How to Grow High Potency Marijuana?

high potency marijuana

The art of growing high potency marijuana indoors has been widely practiced for a long time. It could have started since the ancient times, where the ancient civilizations plant their Cannabis Seeds for Industrial and medicinal purposes. However, as the times develop and the power of Marijuana has been deeply emphasized, the growers and users are aiming to grow high potency Marijuana. With this goal, the growers added some important things in growing these powerful strains.

What is Potency?

You might be hearing these a lot of times- the term potency. It refers to the efficacy and ability of the strain to affect our minds and the rest of our body in a matter of minutes, wherein it can knock us down or drive us up.

Basically, the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the major measurement to check if a strain can kick our souls out of us and lift us up higher than our earthly horizon.

So, the next time that you will hear potency, it does not simply refer to a Cannabis’ name or brand, rather, its reputation to affect its users, in the strongest way, within the shortest amount of time.

Things to Consider for Planting high potency marijuana

  • Lighting Device

Consider it this way. A premature baby needs an incubator to be developed and grow stronger for the next several weeks. 

The same situation applies to your baby plants. They need light and warmth at the same time, especially at night, when the sun hides. The maturity process of your strains will depend on the luminous intensity you will shine upon your babies.

During photosynthesis, your strains produce their own food needed for their growth and development. The lower THC Content could be due to the poor photosynthesis and photoperiod that your strain has experienced during the vegetation cycle.

Ventilation Devises

Your babies need air to breathe in and out. The air they will breathe is a catalyst for their growth and development, just like we use the air for fueling our overall physiological operations, considering that we need oxygen to move, think, eat and live.

With this, you have to create an effective ventilation system for them.  The Carbon Dioxide that they absorb will react upon photosynthesis and turns to sucrose, the sugar primarily converted into energy. 

Failure to give the quality fresh air can make your poor plants being suffocated in the room and wither in no time.

  • Water Supply

Whether you will place your strains on soil or expose it inside your hydroponic nets, your water supply matters. Water is life, as they acclaim, and water keeps your plants growing, evolving, and enriching.

Abundance or simply sufficiency in water supply assures your plant of a step closer to successful growth and reproduction. The water acts as a vehicle that transports the nutrients from the soil to the innermost parts of it. Apart from transporting, water helps the plant to stand firmly from the surface while keeping its systems well-hydrated.

In order to make it more efficient, you can add a hydroponic pump to make the water quality maintained, together with its dissolved nutrients.

  • Nutrients

Your water needs nutrition so that your plants can easily acquire the needed ‘vitamins’ that they have to consume during their vegetation and flowering times. Water alone may not help your plants to grow well, that’s why water-soluble nutrients are greatly needed.

There are thirteen nutrients required to create effective plant growth. Six of these are greatly absorbed in huge amounts.

Nitrogen helps the plant to develop strong leaves. Phosphorus helps the roots and flower to grow. Potassium assists in retaining effective water absorption and strengthens the body frame of your plant.

Magnesium is responsible for making your Marijuana plants develop its color. Sulfur contributes to making your plant defended and strong from diseases and molds. Lastly, Calcium helps to create strong cell walls within your Marijuana plants.

  • Power supply

Last but not least, you have to create another series of electrical circuits for your light and ventilation (if needed). Your artificial sunlight and air will definitely not work without a sufficient amount of electricity.

In ancient times, farmers and users purely depend on sunlight to nourish their marijuana strains throughout a given period. As the field of Science continues to progress and impress the world, people started to use electricity and even used it to revolutionize the way of farming and gardening in different ways.

For Indoor gardening, the electric currents provide effective lighting for the photosynthesis of your plants. The process of photosynthesis will not trigger if the plant lives in a dark room and may cause its untimely death. Depending on your chosen lights, your power supply will have its significant increase in time which translates to a higher household power bill.

After all, you should have anticipated that when you are growing plants inside your house, your electric bill surges up because of the electric-dependent materials applied with this type of gardening.

Give your Plant a VIP Treatment!

If you demand high, you must give high potency marijuana. This must retain as your policy in growing your Marijuana Strains to make them produce high THC content on the time of harvesting.

Your plant needs a five-star treatment because creating a THC volume, even in low amounts, is hard and struggling to do. Tremendous energy and processes are obviously needed just to produce that chemical. Apart from it, your plant can almost lose its stability in the process because of the chemical reactions it endures during its vegetation cycle and upon changing to the flowering cycles.

So before seeking a high potent Marijuana product, check on your performance if you are giving your best in taking good care of your high potency marijuana. This commitment needed is tough, but the best fruits on a farm came from the harshest production done in town. 

Believe in your ability and the rest will fall into places. Now, take your part, plant your seeds, and keep on gardening!

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