Clippings from plants that are in its vegetative stage will not have enough time for healthy development. This results in disappointing yields, including the ones from the mother plant where the clone comes from.

Can you create different autoflowering crosses?

Now that you know how to produce autoflowering cannabis seeds, you are likely wondering if it is possible to make your own crosses. Producing a hybrid of two different auto plants is a simple process. Creating a stable one that carries the best traits from two parents is the hardest part of crossbreeding plants. You can increase the odds of making a stable auto strain by breeding the best male and female plants together.

Crossbreeding regular and autoflowering strains is much harder than two auto strains. Autoflowering genetics is already an unstable heritage. Making a cross with various strains can lead to seeds without much of the best properties of its parents. This includes fast growth times, high THC potency, and unique flavor profile.


To clear any misconception and answering the question, does autoflowering marijuana plants produce seeds? Yes, you can make your own auto seeds by pollinating female plants with male ones. Be wary of accidental pollination if you plan on producing your own seeds. Make sure to practice proper hygiene and seal off the male plant from other female plants to avoid any rogue pollens from bringing down your cannabis bud production.

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