How to Know that Female Marijuana Plants Start to Flower?

flowering female marijuana plants

The flowering phase is the legit last stage in the life cycle of the medical cannabis. This happens after the structure of the whole medical weed have formed already. The organs are already very visible that you can clearly identify the gender of the medical weed you are growing. This happens when you give your female medical marijuana more time in the dark more than the light. When you are growing outdoors, you can trick your plants by covering them with blanket for hours. They will think that they are in the dark. When you pass their threshold, they will start to flower. If you are growing indoors, you can simply control the lights as to your convenience. You can put them in the dark for 12 or 13 hours straight.

Before they venture into the flowering stage, you should have kept the males and the females isolated. Before the males can contaminate your females, keep them out of your growing room already. As they start to flower, you should watch their needs such as more time for darkness than the light.

What should you do during the flowering stage?

On this period, your female medical cannabis are trying to get more nutrients to keep the flowers blooming. Therefore, you should supplement your female medical cannabis with extra amount of fertilizers which are preferably organic so they will not compromise your initial intent to use them as a medication.

When does the flowering stage end?

The end of the flowering stage is indicated by the matured flowers they grow in every part of their stems. These buds are fully blooming as indicated by the size and the shape of their leaves and buds. Their resins are also starting to fall and hang around. These sticky substance are rich in tetrahydrocannabinol. As soon as you see these signs, this means a goodbye to the flowering period and your female medical marijuana are ready for harvest.

What should you remember during the flowering stage of your female medical marijuana?

Not just during the flowering stage do these things matter. You should check in the following every now and then.

  • The pests which are infesting on your females. Check for the holes in the buds and insects residing on your plants.
  • Know if they are stressed by simply watching on the color changes in the leaves to purple without the intent of actually turning them to purple.
  • You can easily know their quality by checking on their scents and taste.
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