Germinating marijuana seeds is an essential part of the cultivation process of cannabis plants for many years now. Many growers resort to germinating their own seeds because it is a great way of making sure that their cannabis crop produces high quality and potent buds. In this article, we will give you a simple guide on how to germinate your own feminized marijuana seeds. Following these instructions will definitely give you growers a bountiful harvest.


Using this germination guide guarantees a germination rate of 80% or higher. People also prefer this method because of its simplicity. Additionally, it is important to note that germinating feminized marijuana seeds works exactly the same as germinating regular or autoflowering seeds. Here are the things that you must prepare for the Paper Towel Method:

  • BOTTLED SPRING WATER (Room temperature)
  • PAPER TOWELS (Preferably thick and wide)

STEP 1: Take your plastic cup and fill it with bottled spring water. Soak your seeds into the water for about 15 to 18 hours. After a while, the seeds will begin to absorb the water and gain weight, which will cause them to sink. However, if they do not sink to the bottom, it is perfectly okay. Remember that they must not be soaked for more than this time in order to avoid them from drowning.

STEP 2: Get your dinner plate and place a couple of sheets of paper towels on top of it. Make sure that the paper towels are wide enough to be folded in the middle and cover the plate.

STEP 3: After soaking the seeds for the required amount of time, pour the seeds and water onto the paper towels. Take off any excess water. Afterward, take one end of the paper towel and fold it over to cover the seeds. At this point in time, it is important for marijuana seeds to have warmth, air, and moisture.
STEP 4: Now, it is important to store your seeds in the ideal environment. Place your seeds in a dark room with a temperature of around 26 degrees Celsius. During this time, it is important to regularly add water to the paper towels in order to make sure that they stay moist. Also, avoid storing them in tight places that cut off air circulation such as cabinets and drawers.

STEP 5: Leave the seeds for around 3 to 7 days. After that, you will begin to see them crack open and produce small taproots. Wait for these taproots to grow up to a height of half a centimeter before planting the seeds in your preferred growing medium.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds Reminders:

It is always crucial to make sure that the seeds get enough WARMTH, AIR, and WETNESS during germination. A good way to keep good moisture levels is to check on the paper towels every six hours. Drying up the paper towels will undoubtedly result in seeds not cracking open and sprouting taproots.