Top 10 Feminized Marijuana Seeds for Sale

feminized marijuana seeds for sale

If you’re looking for the best-feminized marijuana seeds for sale then you came to the right place. We have the latest in the best-feminized cannabis seeds online and offline. Why are feminized seeds more appealing to growers and breeders? This is because using feminized seeds saves a grower from sexing his plants. According to Leafly, more growers and breeders use feminized seeds to eliminate wastage of materials. With feminized seeds, you can ensure that your plants are stronger and healthier plus you will also be able to enjoy a milder smoke. 

Feminized marijuana seeds are usually purchased online. You will find recreational cannabis strains made from feminized seeds and will also be a good candidate for medicinal cannabis. Consider many people looking for a good strain to help them with their condition/conditions. Feminized marijuana seeds allow even simple growers to grow their own personal supply at home.  

Why grow these best-feminized marijuana seeds? 

These strains are among the top cannabis strains. You can count on these to provide you with the best recreational high and the best medicinal effects. You will be able to experience the awesome effect that you have been looking for when you use these strains. And because these are feminized seeds you can quickly and efficiently grow crops. No need to waste materials and equipment for plants that you won’t need when you use feminized marijuana seeds.  

1. Amnesia Haze 

This awesome hybrid is a part of the Haze family and will actually live up to its name. AmnesiaHaze is Holland’s pride when it comes to genetic hybrids. This will give you a potent heady effect that can be felt even on the first exhale. It is also popular for its fruitful yield. Amnesia Haze offers a rich combination of early flavors like citrus and lemon. It could be the best strain you need to start your day because of its uplifting and energizing effects. And of course, Amnesia Haze is the winner of a few awards like the 1st place at the 2004 and 2012 Sativa Cups. If you want to smoke true blue Amnesia Haze, head to authentic coffee shops in Amsterdam for the finest hit.  

2. Critical 

Made by Mr. Nice Seeds, Critical boasts a fantastic blend of sweet citrusy aroma that will truly make your first take the most memorable. This is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that was made by crossing a Critical Mass and an Afghan Haze. And because of its very popular and potent parents, Critical has inherited fabulous secret powers. It offers a cerebrally-focused high coupled with a heavy full-body relaxation. This strain is will give you bountiful yields and is quick to flower. Therefore you can squeeze in at least two growing seasons in a year. Critical is a strain that’s perfect for nighttime use. Its heavy effects will relax you and will help you get to sleep. This is a good choice for people with medical conditions but doesn’t want to use a high THC strain.  

3. White Widow

One way or another, you may have consumed this popular strain. White Widow may be the mother of most of the cannabis strains we have come to enjoy over the years. This is a balanced hybrid strain made in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds. This is a mixture of a Brazilian Sativa landrace strain and a South Indian indica variety. White Widow flowers in just nine weeks and grows well in places where it’s cold but sunny climates. It can also be grown as an indoor plant but under a 600W light. You will love this strain’s white buds with crystal resin which seems to tell you to hold back because of its very potent effects. Wide Widow offers a burst of euphoria and energy which makes it a hit strain for breeding. These are also the reasons why it is one of the best-feminized marijuana seeds for sale everywhere. 

4. OG Kush

OG Kush combines the best of both worlds. It is a hybrid strain that may be the father of many strains that were made along the West Coast area. But despite this, the genetic history of OG Kush has remained a mystery. When this strain was first introduced in Los Angeles in 1995, after moving from Florida, it has quickly paved the way to make delightful strain like the legendary The Bubba from which Bubba Kush emerged. OG means “ocean grown” and this is because of its roots. It has the smell and the effect that will take care of stress. This is why this strain is sought by people who need therapeutic relief from anxiety, depression, and stress.  

5. Skunk XL

This is a classic strain which may have fathered a number of top strains we have grown to love today. Skunk XL was made by combining a Mexican, Afghan, and Columbian landrace strain. It is a balanced hybrid strain that is low-maintenance for growers but is very potent for smokers. Skunk XL’s indica lineage will hit you like a brick; embracing your body warmly and then gradually releasing your senses. Even Skunk XL’s aftertaste will keep you craving for more. It offers a mixture of sweet fruit and flowers truly something that you can look forward to at the end of the day.  

6. Special Queen

Special Queen is a skunk hybrid strain popularly grown in Europe. It is a classic strain that was made by combining a Mexican, Columbian, and Afghan landraces creating the ultimate skunk breed. Special Queen is a sight to behold. It has thick and dense buds coated with a sugary powder that makes the plant grow. These flowers within eight weeks and the results are buds that have a glorious calming effect. This is a blessing for beginner growers because of its easy to moderate ease of growth. Its long-lasting effect leaves a fruity and spicy aroma that you will surely savor for hours.  

7. Northern Lights feminized marijuana seeds for sale

We can’t think of a more popular cannabis strain than this indica strain. Northern Lights is the most famous strain of all time. It is cherished for its dense and resin-loaded buds, resilience to stress and pests, quick growth, and fast flowering characteristics. It was made by combining an Afghani strain and a Thai landrace strain. It is the parent of many topnotch strains too including Super Silver Haze, Shiva Skunk, and more. This powerful indica strain has a pungent, sweet, and spicy smell that comes from its lovely purple buds. It has a powerful psychoactive effect that can be felt all over the body. Northern Lights will take your body to a state of comfortable laziness. You will be pain-free, refreshed, and have a lighter mood after smoking this awesome strain.

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8. Shining Silver Haze

Royal Queen has made her own version of Super Silver Haze: the Shining Silver Haze. This strain is the product of the dedicated work of Haze genetics. This strain is a highly-potent strain that blends classic early 70s Haze effects in a modern, high-yielding strain. Shining Silver Haze has a cerebral, offering uplifting buzz that gives you a high potent yield. This strain has a cerebral effect that offers an uplifting buzz. It has a sweet and spicy effect with a hint of peppery goodness. This is a daytime Sativa strain that will provide you with a euphoric high and a light mood. This is a fantastic feminized marijuana seed strain that will enhance your growth and breeding year after year.  

9. Special Kush

Special Kush is from Royal Queen Seeds. It is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that came from a strain with the Afghani and Pakistani regions. This strain has a physical and relaxing effect coming from its heavy-hitting characteristics. This strain is a very difficult strain to grow. It requires a warm environment and a large room to grow. Special Kush has an effect that can be felt from head to toe. These buds are regular in size but will provide a good yield. This is a good strain that will work with inexperienced growers. You can benefit from Special Kush’s good analgesic effects. It is also a good strain to help you relax and deal with insomnia. It is a natural treatment for depression, stress, and poor appetite.  

10. Haze Berry

When Blueberry and Haze come together they create Haze Berry. This has a sweet flavor and a cerebral high with a Californian hybrid effect. Haze Berry grows like a Sativa, will start out smooth and invigorating for smokers. The effects linger long enough to turn into an Indica-like body high that will make you feel relaxed. This strain makes a good candidate for medical marijuana use so there is no surprise that this strain is very popular among users everywhere. You can use Haze Berry has a euphoric high and a good yield with a short flowering time of just 9 to 10 weeks. This induces creativity that gives way to an overwhelming sensation of relaxation. This is one of the best-feminized marijuana seeds for sale online and possibly offline.

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