5 Fast Growing Marijuana Feminized Seeds for Impatient Growers

fast growing marijuana feminized seeds

Most of the fast growing marijuana feminized seeds will take more than 10 to 14 weeks before being harvested. 10 weeks is about good for patient people or those who have enough capital and resources to run climate control, lights and other things in their cultivation area. Surely, anyone who hears about being able to harvest in almost half of this time will naturally love the idea. 

Of course, there are different factors on why marijuana cultivators plant a particular strain and why they are willing to wait for 14 weeks to harvest. Some people are just into the quality of their crop that they are willing to spend 5 months. But again, what if there are high-quality crops out there that you may not have discovered yet that are just as potent yet will take only half the time and effort as other strains. 


1. Efficiency:

Doing something in the fastest time with the least effort is efficiency. Imagine getting to harvest 4 times a year instead of two and you would immediate what a good thing efficiency is. 

2. More sales

: Getting more harvests in a year means more money in a year with high-quality plants that don’t require much time to progress from being a seed, seedling, vegetative state, flowering and harvesting. Harvesting four times a year means selling four times a year too.

3. Harvest security:

You may have already known this one, that the longer time we wait in order to harvest a crop, the more things could go wrong. Imagine all the other variables on which the life of your plants depend on every day like lighting, temperature, and climate control and factor in all the dangers that might come to your crops like pests and diseases. Having the ability to harvest early makes it less likely that catastrophe would happen to your crops. 

Before we proceed to our list, let us mention some other factors that will affect the speed of getting your crops to mature as healthy and as early as possible. As a general rule, the Indica strains of marijuana mature faster than the Sativa varieties. Hydroponic cultivating methods will allow you to give more nutrient to nurture your crops. Artificial lighting also allows you to control the light to make sure that your crops have enough light that accelerates their growth. Hygiene and sanitation also ensure that your plants are safe from diseases and pests. 


Having feminized plant is making sure that you have the proper cultivation ratio in your crops as we already know that a single male plant could pollinate a dozen other female plants. Therefore, you need more female plants as much as possible in that little cultivation space of yours. 

Fast growing marijuana feminized seeds simplifies this process and removes the guesswork and waiting for unknown seeds to mature in order for you to know if they are male or female. It will be very frustrating for you to find out that your plants are mostly male and you have to isolate them or worse, dispose of them. This is lost in time, effort and capital. And that is bad for business. Growing from feminized seeds will ensure that your plants will grow female without a doubt. 

If you have all these factors right, you may dive right into our choice of the top 5 fast growing marijuana feminized seeds for impatient growers. 

To get to harvest the quickest, you’re best advised to grow indoors with the best lighting setup and hydroponic growing medium you can afford. The hydroponic method gives you the most precise control of nutrient additives, which can be used to speed up the growth of your plants. You can also use lighting phases to accelerate growth. With hydroponics, artificial lighting and climate control in place, you fear no cloudy day, hurricane, or drought to affect your crops. 


HONEY CREAM: Honey Cream could be harvested within 6-7 weeks. It is originally from Spain and indoor cultivation will give you a yield of about 500g -650g per square meter of cultivation space. With 16 percent THC and medium CBD, this variety is one of the most potent. 

ROYAL CHEESE: Originally bred in the UK, this variety is ready for harvest within 8 weeks with yields of up to 550g per square meter. With 18-20 percent THC, this variety is already being used as an alternative medicine for those suffering from anxiety like post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. It is also known as a medicine for migraine, insomnia, and others. 

SPEEDY CHILE: Speedy chile is a 30 percent Sativa and 70 percent Indica hybrid and is ready for harvest within 8 weeks with yields of up to 525 grams per square meter. This variety is good for beginner growers as it requires very little care. It contains 16 percent THC and almost no CBD. 

CHOCOLOPE: Chocolope, unlike the others in this list, is a 95 percent Sativa and 5 percent Indica hybrid and is one of the fastest growing Sativa strain in the market and is ready for harvest within 9 weeks with a yield of 550g per square meter. This is a quite big plant so space will be an issue for small growers. With 18-23 percent THC and a small amount of CBD, this strain is medicine for chronic pain, fatigue and muscle spasm.

SOUR GRAPE KUSH: Sour grape Kush will make you harvest in as early as 8 weeks with 500g per square meter yield. This 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica has 15-20 percent THC and a very small amount of CBD.


So there you have it. Five of the fastest growing feminized seeds that naturally have the traits that we love.

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