The Advantages of Growing Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Growing Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The creation of feminized Marijuana seeds is by far the most important breakthrough in the history of cannabis production. Having the highest value in quality and genetics, feminized Marijuana seeds are created for the sole purpose of making the lives of cannabis growers more convenient and productive.

What are Feminized Marijuana seeds?

Feminized Marijuana seeds are cannabis seeds that undergo certain chemical treatments and or organic methods so that they will genetically grow into female plants. The seeds are the immediate offspring of a female Marijuana plant and a hermaphroditic (hermy) cannabis plant. The importance of hermy plants in the development of feminized seeds cannot be underestimated since it is their pollens that are used to fertilize the female plants and subsequently give rise to these specialized types of seeds. So, you will come to conclude that feminized seeds contain both the female and hermaphrodite chromosomes. Now, does it follow that they can grow either way? Yes, especially when the seeds are not stabilized well enough, they can also grow as hermaphrodites. But this condition has long been over with since the arrival of advanced feminizing methods and multi- stage breeding, which made these seeds viably stable that only grow to become female Marijuana plants.

The advantages

Why go the lengths from the complex feminizing methods to tedious breeding procedures in order to produce these types of seeds when it is just all for nothing? Surely, these seeds were created for some good reasons and in fact the benefits they offer are tremendously high compared to the ones from the regular seeds.  These are some of the advantages of growing feminized Marijuana seeds:

  • Feminized seeds are genetically programmed to procreate only female plants, thus maximizing your production. Unlike regular seeds which can give rise to both male and female plants. In growing marijuana, male plants have generally no room in this business to be accommodated for their tendency to pollinate the female and their relatively low THC content. As soon as their existence is noted, they are instantly plucked out among the packs for the danger of them heavily pollinating the entire population of female plants. And as a consequence, the entire plants will grow on giving you only seeds but not the precious sensimillia. In short, if this happens you surely have a bad year.  Your only assurance is growing feminized Marijuana seeds that will eventually become female plants.
  • Feminized seeds are able to produce marijuana buds that are of high quality.
  • These seeds can uphold its viability up to many years provided that they are securely stored in a dry, cool, dark place.
  • When you plant feminized marijuana seeds, you no longer need to work on the tedious process of sexing your plants and destroy the males you find. This can save you a great deal of effort and time.
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