Early Miss VS Candy Cane: Which One Produces High Yields?

early miss vs candy cane

Do you want to grow Early Miss seeds or are you thinking of cultivating Candy Cane instead? Both seeds are perfect for first time growers simply because these seeds are autoflowering strains. But there is more to the two strain than being autoflowering strains. Find out from this comparative article about Early Miss vs Candy Cane and which one is perfect for people looking for huge yields.

High Yielding Strain

Let’s face it, not all autos are the same. Although we came to believe that autoflowering cannabis strains only produce small yields because of their size, there are still strains that can yield more than others. Take Candy Cane for one.

Candy Cane has moderately high yields and this is besides having very small buds. You can see that the strain is perfect for growing cannabis because it is small, perfect for growing stealthily indoors and will give you top yields.

Now compare this to Early Miss strain, which only has less than average yields. Early Miss grows compact and dense and thus even the buds here are dense but small. To be able to get the best yields with Early Miss, you need to grow as many autoflowering plants as you can in a growing area.

Comparing the two autoflowering cannabis strains prove that it’s not about the type of strain you grow to get the best yields. So when it comes to yield, Candy Cane scores against Early Miss.  

Easy to grow strain

Both autoflowering cannabis are autoflowering strains so you can expect that both are easy to grow and cultivate. Both strains will flower in just 7 weeks and both have almost the same heights and plant size.

A very important thing to note is that both strains will grow well in almost all growing environments. You can expect Early Miss to grow and flower without much help and won’t need special lighting to grow buds. Also, Early Miss is a resilient plant and this means that it can be grown indoors or out and even inside small growing spaces like tents, cabinets, and buckets.

Early Miss is a hybrid strain, an indica-dominant strain. If you are looking for a compact plant that will give you the opportunity to grow in secret then this is your strain.

Now Candy Cane is also an indica strain with a complicated heritage. It is actually a mixture of popular landrace strains creating a very potent, resinous strain. This indica is easy to grow. Will only grow into a small and compact plant, therefore, will still be a good strain for stealth growing.

It looks like Early Miss and Candy Cane strains are on equal ground when it comes to ease of growing. Despite coming from different strains, you can still see that the two remain easy to grow, will flower at exactly the same week and both are versatile indoors or outdoors.

Adaptable strain

There is no doubt that Candy Cane and Early Miss are versatile strains. Just one proof is that both strains can be grown indoors or outdoors. So whether you are located in a place or country with conducive growing weather or you are in an area with poor weather or unfriendly climates for cannabis, you can still count on these strains to bloom.

Another proof that these two strains are versatile is that you can use these strains for recreational or medicinal purposes.

Early Miss effects

Early Miss strain has a relaxing effect that is both overwhelming and uplifting. You will feel an overpowering feeling of arousal and relaxation and therefore can help you deal with anxiety and stressful situations.

It also causes hunger; you will find yourself raiding your fridge and pantry right after consuming this strain. As the effects of this strain wear off, you will feel hungry. This is the reason why it is used by people that are suffering from poor appetite. Aside from its euphoric effect, you will feel energized and very creative.  Take this strain the morning and indulge in creative projects. No more negative thoughts and slumps with Early Miss strain.

Aside from its potent natural effects, Early Miss is also a medical strain. It’s a strain perfect for people who are suffering from lack of appetite. If you are suffering from medical conditions that keep you from eating well or just have a poor appetite then Early Miss can help stimulate your appetite once more.

This hybrid strain is perfect for anyone dealing with depression. It has natural stimulating effects that can stop negative thoughts and remove worries to take you back on track. There are mental conditions that can also lead to poor appetite such as depression. This condition can lead to insomnia and other physical worries, therefore, it is necessary to deal with depression at the soonest possible time.

Candy Cane effects

Candy Cane is a very relaxing effect that can give you a positive and happy mood that will keep your mood light. With this strain, you will experience euphoria, however, this won’t last for a very long period of time.

Candy Cane also causes sleepiness and intense hunger which is evident when the effects are beginning to wear off. Candy Cane is used as a natural treatment to reduce insomnia and bring back appetite as well.

Caution to those who use Candy Cane for the first time. You should expect powerful effects especially if you are new to taking this strain for recreational or medicinal purposes. However, you may even experience the opposite. You may still struggle with the strain’s potent effects even if you have had this strain regularly.   

Candy Cane is also a relaxing strain that is used to reduce many medical and mental conditions.  This is commonly used to relieve insomnia and fatigue. You can use this to work with pain, including headaches, muscle pains as well as muscle aches.

Candy Cane has the power to reduce inflammation making it the perfect medicinal strain to grow with migraine headaches and arthritis. It can also help with glaucoma to relieve intra-ocular pressure around the eye area to prevent blindness.

Growing Early Miss vs Candy Cane tips

Growing Candy Cane and Early Miss is simple that even a novice grower will be able to get impressive results. Those who wish to cultivate this strain needs the best marijuana seeds to start. You can purchase the best quality seeds from reputable online cannabis shops and from local seedbanks.

Indoors vs outdoor growing

The ideal growing environment for both strains is a place with a warm climate all year round. But you don’t need to worry even if you don’t have this climate because it will flower fast and be ready for harvest before the climate even becomes cold. And instead of relying on climate, you can just grow this indoors.

Indoor growing allows you to check on your plants closely. You will also control indoor growing conditions such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, and lighting to get improved yields.

Another thing about cultivating cannabis indoors is you can monitor your plants regularly for any condition and act immediately act on any problem.

Train your plants at an early age

Your Candy Cane vs Early Miss plants can yield more by using Low Stress Techniques just like using the SOG or sea of green method. The SOG is where all your plants are grown behind a screen with only the colas allowed to grow through. This allows light to shine on all the parts of the plants and maximize the yield of your plants.

Feed your plants the best plant food

Autoflowering cannabis plants like these two strains need the best plant food. The ideal type of plant food depends on the stage of development that your precious autos are in.

Take note that when your plants are in their growing or vegetative phase, these require food that contains more nitrogen. This is an element that your plants need to create healthy leaves, stems, and branches. Nitrogen helps plants grow healthy and strong to hold its dense buds.

But during the flowering phase, plants will stop growing and will now concentrate on creating large and dense buds. At this stage, the most important nutrients are phosphorous and potassium. You must feed your plants food rich with phosphorous and potassium and with low nitrogen content.  

Growing Early Miss vs Candy Cane in secret

Because of Candy Cane vs Early Miss’s small and compact structures, these are mostly used for stealth growing. Growers love that this strain will deliver moderate yields despite its size. This is one of the reasons why these strains are ideal for growing in small, compact spaces.

If you must grow your Candy Cane vs Early Miss marijuana seeds in small spaces, make sure that these have the best growing environment, with no mold and mildew and water only when needed.

Check for cannabis stench smells. Growing in a small environment usually increases the smell of plants. You can use carbon filters to remove the smell or use fans to remove the smell as well odors.

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