Will All Feminized Marijuana Seeds Grow into Male Marijuana Plants?


Marijuana is an unusually good plant far way different from other kinds of plants in the surface of the planet. When things get rough, Marijuana plants are genetically programmed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions to ensure the survival of its kind by stimulating self- pollination. This trait you can barely find from other organic plants. And this quality is the reason behind the creation of feminized marijuana seed.

Feminized Marijuana seeds are cannabis seeds that are chemically treated to produce only female Marijuana plants. These are created by collecting pollens from hermaphroditic marijuana plants to fertilize female cannabis plants. As mentioned above, when marijuana plants are stressed due to unfavourable changes of the environment, as their defense mechanism, they turned into hermaphrodites, capable of self pollination to allow themselves reproduce before the environment becomes too inhospitable by producing pollen sacs and female bearing seeds all at once. These pollens are in turned used to manufacture feminized Marijuana seeds. Therefore, genetically speaking, feminized seeds contain the chromosomes of both female and hermaphrodite. Obviously, you want these seeds to only grow into female plants and hoping hard these won’t turn into hermy plants. If these seeds grow to become hermaphrodites, these can cause real problem to the packs as these can heavily pollinate other female plants, therefore all of your plants will just grow to give you seeds and not buds nor flowers.

Will all plants be Female? 

The problem with hermaphrodites has been over the years decreasing in number, if not totally eradicated. This breakthrough is brought about by modernized feminizing and breeding techniques with the help of high precision devices and effective chemical solutions which enable feminized marijuana seeds to become viably stable only producing female marijuana plants.

What Male Marijuana plants have to offer?

Feminized marijuana seeds are created with the sole purpose of maximizing the production of male marijuana plants. But why go that length with all that tedious feminizing and breeding processes only to produce female plants? This is because female plants bear more significance than that of males.  Male marijuana plants contain more THC level than males which is responsible for that stoned and high feeling of marijuana users.  So what’s the use of male plants when after all users smoke marijuana to experience that high feeling in the first place? Shortly speaking, male plants are in a way useless and even get rid off before they can fertilize other female plants.

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