Examining the Highest CBD Strain of Cannabis in the World

highest cbd strain

CBD, as widely known by many, is a useful alternative for treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, and other more ailments. However, with so many erupting products and hybrid strain with CBD content, the choice is becoming confusing. Now, to make your life much more comfortable, we had compiled a list of strains containing the highest CBD content. This will help you in determining which strain the best suit for your needs and medical requirements.

In this list, you will notice that these strains also contain THC compounds. However, the amounts are significantly lower and exhibit a balanced ratio of CBD and THC levels. As we further our assessment, here is the list of the highest CBD strain in the world of cannabis.

  1. Charlotte’s Web

This strain offers low THC and high CBD profile which is perfect for medicinal purposes with no mind-altering effects. With one of the most top CBD strains, this is designed for patients who desire to treat their illness with cannabis-based products. Here are more of its specifications and attributes:

  • Flavor and Appearance

Charlotte’s Web is relatively pleasant and light with an earthy and pine-scented smell. The flavor is equally pleasurable because of its sweet and woodsy taste with the hint of citrus and lemon. Looking at its outer appearance, you will notice its subtle green bud structure and tightly-packed leaves.

  • The Effects

Charlotte’s Web is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that provides mild relaxation and uplifting effects. Most of its users claim to experience significant improvement in their mood and behavior.

  • The Medical Benefits

For its long history, it was able to help a girl named Charlotte Figi to manage her epilepsy. From then on, it derived its name as ‘Charlotte’s Web’. As it showed an ideal solution for epilepsy, it also soon been used for treating chronic pain, muscle spasms, and even Parkinson’s disease.

  1. ACDC

Among the recent batch of hybrid highest CBD strain cannabis include the now popular ACDC strain. With its impressive high levels of CBD content, it attracted many patients with varied age brackets and walks of life.

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This strain is non-intoxicating and is known to provide a hundred percent natural therapeutic effects. ACDC is a Sativa-dominant phenotype of Cannatonic which is known to as one of the CBD-prominent strains.

  • Flavor and Appearance

ACDC is known for its pleasant with a notable earthy sweetness and subtle juicy citrus scent. The flavor is just like its smell with the taste of little spice and an overall sweet tang.

Looking at its appearance, ACDC seems very similar to those of mossy-styled buds with green-yellow hues. It has orange pistils that do not appear frigid because of the lack of THC content.

  • The Effects

This strain does not provide mind-altering effects to its users. A feeling of tranquility and soothing effects are what you would expect after consuming this kind of cannabis strain. It also boosts focus, concentration, creativity, and feelings of joy, contentment, and pleasure.

  • The Medical Benefits

When talking about its medical benefits, it is commonly used to treat nerve pain, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. With its above-average CBD content, it is beneficial for assisting patients with severe medical conditions. It is also an assurance for those who wanted to treat their ailments without worrying about psychoactive effects.

  1. Ringo’s Gift

Another highest CBD strain that is considered as a blessing in the cannabis world is the Ringo’s Gift. It served as an immensely medical alternative for those searching for relief and made explicitly for aching patients. Its name was derived from its developer, Lawrence Ringo, a CBD pioneer, and activist.

  • Flavor and Appearance

It exudes with refreshing earthy and forest-like scent as if you are walking along a pine forest. Its aroma is one of a kind and exceptional with the blending smell of spice and a fresh batch of citrus fruits.

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The flavor is very light with a spicy side and notes of pepper with the tang of mint. It looks like those of fresh growing mint with bright green mixed with the brown-colored pistil.

  • The Effects

This strain offers relaxing and soothing effects that melt away anxiousness and internal forms of stress. However, compared with other strains, it unwinds the body so deep and produces exceptional calmness within. It balances the effect in favor of its users and oftentimes allows an increase in motivation and creativity. Due to its low THC content, it produces lesser intense psychoactive effects and stone sensations.

  • The Medical Benefits

This cannabis strain is vastly used for treating mainly mental conditions such as anxiety and panic attacks. Because of its high level of CBD content, it has also been extended to treating more serious ailments and psychiatric disorders. Furthermore, treating physical illnesses such as epilepsy, arthritis, chronic pain, body aches, and inflammation are additional benefits.

  1. Sour Tsunami

This is one of the pioneering cannabis strain which offers healing effects without getting high. However, when talking about the long history of Sour Tsunami, its lineage is still considered as a big mystery. This CBD-rich strain is created for the sole and primary purpose of giving solutions to people with back pains. This Sativa-dominant hybrid contains shallow THC levels and CBD levels up to eleven percent.

  • Flavor and Appearance

Sour Tsunami is identifiable because of its dark green buds and denser colored leaves. You may notice some spots of purple tinges on its leaves. When consuming, you will get a grasp of its pine and woody traces with the hint of a citrus taste.

  • The Effects

It does not give you a mind-numbing effect since it has a deficient THC level. Although it is a Sativa-dominant plant, it does not provide much buzz in your head. You may experience a different kind of sensation as soon as you consume it. It eases your pain and gives you soothing relief.

  • The Medical Benefits

This high-CBD strain is mostly used for medicinal rather than recreational purposes. Sour Tsunami is an effective healer when it comes to chronic pain, muscle spasms, and massive headaches. It can also be used for treating seizure episodes associated with epilepsy.

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The Bottom Line

With the promising attributes and possibilities of CBDs, the demand keeps on soaring. Such a claim has been making an uproar in the world of cannabis. The choice on which is the best is also one of the most significant dilemmas. With the assessment of some of the highest CBD strain presented above, you no longer to be in doubt.

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