Feminized Marijuana: How to improve seed ratio

Feminized Marijuana

The grow room

The grow room is your nursery. This is where everything takes place. When a grow room isn’t as what its supposed to be, this produces stress for female plants affecting its ratio. It is thought that stresses from the nursery will affect physical changes that occur in marijuana plants. If the plants’ environment changes or uncontrolled, it will either turn into a male seed thus reducing its seed ratio. Stressful environment changes include harsh weather conditions such as too cold or too warm, low sunlight, and poor ventilation. Because of this, it genetically reprograms the seed to turn hermaphrodite. Contrary to belief, the pollen is what is feminized in the plant and not the seed. To some cultivators, this belief has been the basis for other growing methods in order to produce more feminized seeds.

 “Cool Daylight”

Using a warm white bulb is discouraged since the use of a higher blue light increases the chance of a seed developing into a female. Growers have been debating about whether to use ordinary florescent lights or splurge on a much expensive lamp designed to emit complete spectrum. Keeping two sets of bulbs will certainly come in handy. The other can be used for cool daylight which will have approx. 6500k for vegetation phase and warm bulbs which have 2700k for the reproduction phase.

Fertilizer values

Knowing what you’re putting on is a must because like any other living thing, female marijuana will need proper fertilizer values. A high potassium level isn’t always a yes. Sometimes, it is  crucial to choose for a fertilizer You don’t want to strike potassium from the mix, since it is crucial for a fertilizer to have high nitrogen and low potassium values. This is important because it will keep your plant strong with a solid stem and will give a much higher resistance to diseases and pests. In most cases, the compost tea method with the use of chicken manure is advisable.

Check your light schedule

Common misconception about light scheduling is that the thought that more light is better. More light is indeed better and certainly won’t hurt if all the other variables are in check. Obviously, more light would mean higher temp which is not good because warm conditions can dry the plants out. Some growers also believe that exposing it to more light will create more male seeds.

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