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The Flo marijuana strain provides a very uplifting effect, it makes the consumer feel good and elevated. It is commonly known for its effective treatment of certain diseases and illnesses such as chronic pain, inflammation, epilepsy, lack of appetite, muscle spasms, and anxiety. It has a great fruity fragrance and is grape-like. It also smells like flowers but tastes like pine trees which makes it completely different. It also has a touch of sweetness. It comprises 16% THC, 60% Sativa, 40% of Indica and 0% of CBD. 

In this article, you’ll learn more about this kind of marijuana. The possible effects and benefits of flo marijuana strain were discussed in detail. After this, you’ll be able to find out the long-lasting side effects of using this strain and its possible outcome when abused or overused.

Benefits of Flo Marijuana Strain

Several sources say that Flo’s ability is to help people with unbearable pain, like chronic illness, inflammation, or a condition in which a part of your body becomes swollen and painful, muscle spasms, and seizures. This cannabis strain is also known to cause munchies, in addition to enhancing the physical condition of the body, which means it produces a genius appetite stimulant and can function well for those who suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia and loss of appetite. The flo marijuana strain is very effective to heal such pain and has the ability to give relief to people with sickness. 

In addition, this form of marijuana is known for its positive effects on the mind, and it may also be able to help relieve anxiety, depression, and chronic stress, as it usually increases pleasure, contentment, and elation. Finally, whether the tiredness is linked to a psychiatric illness or is an isolated situation, those who frequently feel tired or fatigued, or may even have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, may find some relief with Flo. Since Flo does not have insane amounts of THC, moderate doses are sufficient for most people, but those with extreme physical pain may want to increase their dosage.

Side Effects of Flo Marijuana Strain 

With the medicinal advantages of Flo marijuana strain, it also shows some side effects, just like all marijuana strains, but when compared to other kinds of marijuana, they are usually different from the other types. This may be attributed to the lower THC content of Flo, which means that side effects such as anxiety, dizziness or fainting sensations, and paranoia are not as likely to occur. 

Dehydration and dry mouth or what they call cottonmouth, for example, are some of the side effects of using it. Reminding yourself to drink plenty of liquid is unlikely to be annoying. By remembering to consume enough bottles of water before, during, and after your high will lessen and ensure you that the chances of feeling grogginess or headaches the next day would decrease. Only hold a refillable bottle close by and set an alarm or a reminder to fill it back up until you realize that the water levels are getting low. This will help maintain the levels of hydration where they need to be.

As what has been said, when using this marijuana strain you have to expect that you will experience intense side effects out of the way, desiccated mouth, dry or irritated eyes, and dehydration which are all manageable with only a little extra preparation and planning, is what you would primarily expect from this.

Crop Info of Flo Marijuana Strain

The best time to grow Flo marijuana strain is during sunny seasons or places with dry climates. For cultivation, the Flo marijuana strain is very precise, it does not have to be properly maintained. But because it is a  low crop maintenance product, it is also high-yielding, meaning less effort for those who want to cultivate Flo marijuana, it will only give you greater results.

If you’re not fond of growing it outdoors, then cultivating this strain indoors will be good for you. It is actually very easy to grow Flo, which is naturally resistant to common mildews and molds, particularly if you have developed a fast system to track the health of your plants. This form of cannabis has approximately a flowering time period of 8-9 weeks. Around late September to early October, you might expect an outdoor yield to be ready for harvest. 

This hybrid Flo marijuana strain yields and is more comparable to a steadily growing Sativa, averaging approximately 21 ounces of fresh herb per plant when outdoors and approximately 18 ounces of fresh herb per square meter when grown indoors. This kind of yield is certainly above average, which can be a cause to rejoice for those with this strain who have begun their rising journey.

Tips to Plant Marijuana 

1. Choose the right place in growing the marijuana

It is much better to cultivate marijuana indoors. Because it is much more personal than growing outdoors, and you get more control over your development as well. It can be surprisingly inexpensive to get started and sustain indoor cannabis cultivation, particularly if you intend to grow only a few plants. 

In an indoor growing climate, you have more power over everything which means to say that growing plants inside can produce dank marijuana consistently. As an indoor grower, your plants have to thrive and must be 100 % dependent on your treatment. 

On the other hand,  growing cannabis outdoors is much cheaper to start because you don’t have to grow lights or create an indoor growing area, although you’re going to have to worry about privacy/stealth, possible pollination, people stealing your plants, insects, and other unforeseen outdoor visitors. However, if you choose the right strain and live in a good environment, growing outdoors is good, since you don’t have to provide your plants with everything. The sun will do a great deal of the most expensive work for you.

2. Choose your preferred light to grow cannabis

When planning to plant marijuana indoor, you have to choose the best light. Household lighting is suitable for sustaining light to your plants, such as home LEDs and Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs)  that people usually use to light up their homes. They are not necessarily meant for growing plants, but for someone without a huge investment, they can be a bit of help to make your way to the growing world. They lack the power of dedicated lights, but they can do the job, like home LEDs and CFLs, and without arousing suspicion, you can usually buy them from any local department stores.

Light is a very important element in growing plants. Without it, your plant will have a lack of nutrients in order for it to grow fully. When growing cannabis, your plant must receive at least 8+ hours of direct sunlight each day for the best results. It is not well suited to place the plant near the window because of the high light needs of the cannabis plant. 

If you choose the right strain, however, and live in a good climate, growing outdoors can be much cheaper and efficient, as you don’t have to provide anything for your plants. The sunlight will do its job to give the right amount of light and help the plant grow with the best results. 

3. Choose your growing medium

Every growing medium has different care and watering requirements. For the simplest growing experience, start with the popular soil mix or make it grow in an organic composted super soil, or apart from soil such as perlite, coco coir, vermiculite, and more, soilless mixes are technically considered aquacultured in growing since there is no soil involved. 

4. Choose the right nutrients

To prevent nutrient problems, it’s necessary to maintain the pH of your root environment. Before watering the plants, it is best to measure the pH of your water. There are some types of crops where you don’t need to test your pH unless you run into problems such as growing cannabis in an organic compound super soil. Since it already had a microbial colony living in the soil with proper compound super soil, it will not be a problem for you anymore. The microbial colony will take good care of the pH and hand-deliver the nutrients to your plants’ roots. However, almost all growers need to test and keep pH on a regular basis for effective growth, yet this is a rare exception to the pH test rule.

5. Choose your best cannabis strain

For those growers fortunate enough in real life to know other cannabis growers, having plants is typically fairly straightforward. Many cannabis groups and dispensaries would gladly sell clones to you, but when it comes to selling plants, they appear to be a little less liberal. A great benefit of buying clones or seeds from a reputable source is that you know that the genetics you get can be trusted. There are lots of options when choosing a growing plant. It is up to the grower who will raise and do the job to cultivate the best cannabis of his choice.

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