Harvesting and curing female marijuana

Harvesting and curing female marijuana

When is the best time to harvest the female medical cannabis? 

The best time to harvest your female medical cannabis is dependent upon the area where you cultivated your females. If you grow them outdoors, you should not wait  until the winter season because freezing can kill your female medical marijuana, instantly. When you are growing indoors, you should wait until the flowers have fully grown and the resins are fully matured. As much as possible, you should not keep them over mature as it will decline the THC content they contain. As soon as you see that your female medical pot are ready for harvest, take time to harvest them using only the clean utensils.

Is it okay to harvest early?

If you are an impatient grower and you cannot resist the urge of using the female medical weed, you can harvest early. But do not harvest the ones on the bottom. Cut off those on the top first then you can leave the buds on the bottom growing. Let them mature first. Therefore it is alright if you wish to use buds at an earlier period.

What are curing methods available?

There are vast options on the curing of your medical pot especially the females since these are the ones which are fully grown by the growers. You can opt to choose any of the following:

  • You can cure your female medical cannabis under the sun. The heat of the sun can better cure you females given the right amount. However, the risk in this process is when the weather will not work on your favor.
  • You can also opt to hang your female buds and leaves inside a room where lights are left on for hours. The light will keep the heat in the room congested. Leave them hanging for 2 days then place them in the container for another two days to cure the heated part.
  • You can dry them using the microwave oven if you really cannot wait for the drying to occur. But you should control the temperature to a point which will not burn your buds and leaves.
  • You also have the option to dry them using your kitchen utensils. But these can burn your medical pot’s leaves and buds that they will not work for you anymore. Overheated buds and leaves will tend to ruin the quality of your medical cannabis.
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