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Cannabis manages to exist in a lot of subgroups and diversification. In the making of hybrids and particular strains, growers and cultivators have been an expert in breeding discrete variation with certain features.  Any every cannabis strain made separate applications of the THC (cannabinoids tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol), same with any other complex. Growers make weeds grow in a precise appearance, savor, odor, and smoothness effects towards the consumers and sort them relatively. All of the marijuana strains vary from their potency and the effects it can give to the users. Some are very powerful in that it can make users have a couch-lock look after consuming and some strains can’t make you high. But some strains that are hybrid can both emit the Sativa and Indica effects. In this article, you will be able to read the facts about marijuana strains; what is the difference between THC and CBD, and;  what is Sativa and Indica strains. 

What is Cannabis (Marijuana)?

The Cannabaceae family plant is where All strains of cannabis originate. According to research  Cannabis, Indica, and Cannabis sativa are the subgroups even though other people have the idea that they come from different species. In providing strain, growers choose a diverse of characters to generate the result of their desire. In the making of certain features in dogs they are somehow many related methods. cannabis strains are used as Indica, Sativa, or hybrid according to the public.  The hybrid strain was created by crossing both Sativa and Indica strains.

Best Hybrid Marijuana Strains

Below are the cases of cannabis strains and the origin of plants:

  • Diesel Haze 

The plant species is pure cannabis Sativa or cannabis Sativa hybrid. 

  • Blueberry Kush or Golden Jamaican Kush 

The plant species is the cannabis Indica hybrid.

  • The Hindu Kush, Afghan Kush, Purple Kush, Green Kush

The plant species is pure cannabis Indica.

  • Kush 

The plant species is pure cannabis Indica or cannabis Indica hybrid.

A lot of the manufacturers and crossbreeders of cannabis plants have been succeeded to produce new sets of strains that contain specific features. And according to the study, it was found out that it contains 700 and more cannabis around the world. THC content is one of the most vital features of the cannabis strains. Many may have followed in accordance with the rules in naming them but other manufacturers do not give the name of their product and do follow their own set of rules.

Regardless of this categorization, the THC content present on the specific plant cannot be determined by just having a single glance of its physical attributes that are upon the hybridization and cross-breeding of the plant. Simply by just looking at the plant’s leaf appearance or its stem, branch or even its size cannot be identified as it is made up of its composition. By the comprehend biochemical investigation, it is told that that is the only proof to have understanding and accurate information about where a cannabis plant originated from. 


According to the study, the focus of the medical benefits of cannabis was on CBD and THC. On the other hand, experts and researchers cannot determine the specific complete consignment and attributes of CBD and THC still feels like a mystery to them either it will introduce it to the public as for medications or disorder or for pleasure and relaxation. It was determined that THC and CBD are both cannabinoids, they have different purposes and attributes in the body for each of them are specific for different proportions in the brain.  The result comes as of the 2020 article that users of the product which contains higher THC  content may undergo psychoactive consequence to a significant sense of smell, shade, or savor sensitivity as well happiness or ecstasy.  On the other hand, it may lead to distress, brain unconscious, paranoia, discomfort, and anxiety. 

However, CBD is much safer and nonintoxicating. And according to the records of survey participants says that the anxiety and level and reduces or mild physiological result reduces with use of CBD. It was suggested by animal studies that CBD could improve neuroprotective results in our brain and is beneficial in nausea, pain, and vomiting conditions. On the other hand, CBD could be a psychoactive compound although it affects the attitude and moods of the consumer still it is said that it is not toxic. 

Sativa vs. Indica

The biological identification of the species is where Sativa and Indica derive from, and it has come from the physical features. The characteristics of the cannabis Indica plant indicate darkish greenish leaves and much smaller and shorter as well broad leaves while cannabis Sativa contains the attributes of pale green, and can develop narrow and larger and much more developed leaves. It has been said that, formerly, the people used to call these terms the name of the cannabis plant in the differentiation of the effect of CBD and THC content. Before, people used to accept that higher CBD content was possessed by the cannabis Indica. Therefore, they concluded that this Indica cannabis could ease your pain and provide relaxation to the body and is proven by the farmers and the pharmaceutical companies.  In contrast, the higher energy it provides the higher THC level it contains and it pertains to the cannabis Sativa strain.

According to the study you have to be mindful of the constitution of the use of these in general, remember that these findings could be correct still the name of the strains still remain unknown. Nothing still has been proven and tested or either find the proof and accurate evidence pertaining to the strains associate with hybrid, Sativa, or Indica. 

Most Popular Sativa and Indica Marijuana Strains

Here are the well-known marijuana strains of all time. Even though the existence of the cannabis strain application structure, producers do not really follow what is in accordance. The basis of the manufacturers to name the plant is based on the odor, share, tint, taste, or lineage of the plant. Based upon the book of pain and headache it has been said that they desire cannabis strains amidst those contributors using cannabis for pain. 

The table below is the chosen 10 cannabis strains of that contender:

  • Sweet Skunk

Contains 9.1% of THC content level; 11.2% CBD content.

  • Master Kush

Contains 25.% of THC content level; 0% CBD content.

  • Pink Kush

Contains 25.6% of THC content level; 0% CBD content.

  • White Widow

Contains 18.7% of THC content level; 0% CBD content.

  • Jean-Guy

Contains 17% of THC content level; 0% CBD content.

  • OG Shark

Contains 21.4% of THC content level; 0% CBD content.

  • Afghani

Contains 15.5% of THC content level; 0% CBD content.

  • Skywalker OG

Contains 22.9% of THC content level; 0% CBD content.

  • Lemon Sour Diesel

Contains 18% of THC content level; 0% CBD content.

  • Jack Herer

Contains 17.9% of THC content level; 05 CBD content. 

Some Marijuana Strains with Medical Benefits

It has been found out that participants use to like specific strains contrary to others that depend on their effect.

Here are the 3 most preferable example of the remedies for sleepless or insomnia condition:

  • Skywalker
  • OG Shark
  • Lemon sour diesel

Here are the chosen strains for the distress, discomfort, anxiety or depression disorder: 

  • Island sweet skunk
  • White widow
  • Jack Herer

Remember that this chosen specimen is according to the desired want of the participant only and not on the medicinal or lab control trial. Each of the individuals may have different end results and experiences among those two people treating the same cannabis plant.it is advisable that you have to look first to those experts and have the knowledge and a great understanding of those cannabis plants. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, cannabis is much in a ready manner ever since up to this days, the comprehensive and valid knowledge about cannabis is what the netizens badly needed for therapeutic and relaxation intentions. Good information about the framework physiological and mental outcome of the cannabis plant is a must for the professional selection of the most applicable product.  Farmers of cannabis plant crossbreeding latest strains that vary in the levels of CBD, TCH, and many more which possess active compounds of physiology. Each of each has its specific medicinal recreational attributes which is very much helpful in our daily lives and activity. For a better understanding, researchers have to conduct the study well to find proof and accurate information about the cannabis plant on human impact. 

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