Advance Techniques To a Better Yield: Female Marijuana

female medical marijuana strain

Growing female medical marijuana strain is a choice of the growers as well as the patients since all female strains have higher THC content and are desired to cure the symptoms of illnesses. Females also have the ability to reproduce when they are touched with the pollens coming from the male medical pot. It is cheaper and more effective to grow your own female medical weed because it is savings in the long run. You will only have to invest in the first time and reap all the fruits of your labor without shelling off additional bucks. 

How to grow female medical cannabis?

Growing a female medical marijuana strain is the same as growing any other strain, there are a few modifications however to help your females grow healthier and yield better. First things first, you have to have good seeds that will not compromise the growth of your female weed. These seeds should be young and soft and which are not dry or have busted already. When the fluid in the seeds has already come out, there is a lesser chance of growing high-quality medical weed. Then you need to follow all the basics to ensure that your females are growing very well. You need to see to it that their soils and their food are well maintained and supplemented.

What are the advanced techniques of growing female medical marijuana?

In the science of growing the female medical pot, there are tips to even get better female plants having more yield and better effects. Try to take note of these steps and reminders:

  • Get only the best seeds. As mentioned, they should be young. The assurance of getting the young seeds is to get them from trusted suppliers and sources only.
  • As they vegetate, ensure that your males are isolated from your females. Try to prevent pollination to happen if you need the herbs more than the offspring of the pollination.
  • Apply low-stress training. Massaging your plants gently as they approach their flowering phase can better increase their THC content. Giving them much attention is a need for them because they are sophisticated plants.

Wait until they mature before you harvest them. Fully mature females tend to have a higher level of THC. But do not over-mature them because there will be a declined THC in them.

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