Identifying Female Marijuana Seeds: Things to Learn

male and female marijuana seeds

Knowing the genre of your seeds can save you time and effort if you only want female plants in your garden. Sexing marijuana seeds or identifying the genre of any plant is incredibly open for any breeder due to the traits of male and female plants.

Is it possible to identify female marijuana seeds from male ones at first glance? Let us answer that question as well as talk about the nature of feminized seeds.

Sexing male and female marijuana seeds

To answer the question as to whether you can tell which seeds are male or female, it is actually not possible to do so. No marijuana seeds have any recognizable traits or signs that can tell you if they will grow into male and female marijuana seeds.

Even after the plant grew its taproots or turns into a small plant, sexing is only possible during the early part of their flowering period. This is the only time when the plants show their sexual organs. You can spot male plants for their rounded or oval pollen sacs that do not have any hair. Female plants have calyx that has slightly the same shape as male sacs. However, calyxes have two large pistils sprouting out of its top and is surrounded by white hairs.

The only way you can make sure of getting female marijuana seeds is to buy feminized strains. Feminized seeds have the genetic code to grow into a female plant due to how breeders make them.

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Differences between the two sexes

The genders of the plants are a big deal for you as a marijuana cultivator because of what they produce. Female plants are responsible for giving you buds full of cannabinoids. These components of weed are responsible for the strain’s different properties. This includes the energizing high of Sativa strains and the relaxing buzz of an indica weed.

On the other end of the spectrum are the male plants that produce pollens, these fertilize the female plants’ calyxes to produce seeds. You might be thinking that the pollen sacs look like calyxes and it may also have the same effect as the ones that females have. Unfortunately, male plants do not produce the same amount of cannabinoids as their female counterpart. While the pollen sac or any certain parts of the male do have some cannabinoids, you have to smoke nearly a pound of dried male plant parts to get the same benefits.

Apart from having just a small amount of cannabinoids, you have another reason for quickly finding any male plants in your garden as soon as possible. Fertilized female plants focus all of their energy on generating seeds within its calyx instead of filling it with cannabinoids. This result in a bud that does may not produce the same effect as the ones that non-fertilized plants produce.

Take note that a single male plant can pollinate more than ten female plants within an enclosed space. You might think that this is not bad since you are getting seeds out of the pollinated plants. However, turning all of your female plants into seed producers is incredibly wasteful even if you are looking to create a supply of seeds for the next harvest. A single female plant can give you a pound’s worth of seeds. You can get even more if you are growing one of the tallest Sativa varieties of marijuana plants. It is not worth sacrificing the buds from your other plants just for the sake of creating a sustainable supply of starter material for your marijuana grow space.

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Uses of male plants

As mentioned earlier, male plants let you produce seeds. You can place one of the male and female plants in a separate grow room to keep any pollen away from your bud producing plants. It is interesting to note that you can harvest the pollen sac of male plants and store them in a fridge for up to two years. When you need to pollinate a female plant, place it in an isolated grow room or tent and apply the pollen to its calyx with a paintbrush.

Another way to get the most out of a male plant is to create hashish or concentrates from its leaves. Unlike female plants, males gather most of their cannabinoids within their leaves. Finely cut the leaves into ground plant matter and allow them to dry. Spread the plant matter onto a silkscreen and move it around the screen gently. This will separate the resin from the plant matter through the screen.

Sift the resin through a strainer to remove any unwanted particles such as hair. Place the resin in a cellophane envelope, pack it in tightly, and roll it within any type of paper. Soak everything through warm water and bake it in an oven at 175°C for up to 10 minutes. Use a rolling pin to roll over the paper with the resin several times. Make sure to apply plenty of pressure when rolling the pin. Cool the resin for an hour. You can add the hash to other strain to intensify its effect.

If you have a juicer at home, you can turn the male plant into a healthy juice. The plant is still rich in anti-oxidants and beneficial cannabinoids that are good for your body. You can improve the flavor of the cannabis plant juice by adding other sweet fruits such as bananas, strawberries, or apples. Take note that the juicer you want to use can liquidate the plant matter and not just turn it into a pulpy mass like the ones you get with a blender.

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Sexing marijuana seeds is not possible with just the naked eye. You can only tell a seed’s gender when it reaches the early part of the flowering phase. However, you can increase the chances of having a female-only set of plants by buying feminized seeds.

Cultivating cannabis seeds at home is an enriching experience since you are growing your own medical stash. Weed is also a better recreational substance than alcohol. As Billy Bob Thornton said “I’ve never heard of anybody smoking a joint and going on a rampage. It makes you lie around on the floor and look at the ceiling. What’s wrong with that?”


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