Growing Female Marijuana in a Greenhouse

growth of female marijuana indoors

Marijuana growers and users prefer the outdoor method of planting their pots because it is cost efficient given the fact that the needs of their cannabis are provided by nature. The light and ventilation needed by the marijuana does not ha

ve to be artificial since it grows outside. Greenhouse is an outdoor method of growing the weeds where in the cannabis is outside the house but inside a greenhouse being regulated. Presented below are some questions concerning the growth of female marijuana indoors.

Will the pollens of my marijuana will be regulated when they are in a greenhouse?

First, you have to make sure that all of the marijuana that you are growing are female to avoid pollination. If unsure about the gender or you felt that there are male marijuana in the group, it is better to segregate and isolate those male plants from the female plants. Greenhouse method will never assure the success of non-pollination of your plant since it is better if the plants are enclosed and isolated from each other.

What are the advantages of having my female marijuana planted inside a greenhouse?

One of the advantages that you can get from planting your female weed inside a greenhouse is that you can regulate the light and heat they receive without artificial mechanism. You use the glass panels as the regulator of heat and air. Second, you can have safety and privacy when you planted your female marijuana in a greenhouse because they are in an enclosed space. You can do the trick of blending your marijuana with other plants to camouflage. Also, being in an enclosed space makes your plant away from insects and stray animals’ harm. The last benefit that you can get is the discretion.

Would it be better if I planted my female marijuana in pot or directly to the soil?

If you are sure that the strain that you are growing are hundred percent female and there will be no chances of having male and hermaphrodite plant, it is best to plant those female weeds directly in the ground so that the roots can optimize their growth and receive nutrients for the weed.

If you are not sure about the gender of the strain that you are growing it would be best if you grow them in individual pots with enough depth and space so that you can transfer each weed incase that they are not of the same gender.

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